What causes a woman to seek underage sex?
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| June 15, 2008 |

What is so bad about this is the corruption getting young teens boys to commit adultery or fornication with them is once this gate is opened in the life of a teen, they will continue their promiscuity and spread their acts of fornication to underage teen girl after teen girl fully protected by the school system and the law to do so.

We have seen these acts particularly in public schools, and there seems to be an upswing also in mothers using their children to lure other teens that their mother can have parties offering alcohol and drugs and sexual trysts. Hear now what I say by the Lord that this same rot is in the church and we are speaking of Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Pentecostals, and Charismatics. These same things are going on between divorced women and wives with troubled marriages these are seeking their sexual kicks with defenseless trusting church young people. This and other perversions have been festering in shadows within churches and now the hour has come that this festering rot will break open sending forth its mold spores filling these churches with all manner of with rottenness in its walls, in its floor, in its roof so that there will be no soundness anywhere within and these churches so that their inhabitants will suffer continual sickness and weakness and death from breathing in the toxic spore laden air that is in them. The Lord would say come forth, arise and be no more a partakers of her sins. Come forth into the light, come forth unto me, come forth and cleanse yourselves from all the filth that you have been made to wallow in and partake of for sustenance. Come forth and be no more bound in darkness.  

What makes a grown woman pursue a guy who gets carded at R-rated movies, (Under age 15) lives with his parents who give him an allowance and, who if your actions are revealed, would ruin your reputation and possibly land you in jail?

Theories abound. Some might surprise you.

Like how mentally, they are about the same age.

Sexual abuse involving older women and teen boys is an underreported crime, one that experts say has been largely ignored by the public, legal system and academic researchers for reasons including sexual double standards and evidence suggesting teen boys often are willing participants.

But that attitude is changing.

Prosecutions of women for sex abuse have risen nationwide in the past several years, law enforcement experts say. Locally, last week two women from Bucks County were charged with sexual crimes involving teenage boys.

Angela Marie Honeycutt, 38, and Lynne Long, 45, both of Lower Makefield, were charged Wednesday in connection with alleged indecent acts that took place during a teen boy sleepover in April.

Honeycutt was charged with statutory sexual assault, a second-degree felony, and several lesser felonies and misdemeanors. She is charged with engaging in sex acts with two boys, ages 14 and 15. Sleepover host Long was charged with endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors.

In the past decade, high-profile arrests involving inappropriate and illegal sexual contact between women and boys have captivated the nation.

Among the most infamous cases, both involving middle school teachers, were Debra LaFave, 23, who had sex with a 14-year-old student, and Mary Kay LeTourneau, 34, who began a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student, later gave birth to two of his children, served jail time for abusing him and then married him in 2005.

An estimated 1,500 women are in prison for sexual abuse of children. The National Center for Juvenile Justice 2005 report on statutory rape found that 5 percent of victims were boys and adult women were overwhelmingly the abusers.

The report also found among children ages 7 to 11 and 15 to 17, boy victims outnumbered girls. On average, female molesters were nine years older than their male victims, compared with a six-year age gap between male offenders and teen girl victims.

Other research agencies like Child Trends in Washington, D.C., are starting to collect data that also suggest sexual relationships between teen boys and older women are more common than many believe.

A 2005 Child Trends research brief on the subject revealed that one in four males surveyed reported his first sexual experiences were with a woman usually a few years older.

Of more than 2,000 males, ages 15 to 24, asked, though, half who had a first sexual experience with an older woman reported an age gap of five years or more.

The abuse connection

Child molesters share some common features regardless of gender, according to the Center for Sex Offender Management in Maryland. Many (Women sexual abusers of early teens) show evidence of poor coping skills, relationship difficulties, (With men of her own age group) cognitive distortions (Twisted romantic and sexual fantasies where she is in control of a submissive male or youth) and an inability to empathize with (Her) victims (Because it is all about her, her emotions and the feelings she derives from her living out her darkest fantasies with her having control and power with her sex and sexuality. -- I can bear witness to this first hand – I knew a married Spirit filled woman a number of years who for years sought out and was having highly intensive emotional affairs at first with members of her church and as she fell farther and father away from Christ – she started having these emotional affairs and who knows what with younger and younger males. Last I heard she was divorced, completely departed from Christ and seeing a young man 30 years younger than her)

But the center also noted some key differences between men and women offenders.

