Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock?

In my short lifetime the origin of man has gone from the Chimpanze to Apes, to single celled animals with concious thought to grow limbs and fins to now a rock.  The theory of evolution is laughable as they have tried and tried to hang on to these old lies by weaving new even more fantastic and weird lies about the Origin of man and life on this planet. This is a testiment to evolution being ripped appart by the seams as all their theories have been made into a mockery of so called science.


Peter MITCHELL was an eccentric figure. For much of his career he worked in his own lab in a restored manor house in Cornwall in the UK, his research funded in part by a herd of dairy cows. His ideas about the most basic process of life - how it gets energy - seemed ridiculous to his fellow biologists.

"I remember thinking to myself that I would bet anything that [it] didn't work that way," biochemist Leslie Orgel wrote of his meeting with Mitchell half a century ago. "Not since Darwin and Wallace has biology come up with an idea as counter-intuitive as those of, say, Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger."