Toronto: Muslim Gang-Rapes Frighten Public

Submitted by liberty on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 08:17

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“There have been other cases of sexual assaults on women in the Greater Toronto Area” per the Irish Sun.

Muslim males in the Toronto area are logged in with police as gang rape enthusiasts so that non-Muslims in the city are becoming quite anxious.

On New Year’s Day, Rozbah Bahri, 27, Parvez Bahri, 25, Said Serwary, 23, Ahmad Ghafari, 23 and Omed Sarwary, 23, gave up. They told police they were guilty of gang raping two non-Muslim females after the males’ photographs on television and in newspapers pictured them as the rapists.

Gang rape is popular throughout Europe. Muslims consider females not garbed from head to toe as inviting rapists to attack them. Therefore, these women are labeled as “sluts” and consequently regarded as open season victims.

Devout Muslims do not consider these raping males as committing any crime; therefore, they in fact are praised as doing what non-Muslim women bait them to do.

Now in Canada, that same insanity is working for Islamic devotees.

In Toronto, five Muslims attacked the women in their early 20s by breaking into their hotel rooms.

The men had come across the women at a New Year’s social. They followed them to the hotel, then overpowered the non-Muslims, assaulting them. With that, they fled the hotel.

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