Shocking FBI Can Eavesdrop Even When Cell Phone is Turned Off

FBI can turn on the mic on your cell phone and eaves drop even with the phone is turned off.
March 01 2009

If you power down your cell phone there is no way the government could ever hear you. Certainly not the FBI. Its turned off right? Have we got news for you.


Ok here’s that cell phone story you’ve been waiting for. Cell phone users beware big brother may be listening. The Federal Bureau of Investigation can now here everything you say, even when the cell phone is turned off. I know it sounds kind of out there, but using your phone’s tracking device the authorities can now activate the microphone in the dreaded thing, allowing them to eaves drop on your conversations.


This is serious business. And the FBI used this kind of surveillance to keep tabs of critical conversations by people that they call known members of the mafia. Experts say the only way around it is to take the battery out of the thing.


America your freedom is slipping away.