US seeks 300 billion dollars from Gulf states: report
Thu Nov 20, 2:29 am ET

Not too many years ago many Americans were up in arms that the Japanese were buying up US stocks, US real estate and US businesses and that through this our nation was in danger of losing its financial sovereignty. Here now we are faced with the Muslim Oil Cartel of the Middle East that has been snapping up our stocks, real estate, and business interests with the hundreds of billions of petrol dollars we have been sending them. It is horrific that the US Government is now inviting these Muslim States to take over our financial institutions, so that from this point on they will not only be making oil money but money from our bank loans. Rest assured that these nations could no be happier.

Prophetically this is akin to King Hezekiah letting visitors from Chaldea see all the treasures of Israel and the temple of the Lord.

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) The United States has asked four oil-rich Gulf states for close to 300 billion dollars to help it curb the global financial meltdown, Kuwait's daily Al-Seyassah reported Thursday.

Quoting "highly informed" sources, the daily said Washington has asked Saudi Arabia for 120 billion dollars, the United Arab Emirates for 70 billion dollars, Qatar for 60 billion dollars and was seeking 40 billion dollars from Kuwait.

Al-Seyassah said Washington sought the amount as "financial aid" to face the fallout of the financial crisis and help prevent its economy from sliding into a painful recession.

The daily said the United States plans to use the funds to help the ailing automobile industry , banks and other companies suffering from the global financial turmoil.

The four nations, all members of OPEC, produce together 14 million barrels of oil per day, around half of the cartel's production and about 17 percent of world supplies.

The four states are estimated to have amassed close to 1.5 trillion dollars in surplus in the past six years due to high oil prices that rocketed above 147 dollars in July before sliding to just above 50 dollars.

The daily also said that the United States has asked Kuwait to forgive its Iraqi debt estimated at around 16 billion dollars.