We expected a massive presence of the gay community and their friends

Supporter of counter-demonstration to Walk for Life scolds homosexuals for not showing up at pro-abortion rally
California Catholic Daily

January 27, 2009


An unidentified blogger on the web site of the left-leaning San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center has rebuked the pro-homosexual movement in the city for failing to show up at a counter-demonstration to the 5th annual Walk for Life West Coast on Sunday, where an estimated 30,000 people peacefully marched in opposition to abortion.

Here we have 30,000 Christians marching, protesting, carrying placards and signs in San Francisco.  And we have a homosexual counter-demonstration with angry gays and lesbians hurling insults and quite probably throwing water and who knows what at those marching.


One has to ask how is this exalting Jesus Christ, How is this building the Kingdom not made with hands, and where in the Gospels did Christ command or imply believers were to do this?


If these same 30,000 believers were to go door to door in the hell hole that San Francisco has been allowed to become preaching of the Gospel and bringing as many souls as we can individually to share the love, the mercy, the peace, the joy, and rest of heart and soul that Only Jesus Christ can bring.  How great would the effect of that be?


If these same 30,000 believers, were to be lights in San Francisco, reaching out and taking care of the elderly, widows, orphans, the fatherless, how might that effect this city that has become so filled with darkness?


The fact is that these people are deluded into thinking that this fleshly exercise, to be seen of men is an effective means to proclaim Christ.


In all reality this march and protest is emptiness, vanity, and of none effect.   


Walk for Life opponents had earlier called participants in the annual event “anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage terrorists,” and sought to organize a counter-demonstration of “hundreds of thousands of pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage people.”

Instead, said the blogger, “We had perhaps 100 people at our pro-abortion rally and march in San Francisco on January 24, 2009. After all the outcry against Prop 8, we expected a massive presence of the gay community and their friends, by definition also a pro-abortion community, at our pro-abortion rally but now we know, the gay community is not serious about building a movement to win gay marriage.”

The anonymous blogger also complained of “the failure of the San Francisco police to defend and support the pro-abortion march. One cop tried to claim that it is illegal to use foul language in one's chants when speaking to the anti-abortion fascists. Another group of cops blocked one pro-abortion marcher's path who had become separated from the group.”

Same-sex marriage is “strongly supported by the pro-abortion community,” said the blogger, and the homosexual-rights movement needs such support “for gay marriage to win.”

In early December 2008, the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights began organizing efforts to involve government, organized labor and a coalition of homosexual and women’s rights groups in the counter-demonstration.

The blogger who complained of the failure of that effort also took aim at Catholics, writing, “The Catholic Church is building its fascist movement in their schools, mostly among the non-white working class, and that is who was present at the anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-science march: Mostly working class Latino school children ages 10-17 and their very poor working class parents. There were a few old, rich, whites who would fit at any Republican Party rally, but they were the minority. We cannot afford to have any fascist base among the working class in these hard economic times.” (Read this as We [The Gay and Lesbian lobby] can not afford to have people in the working class come to Jesus Christ in these hard economic times)

Finally, the blogger issued a warning: “The gay community will have to get serious real fast if it is to avoid the catastrophe of Nazi Germany where a gay movement was crushed by fascism.”