Sex Like Stallions Having Frenzied Sex



Song of Solomon 1:9  I have compared you, O My love, to a company of horses (Hebrew 5483 Stallions) in Pharaoh's chariots. (These stallions were not only big and beautiful, but they were noted for their sexual friskiness)


We see here that the reference of one’s lover as being a frenzied in heat lover is not negative --  it is positive – it is as God intended sexual relations between a man and his wife to be.  And we shall see that this is the kind of Love God expects from his bride –


Thou shalt Love the Lord your God with all your heart --- With all your soul --- with all your mind ---- and with all your strength 


The truth is that God is not getting this kind of devoted and driven love from His bride in this day and hour – His brides of Israel and Judah He divorced and cast them out for their serial adulteries. And the Church of this hour is pending such a divorce herself – for never having preformed this kind of devotion and service unto God, and for having become a serial adulteress filled with the doctrines and traditions of men from the Talmud and Mishnah, from Augustine, feminism humanism and religions from around the world. God is drawing up the divorce papers in this hour for a church that is covered with filth spotting and staining their wrinkled and torn garments.  It is time for those that are fervent in heart and spirit to arise from among the dead and exercise themselves in love and obedience toward the Lord.


This lack of spirited, lustful driven sexual love is reflected also in the Christian household as well where the husband of his wife receives no such frenzied love, no such heat of devotion, nor the wife receives such of her husband -- which in the word of God is to be understood as the natural state of sexual relations between a man and his wife.

Jeremiah 5:7 When I fed (Hebrew 7650 Saba, 7646 To fill ones desires to contentment. To fill one appetites to overflowing,) them (Sexually) till they were full (Hebrew 7050 Saba 7046 To have one’s desires filled to contentment,  To have one’s appetites filled to overflowing) (And) then they (Forsook Me as their lover) committed adultery and lined themselves by (the) troops (In great numbers) in houses (Hebrew 2181 harlots houses)

Jeremiah 5:7 (Hebrew Interlinear) When I sated them, then did they commit adulteries and thronged themselves to a houses of harlots

God’s complaint here is that He fed the children of Israel physically, spiritually and sexually (For some this may be offensive – As they have only read their “Cleansed’ bibles and never had the desire or inclination to look at what actually is written in the Greek and Hebrew.) We have been told by Theologians that the people in the bible were shy and demur concerning sexual matters and any exposure of a woman’s skin in public.(These things are not cited from the bible but rather the Mishnah and the Talmud) We are finding out more and more as we examine the Greek and Hebrew – These claims are not at all so. In the Greek and Hebrew we see that the people in the bible very sexually pro-active, (Within the confines of marriage) And we see also that  God Himself in certain places speaks in very sexual manners as to the expectations He has for His own bride. Which is a strong witness, of what God expects to occur within the household of the righteous between a husband and wife.

However in this environment in Jeremiah where God gave His people so many blessings – when they became full they turned their back on Him. (Which is recorded over and over in scripture) and God declares that they committed Adultery. (Spiritual Adultery and emotional affairs, with other nations and their religions until things heated up and they ran in blind lust so as to have sex with anything that moves.)  – God loved this bride but she turned her being in heat and desires for frenzied sex over to another and another and another – unable to find the deep satisfaction that she once had with her Lord and Master (I use these words purposefully here) God had, had enough.

How is our love ? How tepid and weak-kneed is the sex in our household? Many have never seen a stallion and a mare have sex. – It is explosive, it is powerful, they cry out they snort, they nip ant each other until they are completely spent.  Theirs is a raging loud and noisy sex that all that are near can hear. 

We have been taught for generation upon generation that sex is shameful. Sex is perverted, sex should never be seen or horror of horrors be heard. But the bible does not say that, – In the word of God the patriarchs had loud noisy sex. Sex in tents, they had loud noisy sex in their one roomed houses with nothing but a veil between them and their children. And the wealthy had a bed chamber and a door that could be shut – but the nature of their sex did not change from their forbearers that dwelled in tents.

In the book of Jeremiah this ‘loud sex’ is called the voice of the bride and the voice of the bridegroom.

(I realize that for many this may be mind bending but we are here reading this because t our sexual practices are not filled with joy, gladness, mirth, or frenzied like stallions with mares in hear. Realize that being off the mark here has been and is destroying the household of God as a people.)

The number of babies and married households in churches and denominations is in a deep tailspin – Sunday school classes are empty except where there are extensive bus programs. This is the effect of the evil fruit of loveless households and loveless marriages, which are an abomination an affront towards God. Just as God demands we love Him, so he demands that wives so love their husbands and husbands so love their wives. To not do so is to despise the second great commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself. One’s closest neighbor is respectively their husband or wife.

This dovetails into the subject of the voice of the bride and the bride groom – when the bride and groom when into the wedding chamber. In the bible there were witnesses posted outside that chamber – to hear the cries within the chamber – these were witnesses and after the bride groom would exit the chamber and give the parents who were witnesses along with the others the sheets while they were still wet with blood and semen and there were kept by the parents as a witness. So that if there was any question later about the marriage – the sheets and the witnesses were brought out to testify

Jeremiah 5:8 They are fed (They feed their desires) as (Untranslated Word  Moogis Lusty, Frenzied with lust) horses (Hebrew 5483 Stallions) in Morning (7904 Saka To be well fed, To be lusting 7905 Harpoon,  Barbed irons, 7903 sexual intercourse 7902 copulation – Locked together in sex.) every one neighed (6670 Sahab To shout out, to cry aloud) after his neighbour's wife.

They feed their sexual desires unrestrained as stallions and mares in heat, They lock themselves together in frenzied sex, during which each stallion neighing after his neighbor’s wife in adultery.

God’s complaint here as a Jealous God is that He desires this kind of unrestrained frenzied love from His bride for Himself, and God shares His bride and her affections with no other. And what God desires mirroring “What is in heaven upon earth” in Christian households is that the Husband receive of his bride this same kind of love, so unrestrained, so frenzied so in heat daily and nightly.

Over the years I have heard voiced many times warnings by preachers and teachers, and fears by parishioners that Christians should not give themselves over to lust and sex, even in marriage.

I have heard it said more than once from the pulpit that there is a fine line between lust and sex and Christians should never ever give into lust even when they are married.

In first Corinthians 12 Paul says Desire spiritual gifts, and covet the best gifts. The word Paul uses here is the word Lust in the Greek. Lusting is actually a neutral word as it is used throughout the bible for good and bad things. God created us to desire and lust after things but we are to choose what we lust after, in particular the Lord Himself, and respectively our Husband or Wife. To lust after one’s wife is holy and righteous to lust after your neighbor’s wife is sinful and corrupt.

In the bible there is no demon of sexual lust. – One can not cast out the flesh. Paul declares in 1 Corinthians 7 That sexual lust “Burning” is the prerequisite for Christians getting married. If a man sexually lusts after a woman and the woman lusts after the man they are to get married. If one is not “burning” If the man feels no lust towards the woman and the woman feels no lust towards the man Paul’s test here indicates these two Christians should not marry but continue as virgins until such time as lightning strikes.

I Corinthians 7:8-9 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, (Contain that they are filled with lust) let them marry: (Paul does not prescribe here casting out demons from them, nor does he declare a combination of bible reading and meditation to clear out this lust from their hearts and souls. Paul instead declares that this lustful Christian man or Christian woman need not pass go but directly entering into a sex filled marriage where they can get into frenzied heat as stallions one for the other.) For it is better to marry than to burn. (Burning with lust outside of marriage led to members of the church or Corinth and other churches committing adultery and or fornication, so Paul and Christ seek to prevent such things occurring.)

I Corinthains 7:36 But if any man think that he behaveth himself (All five of these words are NOT in the Greek) uncomely (A-schemonein to be without schema or his schema is broken ) toward his virgin (Greek Par-thenon Para – To flow Together  Themon To produce, or To lay with, or To lie with.  Para-Thenos Partner in fruitfulness) if she (Greek he) (Missing Greek word Nomizei -- Worries he will) pass the flower (Uper-Akmos Uper More than, overflowing, to flourish with fruitfulness, Akmos The finely hones point or Edge of a weapon  – This person is at their peak of their sexual prowess) of her (his) age, and (that he) need (is) so required, (Then) let him do what he will, he sinneth not: let them marry.
Paul here is citing Adam in the garden – when Adam came of age, and sexually active.   


The word Paul chose to use here is Akmos which is used only one time in the Greek Septuagint. Paul alters the word by adding Uper indicating that he understands this passage to be speaking of the finely honed sexual tools that a husband and wife are to be.  

Job 41:15-17 His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close (Hebrew 6864 razor’s edge, Greek Akmos The finely honed point or edge of a weapon) seal. (Hebrew 2368 sealed) One is so near to another, that no air can come between them.(between their bodies) They are joined (As one flesh in communion) one to another, (And in so doing) they stick together, that they cannot be sundered.


I Corinthains 7:36 (A better rendering) If a man’s schema is broken toward him producing or laying with a maiden, (Paul is speaking here of a man having premarital sex) or if he worries he will pass the flower of age without producing seed as is required – prevent him not, see that he sin not and marry. 

Paul here in using the word A-Schemonein is citing in the Greek Septuagint: Genesis 34:7 And the sons of Jacob came out of the field when they heard it: and the men were grieved, and they were very wroth, because he had wrought folly (A-Schemon) in Israel in lying with Jacob's daughter: which thing ought not to be done. – While the passage states “This thing ought not to be done The passage is speaking of Shechem having premarital sex with Dinah, and that She was unequally yoked with an unbeliever. Paul while declaring earlier that a believer should not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever –here Paul states that this is act is not forbidden. Paul states that a husband or wife being married to an unbeleiver should never divorce them for that reason after one or the other has come to Christ because the beleiver sanctifies the unbelieving husband or wife.  Paul says here that neither the Christian parents nor the elders or pastor have to power to interfere or prevent a couple that HAS had premarital sex [Even though they are unequally yoked or even teenagers] they are marry period. For to do so would be to cause them to fall into further sin [As being accountable for fornication] and then one or the other moving on to have sex with someone else, Paul is dealing with sex as if it is a door and once it has been opened, it can not be simply or easily be shut. When one is burning they get married -- so as to not fall into sin, fornication, adultery, and when one has lain with a maiden -- prevent them not from getting married.  In so saying we need to be clear Paul is declaring premarital sex to be folly. It is bad, it is corrupt and it is a shame to the parents and church. But none the less once this line has been breached, it must be followed through with the young man and young woman, the middle aged man and the middle aged woman getting married and then the Christians in that family that fellowship and that church embracing the couple so as to prevent greater sin being committed before the Lord in these kind of matters. 

Paul is declaring that what occurred with Shechem and Dinah even though they had premarital sex still falls under “For what God Hath joined together let no man put asunder.” And that the Church and Christian household should not sin as the sons of Jacob and cast out kill main and destroy such a couple but rather they should welcome such in and cover them and care for them.

Regarding what we are writing here in the past five years it has come to my direct attention again and again in bible beleiving and Spirit-filled churches we have attended or churches in which we have had members come to us for counseling we have come eye ball to eyeball with the horrific state these churches and fellowships are in regarding to divorce, fornication and adultery among their members. All without any seeming knowledge of their pastor's and elders knowledge.

In a Pentecostal church with a membership of 300or more we came face to face with an entire culture of unlawful divorce, coupled with adultery and fornication going on between married and divorced members. In this church members of thei r large choir and music ministries are dating and living with congregation members. We also observed members of this church's youth groups (Underaged) openly flirting with earch other and with their youth pastor (Who was gyrating, joking, and openly flirting with these underaged girls) during church, and during the worship service as they were playing instruments, as well as when the youth choir sang together. How I stumbled into all of this was a member of the choir propsitioned me, indicating she enjoyed sex with her husband and had sex and oral sex with him even on the morning that she departed him. (She was in one way declaring her sexual faithfulness to her husband in her bad marriage while at the same time making me aware of what she had to offer.) and while being married/moving towards divorce she made it known that she desired to hook up with me. (This percisely at the time my wife was divorcing me, when I was filled with tears and all broken up. And yet in that vulnerable time I was completely taken aback by her suggestion and offer. And would not entertain any such thought.) She apparently thought my being honorable was cute or something and continued to hang around me for a month or so. I did not rebuke her head to foot but decided to instead make myself more scarce to her. It was only because of that that a few weeks later she confided in me what was going on underground in her pentecostal church that I was attending at that time. She had previously introduced me to some friends of hers in both in choir and from the congration who were members of her cell group that met at her house and at anothers, which she now revealed one was married, was seperated, and was dating and even living with a woman that was divorced in the church, she went through a number of doings of others that were secretly coupling together and announced her full intent to marry someone else because as a christian she had a right to, and was not about to be bound by legalism. (It was clear that she had told me these things to bolster her position saying without saying look all of these are christians and upstanding members of my church and they are doing this -- so I can too.) I was not impressed at all, and did not bite on this back handed offer of hers either. Again I did not rebuke her head to foot but felt in the Lord I was to hold my peace. It was a few weeks later that she then alerted me to some of the goings on in the youth group which two of her teenage daughters attended. Activities like for that great Christian holiday halloween -- the youth group was sent out on a scavenger hunt at night and in total Alaskan darkness and on the list was they were to find a stranger on the street and kiss them, and find a police officer or the like and hug them and more such nonsence. When she told me these things I had a cow over this and contacted the pastor, in church the following week I was approached by the youngest pastor in the Church who steadfastly defended the indefensible in both the youth group, and the youth pastor over then that had compiled this list.

I was next contacted by another young pastor who was the worship leader by phone and beyond the scavenger hunt, beyond the flirtation between this youth pastor and the impressionable teen girls in his charge, we delved deeper into some of the goings on in this church. This pastor defended line by line what evidence I brought forth to him. In the end I could only warn him of the consequences that were to come to that fellowship and ceased fellowshipping there altogether.

Another Alaskan fellowship was in a situation with a new wannabe pastor who had assembled a small congregation of 20 -25 members. Almost all members were of this fellowship were divorced or thinking about being divorced. Here too under the nose of this pastor members were dating each other and shacking up together. The choir leader told me of two members of that church in their early twenties, divorced, living together and also using drugs. She told of how the preacher was shocked when she learned about this and demanded the two that were shacked up get married immediately and they did and then immediately left the church to go under the radar somewhere else. The Choir leader told me of how she was very angery and felt the pastor was filled with legalism and that the pastor should hold a more liberal point of view concerning sex and members of the church because "Everyone was mature there" and just trying to find their way to happiness. This woman over time revealed that she had been married repeatedly and had committed serial adultery and serial fornication. And she latter admitted also that she was and had been actively on the hunt in this church where she led worship. She revealed she had sex with two members of this church one she had a weeklong sex fling with and he later moved in with yet another member. And that this chior leader then met another prospect in this church hooked up with this man married him and divorced him a short time later because they were just too different. I attempted to reach this woman through scripture but once I began reading to her passages about divorce, fornication and adultery she made it known that she felt these passages were all legalism, and she would continually say she was sexually burning up and had to have sex, to which I posed to her time and again that she needed to return to one of her husbands. It then turned out that she was still on friendly terms with her last husband who of all things was coming over to her house regularly. When I suggested that she sexually sedduce him and give him sex like he had never had and demonstrate all of the things she had claimed God had taught her over the last two or so years since her last divorce about being submissive and not withholding herself she went into a fury and promptly spoke to me no more. This woman was and is radioactive and needed to be cast out of the congregation along with the others who were so contaminated in their walks and beleifs as well.

In another fellowship this one fundamentalist with over 500 members there was another woman that came to me for counseling she was involved with running the overhead projector during worship services this woman again was married and divorced. (Seemingly justly as he had really physically beat her and threatened to kill her. However when she left him still being legally married she ran into the arms of a waiting secret love interest again a member of the church's music ministry, leader of a christian band and a youth pastor in a church. This man took advantage of her, had wanton sex with her for a month or so till he tired of her and then cast her off. She then moved back home with her parents and spiraled completely out of control and began as a serial adultress and serial fornicator and attempted suicide two times. It was sometime after this that she came into contact with us seeking to learn scripture and for counseling. We tried for almost six months to council this woman and turn her life around. For a time it looked like she was changing, all the while she would confess little bits and peices of all that I have mention. Each set of revelations concerning her life were mind bending at times but we plodded on. In the last month that we spoke it came to the place that every time I turned around she was telling me of either her desiring to go one a one night stand or sexual binge with someone, or that she she was in the middle of such actions. The Lord caused me to understand that she had been using me more or less to assure herself that she was still a Christian. Praying and holding all of this before the Lord I saw that I had to cut that off altogether. I told her that she was radioactive and if she was in my church or fellowship I would have to cast her out. That I could no longer counsel or fellowship her at all. And that I hoped and prayed this would shock something into her.

At the same time I have been the member of a number of online christian and bible studies and forums across the country, and over the last three years I have found these same perverted sentiments concerning divorce to trade up for a more sexual, more fun, more fulfulling marriage, christians openly and blatantly commiting adultery and fornication as being held by bible beleiving and Spirit-filled beleivers all across the nation. -- The church of Jesus Christ as being a place of morality and a house of faithfulness is being torn inside out by people that should have never gained access to any of these churches, much less have wandered into places of leadership. These people are radioactive, they act like rutting animals that are infecting other members of these congregations.

Jeremiah 5:7-10 (The Lord asks) How shall I pardon thee for this? Thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, (Providing all their needs Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically) they then committed adultery, (God is speaking here of Israel and Judah as being his bride, His beloved that He sexually loved -- This is one of a number of passages that the teachings of the Bride of Christ in the Epistles was derived from) And (Then the people of Israel and Judah) assembled themselves by troops (Lining up to go) in the harlots' houses. (His bride filled with lust defiled her self over and over have sex with whores in place of her Husband) They (My Bride Israel and Judah) were as fed horses (They were well feed and studded yet) in the morning: every one (My bride over taken in a sexual frenzy) neighed after his neighbour's wife. (One has to see here that the imagery here is speaking of the church of this hour. It is speaking of The Bride having withheld herself sexually from her Husband, Going then and divorcing herself from her Husband. It then is speaking of her being overtaken with sexual lust not to return to her Husband to be the wife and lover she never was, but to Lust after fornication to Lust after Adultery and to Lust after the Wives and Husbands and Children of their neighbors, and to rut with them as wild animals. These have fallen as Eve, these have been transformed from sheep into wolves and those in the church have become their prey to devour. In some mistaken beleif that once they devour one with their lusts they shall be loosed, set free, fulfilled, but there is no deliverance from this perverse sexual frenzy -- and then they go and devour another and another.) Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? Go ye up upon her walls, and destroy; but make not a full end: take away her battlements; for they are not the LORD's.

This is indeed the church of this hour for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

How in God's name can this culture of immorality exist in the church? A culture of christian sex without commitment, and christian immorality without consequence. (It is because this is a church that no longer fears God. This is a church that has taken the Lion of God, they have collectively by their doctrines detoothed God, declawed God, stripped God of His fur and mane, castrated Him, they have put out His eyes that He can see not their sin, and sewed His mouth shut that He can no longer roar or even growl. O the fiery judgment that shall fall upon the eternally secure, and those who walk in the grace of disobedience.)

The message in the bible is clear in both the Old Testament, in the Gospels, and here in the passage cited above. If a beleiver is burning with lust -- it is not sin (1 Corinthians 7) they need to get married. If a christian has premarital sex they MUST get married. And for that fact Paul declares what know ye not that a man that goes in unto a whore is joined to that whore? So if the woman is not a virgin and sleeps around or conversely if the man is not a virgin but sleeps around the christian man or woman that have slept with them are joined unto them, regardless if they are unsaved, an alcoholic, a drug addict, or what have you.

Further the Lord has spoken and made it very plain in recent months that all those who have unrighteously divorced and thereafter committed fornication or adultery are polygamists before God and should be addressed as such in the church as well. Likewise all of those who have unrighteously divorced and remarried are also polygamists before God and should be addressed as such in the church as well. We must confess the truth, we must stand in agreement with God and His word. To speak or teach something else is to make us none of His. Therefore it is the commandment of the Lord that all of those in the house of the Lord make their ways and paths straight, and that they fulfill and make full restitution for all their evil and perverse deeds done as beleivers, so that those who are polygamists live as the polygamists that they are and take within their household their wives and all their children and suffer the consequences of their actions. If the woman has married another let it be, but if one's ex-wife or ex-wives are languishing with their children christians are commanded to take these in, service their wives, and care for all their children. For if you do not do so the Lord will surely disown you as well.

What we have spoken here is very hard to utter, yet we are compelled by The Lord to speak the truth and not shrink back from our sacred duty.

For those who would seek to dispute what is written here, let them show in by the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostles that those that have been joined together sexually are now not joined together, for reasons other than for fornication, adultery, the unbeleiver departing or through physical death of one's partner.

The more Churches and fellowships I come into contact the more these things cry out and scream to my heart and my soul. These things can not be allowed to be. There things must be dealt with and put to an end. Marriages must be supported by the church and ministry and held together at all costs. Divorced women must be commanded to if at all possible return to their husbands saved or unsaved. Those that are shacked up together must get married. Those who are polygamists before God must live as polygamists. This sickness and disease in the church must be contained or the whole lot of these have to be cast out regardless of the cost.

The bleeding needs to stop here and now.

(1 Corinthains 7:2) Rather let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.
Within the bound of marriage there is to be no limitations sexually as to what kind of sex, when they are to have sex, when they are to have sex and how much sex they are to have. (1 Corinthains 7:4) For The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. (1 Corinthians 7:5) Defraud ye not one the other. These are not suggestions here, these are commandments to be obeyed and adhered to by both the Husband and the Wife. Come together sexually daily and multiple times daily if necessary son, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency. (Not having deep sex, not having frenzied sex, not having sex until you can not sexually move or sexually think of any other.)

The number one reason for hard marriages, bad marriages, and divorce is empty sex, unfullfilling sex, passionless sex. The obligatory quickie. The dutiful wife laying back like a stick so her husband can get over with it and she can go to sleep. The angry wife, the manipulating wife that uses sex as a weapon or barganing chip. All of this is sexually defrauding your husband or wife. All of this is not loving your husband, as the bride is to love Jesus Christ. All of this is like one blankly reciting Hail Mary's and Our Fathers before God as prayer. All of this is as the luke warm Laodiceans before Jesus Christ that He spued vomited from His mouth, ejecting them from being in His body.

God uses as a measureing stick the love and passion a wife gives her husband in the marital bed, and weighs that against the prayers and worship that that same woman gives in Church to Jesus Christ. Where the wife does not Agapesasa her husband that is flip head over heals over him and love him with all her heart soul mind and strength in the marital bed, God rejects her prayer her worship and does not forgive her sins.

I Corinthains 7:34 There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: (With all her heart soul mind spirit and strenght -- how few truly walk this way) but (The wife) she that is married careth for the things of the world,(The raising of her children in the fear and admonition of the Lord being the virtuous woman of proverbs and most importantly) how she may (With all her heart soul mind spirit and strength) please her husband. (How truly few understand this commandment, and how truly few obey this commandment.)

This verse demonstrates straight is the gate and narrow is the way and few their be that find it. This verse demonstrates the yoke of Christ as it is to be in one that is single, and the yoke of marriage as it is to be for a wife. This verse cuts through all the lies and feel good teaching and lays out the demands of Christ for His disciples as they are single and as they are married. In either case ther is no room for one's own selfish will, wants, and desires. When one comes to Jesus Christ they are to be hung up at the door before entering, likewise in marriage when a woman marries her will wants and desires are to be hung up at the door before entering.

His disciples are to become new creations in His image and likeness, and a wife is to become a new creation in her husbands image and likeness.

When I was a child there were households that the wife looked somewhat like her husband, the wife sounded like her husband the way she worded things, the wife had some of her husbands mannerisms so that if you knew the husband and you met this woman in the supermarket or elsewhere it was apparent whose wife she was. This was considered quite normal in the 1960's, before the Gay Manifesto, before the New Feminism arose.

It hurts me to see how this nation and the church has been so corrupted and has so fallen from those days.

The bleeding must stop here and now. There must be a recognition of these things and a turning away from the doctrines and traditions that have brought this nation and the church of this hour into the place of darkness which both reside, and an embracing of those things that are good, righteous and just before the Lord that have been cast asside by the last generation.

Prayerfully Consider These Words.