Special Messages On Sex Puts Church at Risk

Sermons may translate into eviction notice from school


We applaud this Baptist church for getting the message that sex is not of the devil, that sex is not filthy or unclean, that deep abiding sex is the glue of marriage, and that sex is the greatest gift that God has given unto men and unto the church. – However with this great flood of people comes a great responsibility to look over many of this churches other unscriptural and perverse doctrines that has so destroyed the people of God and the Baptists as churches and denominations.


New Hope Church is located on Post Road, right across the street from Sherwood Elementary. Formerly operated as Sherwood Park Baptist Church, this aging yellow structure's sanctuary can accommodate only 160 people, Cadle said.

Facing a capacity crunch, the ministry conducted its first Sunday service at Sherwood Elementary on March 29. Two weeks later, an Easter service drew 426 worshippers.

Last week, church leaders mailed the "Great Sex for You" fliers to residents within a 3-mile radius. These fliers also were distributed in FLORIDA TODAY as advertising inserts.

Sherwood Elementary personnel received six complaints, Langdorf said -- including a church member who apologized. The district office received one complaint.

Cadle said his church received one phone complaint, one in-person complaint and three online complaints.

But 23 newcomers attended Sunday's service, he wrote on his blog.

"Having grown up with a Christian mother and a Christian father and going to church every Sunday of my life as a kid, I grew up with the wrong perspective. I thought sex was dirty. I thought it was something you hid. I thought it was something you didn't talk about," Cadle preached Sunday.

"If we could be really honest, I think each and every one of us would say, 'I want a rich and satisfying life. I want a great sex life.' But it doesn't come from following Cosmo magazine. It comes from following the word of God. God is not against sex. It doesn't have to be boring. It doesn't have to be a chore. It doesn't have to be a drag -- if we do it God's way," he said.

New Hope Church also is offering "Exposed! The Naked Truth About Sex," a teaching series for middle and high school students. These Sunday evening sermons take place on church property, not the elementary school. (This is scriptural in the book of Titus—hidden in the Greek the Apostle Titus declares that part of the mission of the church was to teach  in particular young women in the church were to be instructed in sex and how to be sexually pleasing and seductive to their future husbands – see articles concerning this in this websites sex and family secition)

"We want our teenagers to be able to avoid making a lot of the same mistakes so many of us have made," Cadle said during Sunday's service