The 2008 American elections: resistance imposed change

Yemen Times
By: Abdulbari Atwan
Jun 7, 2009



fter ID of the new White House occupant was revealed following several opinion polls that mostly showed lead of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama over his republican rival John McCain, we the Arabs and Muslims admitted that we have been the invisible voter that decided the election result. (We are not aware that Muslims in the US were able to deliver one State to Obama, but we do know that Muslims here and abroad bankrolled Obama’s campaign.)

When I say the Arabs and Muslims, I don't mean the regimes, but rather the oppressed peoples, who are ruled by tyranny and crackdown, most notably the groups
(Terrorists, and Fundamentalist Muslims) that decided to stop being obedient to the American dominance and held resistance weapons against projects of American occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Lebanon (The US occupies nothing in Lebanon – and in the latest election there (Terrorists and Fundamentalist Muslims were roundly defeated) and the occupied Palestinian land.

Change that began in the U.S. last week at all the political, economic, military and social levels was about to have been probably postponed for decades to come if the outgoing U.S. Administration made success and things proceeded as expected by the new conservatives in Iraq and Afghanistan
. By these things I mean political stability, economic prosperity and absolute control of citizens in both targeted countries by the American project. (The writer is complaining about freedom, the right to vote, and newfound prosperity found by Iraqis and those in “Free” Afghanistan) The exhaustive wars waged by resistance groups in both countries, the great victory (Great loss of Muslim Terrorists and Fundamentalist men and all the weapons they were given) scored against the sophisticated Israeli military artillery in Lebanon and Palestinian rigid resistance against all inhumanitarian plans to force the Palestinians live under lockdown and starvation are the most three important factors behind unprecedented bankruptcy of the United States (We mentioned a few years ago that there were those in wealthy Islam that were waging finanacial Jihad against the US the UK and the EU. To make this more plain in light of Obama’s decided war against capitalism.  – If the US the UK and the EU were to go broke and their juggernaut of Captitalism destroyed [Which Obama seems bent on delivering] – The US, UK, and EU would be forced to cease the war against terror, and exerting influence on Islamic nations -- allowing them free reign to conquer and rule with impugnity with sharia law)  following its recent military and political bankruptcy. All these facts constitute the main reason why the American people sought deliverance to rescue them from the current crisis and drive their homeland to the safe shore.

Political charisma, oratory eloquence and instinct intelligence are not the only factors why Obama scored unprecedented presidential victory and reached the highest political post in the world, as some of the victory is attributed to the landslide defeat made by Muslims against the outgoing U.S. Administration. It is Muslims who made this (The Bush) administration a source of hatred in the eye of its citizens and the whole world. (This we firmly believe, but in recent days even leftist newspapers and leftist television reporters are noting again and again that Bush was absolutely correct in his policies in the war on terror, to the embarassment of Obama.)

Had things but proceeded in Iraq and Afghanistan as planned by George W. Bush, Cheney and the new conservatives in Iraq, (And they are still)  and a Palestinian state was established according to their conditions, Obama wouldn't have won the elections, nor has he been allowed to approach the White House. (Quite a twist here, it was because of Bush’s outstanding vision and engagement in the war on terror that the terrorists and fundamentalists needed a time to regroup and consolidate that they chose Obama as their horse and he has since been delivering.)

Having supposed that the American people or a large portion of them decided to be partial with their ancestral roots and cast their ballots behind the curtains in a way differing from the opinion polls and voted for McCain, this option would mean continuing dilemma,
(They could not have McCain elected no matter what) worsening threats and collapse of the United States.

The new U.S. president has been bound to find himself face to face with Arabs and Muslims. If a military confrontation is wanted, this will mean that the dire situations will continue to worsen and more potential losses will be underway. And if he wants a peaceful interaction based on dialogue, understanding, confession to mistakes and desire to correct such mistakes in a way gratifying all the parties involved and protecting their interests, he will rescue himself, his state and the entire world from evils produced by the outgoing administration.

Now, we are not standing before a new president but before a new America and a new world with no space for the American dominance. The new world is due to witness development of new poles and fiercer tigers.

The new world is expected to see victories reached by small resistance groups with extremist ideologies and beliefs.

The world changes rapidly and new facts come to existence, thereby imposing themselves on the equations of power and wealth in this world, thanks to all those who defeated all the projects of American dominance, as well as its new and old conservatives.