Among them sexual victimization histories are far more common among female sex offenders than men, and their abuse experiences are often more longstanding, (They last fo r years as opposed to months) extensive (They seek to perform a far wider range of things for their own satisfaction many of these are reenactments of the romance novels they wallow in) and severe. (They are willing to perform any sex act provide alcohol and drugs to keep this going) Adult women also are more likely than men to commit sex offenses with a willing participant.


The largest study so far involving female sex offenders found the sexual abuse connection, according to its author, Susan Strickland, a University of Georgia professor and social worker who treats sex offenders.

For her research, Strickland surveyed 130 female prisoners, including 60 serving time for sexual offenses.

She found that women who have sex with boys lack the mature relationship skills to partner with men their age. They are also motivated by a need for power and control, and they see the boy as a blank slate they can turn into the partner they want. (This is the profile to a tee that I have personally witnessed)

Women sex offenders may never have had a relationship in which they felt safe, Strickland added.

Women who seek sex with underage boys are also more likely than men to focus on one person and to profess love and loyalty and a sense of a particular and profound bond, (If this indeed was the case with their own husbands how different would their marriages be?) psychologists say.

Emotional overload

Philadelphia author Alan Soble has written books about sex and love. He believes it's difficult to generalize what motivates an older woman to seduce a teen boy, but that their reasons are probably not much different than a man's.

Is there any reason to think the motives are different? Then you have to go with the standard story, but with the genders reversed, said Soble, a philosophy professor at Penn State University's Abington campus.

Emotions are part of why he believes women pursue teen boys.  (This is 100% true – emotions evoked by immersing themselves in romantic and sexual fantasies – we will add here what we consider the warning signs. First does a woman have free access you young teens around puberty or just above that age. Second is the woman depressed, and withdrawn, Third does the woman have a bad marriage or relationships, Forth does she flood herself with romance/sexual novels, or romance videos and the like, even fantasy romance/sexual novels involving vampires, were wolves and the like – so as to feed her emotions, and to temporarily fill the void she feels in herself and her current lifestyle. If a woman placed herself in this kind of opportunity and exhibits these kinds of behaviors she is a highly likely candidate to pick out a fat juicy little lamb to sate herself with. The victims are too easy pickings. How much more are the pickings easy in a church were half the members are divorced woman another quarter are women having difficult marriages, there are the youth groups these women hang around, there is the youth choir, there are all the family things and female meetings that present opportunities for contact. Or perhaps she goes fishing in other neighborhood churches or fellowships while acting exemplary in her home church and fellowship. In churches were fornication adultery and even abortion occur regularly to cover their perverse deeds, can it be of any surprise that preachers and elders are corrupt and perverse? And where these are true can it be of  any surprise that there are “Christian” female wolves on the prowl in your church or fellowship for your sons, to corrupt them in everyway possible? We sternly declare that this is so. We sternly declare there is a need for prayer and intercession in every church and fellowship so that the Lord will begin to speak and reveal the sin and corruption that is in your midst.  This is not an option it is a commandment of the Lord. Such sin must be decried, and cut off roots stalk and leaves from your fellowship.)   

It's not simply why would they do it, but why do it knowing they'll be ostracized if they get caught, they are in trouble, and will get more attention than a man would get? he said. It's the power the emotions have to kill our rationality, and women seem to be as susceptible as men to having their rationality undermined by their emotions and passions.

What also remains unclear is the long-term impact on teen boys. (High sexual promiscuity with other girls their own age in middle and high school)

What evidence is available” gathered through male prisoners and men in addiction treatment” is the experience disrupts normal adolescent psychological development, Strickland said.

A teen's immature brain cannot process the adult behavior they are engaging in, and, as a result, it skews social and sexual outlook, distorts thinking and hinders the ability to relate to a partner their own age, she explained.

Most teen boys involved in sexual relationships with older women don't feel they've been violated, a belief that Strickland says is rooted in society stereotypes, while girls in the same relationships are sent the message they've been taken advantage of, boys are congratulated and admired.


  • Histories of childhood maltreatment, including sexual victimization, mental health symptoms, personality disorders and substance abuse problems
  • Difficulties in intimate relationships, or an absence of intimate relationships
  • Propensity to primarily victimize children and adolescents (rarely adults)
  • Tendency to commit offenses against people who are related or otherwise well known to them
  • An increased likelihood of perpetrating sex offenses in concert with a male intimate partner

Source: Center for Sex Offender ManagementJo Ciavaglia can be reached at 215 949-4181 or jciavaglia@phillyburbs.com.