Woman's Day/AOL Poll

Jan. 2 2007/PRNewswire


We should note here that Woman’s Day Magazine that is situated along grocery store check out lines is a fairly conservative family oriented magazine. So that those that would tend to read this would tend to consider themselves to be middle of the road “denominational Christians” as opposed to “Evangelicals” “Fundamentalists” Pentecostals and Charismatics” the readership would also tend to be middle of the road or low on feminist issues.  


A majority of (56%) married women would reconsider their marriage to their Spouses. 36% state they if could re-do their I -do they would not marry their husbands and another 20% are not sure if given a second chance on the choice of who they married are “not sure” that they would marry them again.



A new poll(*) from Woman's Day magazine (womansday.com) and AOL.com finds over a third (36%)of married women would not marry their husbands if they had to do it all over again, with another 20% saying they weren't sure if they would or not.


The poll, which surveyed over 3,000 American married women, provides insight into a variety of issues, including flirting, infidelity, soul mates, bedtime habits, honesty, jealousy and pop culture. (The full poll has not yet been released.)


In regard to marriage, the poll finds:


76% of married women keep secrets from their husbands. (These are not secrets for secrets sakes, but a variety of infidelities, that directly affect the relationship they have with their husbands and that compromise the household)  


84% of all American wives say they would want to be

told if their husbands were cheating, with 49% of them stating they have

suspected or even caught their husband having an affair. (This is speaking  both of emotional affairs and sexual affairs)


On the flipside:


76% of married women admit to fantasizing about a man other than their husband, with 39% stating they flirt with other men constantly. (And a large percentage of them engaging in serial emotional affairs, followed by those who are involved in sexual affairs.)


A look inside the bedroom of married couples reveals:

33% of all wives sleep in the nude, while 32% stated they sleep on the opposite end of the bed away from their husband.



In related polls on the same website we find:

The response to these questions tend to be kind of fickle – because the respondents flip back and forth between their personal feelings and their fantasies.

We also see strongly in these responses the issue of women’s (Childhood) fantasies and how they bleed into their marriage life. (Train up a child and when they shall grow old they shall not depart from them)

What TV show is most like your marriage?
(Here a whopping 80% stating that their marriages a bad.)
      Survivor: 29% (They are just enduring it)
      The Simpsons: 26% (They view it as a cheap cartoon or parody)
      Desperate Housewives: 25%
(They are desperate for emotional affairs and sex where ever they can find it.)
      7th Heaven: 20% (They have found satisfaction – more than likely if these were broken down by age the majority of wives having found satisfaction would tend to be those married a year or under or those married for 30 years or longer.)

If you were laid off from work today, what could you afford to buy?
A villa in Tuscany: 8%
A used RV: 9%
A small condo: 15%
A pack of tissues to sob into: 68%

What's missing most from your relationship? (These are all aspects of fantasies from a Barbie doll upbringing. – Otherwise called a princess complex or a prince complex)
   Physical intimacy—holding hands, kissing: 35%
   Conversation. He thinks communication happens during halftime: 27%
(This is not quite how it sounds. In another survey question it is revealed what is sought here is a husband listening to a wife talking without offering his opinions or advice.)
Time alone. We’re in desperate need of a vacation—separate from the children: 22%
   Nothing. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling relationship: 16%

You would rather marry a man who...?  
   Makes you laugh like Will Ferrell: 54%
   Has more money than Bill Gates: 21%
   Is mysterious like Robert DeNiro: 15%
   Has washboard abs like  Matthew McConaughey: 10%

How's your sex life? (The answers here are deceptive)

   Are you kidding? It's nonexistent: 31%  (
This is not necessarily those who seek more sex but are angry in some way at either their lack of sex or their inability to find fulfillment in sex.)
   Still hot and steamy!: 26%
(This number is deceptive as in other questions only 18  percent find real wholeness or satisfaction in marriage.)
   It's great, but doesn't compare to our first years together: 25% (This “it’s great” is not great it is saying it is a shadow of what they once had.)
   Sometimes I'd rather crawl in bed with a good book: 18% (This number is low because only the most hard core would admit the reality of what they walk in as opposed to their fantasies. Combined with the 25% that are dissatisfied  and the 31 % that are angry – we see that 74% admit to some degree that their marital bed  is either dysfunctional, dying or dead.)

After a bad day, you'd like him to...
      Give me a hug: 54%
(And make it all just go away)
      Listen to my problems—without trying to solve them: 21% (This is one sided Barbie doll conversation)
      Offer to make dinner and put the kids to bed: 18%
      Fix me a drink: 7%


What Married Women Want: Which would you rather have?
A winning $1 million lottery ticket: 61%
(This is something that involves independent control and authority apart from their husband.)
Mr. Right: 24%
(Other than their husband)
The most exciting career in the world: 10%
(This is something apart from their husband)
Halle Berry's figure: 5%

Love me, love my body
81% of you would choose to be married to someone you love even if it meant being overweight
(This closely reflects the number we said admit some degree that their marriage bed is either dysfunctional dying or dead – and it directly reflects the flip side number that report fining complete wholeness or satisfaction in marriage.)  This 81% are those who are married while not being married

We asked what your most desirable dream job was. Most of you wanted to write your way to the top.
- Write a best-selling novel: 41%
(This is a deeply fantasy oriented answer with a strong indication of the number of wives that have regard to romance novels and other things that appeal directly to their personal fantasies.)
- Be a stay-at-home mom: 36% (
This is largely a “wanna be” response also)
- Be a TV anchorwoman: 14% 
- Serve as president of the United States: 9%

If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
- Have a passionate love life: 33%
- Win $50,000: 32%
- Permanently lose 25 pounds: 24%
- Become a movie star: 11%

We asked what one thing would make your life better.
- More money: 42%
- More time to spend with the people I love: 23%
- A more fulfilling marriage: 16%
- I wouldn’t change a thing: 12%
- A more rewarding job: 7%

What household chore would you most like your husband to help with?

      Just take out the trash!: 31%
      Cooking. He makes a mean hamburger: 30%
      Laundry. How hard is it to put a load in?: 23%
      There's no way he can make the bed the way I like it. I'd rather do it myself: 16%