Shall I Have Pleasure



Genesis 18:12 Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have (Sexual) pleasure, my lord (Abraham) being old also.


In the course of the last five years the Lord has greatly visited me and has spoken, revealed, illuminated, and opened my understanding to a great many spiritual truths, and foundational truths. And along the way the Lord saw fit to cause me to understand key events surrounding The Protestant Reformation and what has resulted from it.  


Both Luther and Calvin’s purpose from the beginning was to roll back the Roman Catholic Church to a time in their eyes of “greater doctrinal purity,” namely the 6th century doctrine of St. Augustine (Both men being Augustinian monks were sworn to bring about). So that when Martin Luther went to Wartburg and nailed his famed 95 thesis on the castle door, he wrote these peering through the lens of the doctrine of Augustine. And consequently he decried whatever the saw that was at variance with the teachings of Augustine.  So later when Luther and Calvin were forced to leave the Catholic Church (Both men in their writings declare they never wanted to leave the Roman Catholic Church) they went and build their own denominations being true to their original purposes – denominations holding fast to the doctrines and traditions of Saint Augustine as they viewed it through their separate lenses. In other words both Luther and Calvin did not build their respective churches, nor did they ever intend to build them on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and Holy Scripture as we have been told over and over again, instead they built their churches on the foundation of 6th century Augustine.  Which is exactly why today all evangelical, fundamentalist, Pentecostal and charismatic churches and denominations unknowingly hold fast to Saint Augustine’s and 6th century Catholic doctrine and traditions in many areas including “church issues” regarding their members activities in sex and sexuality. For those who care to pore over some quotations from St. Augustine on sex, and sex within the bounds of marriage we have posted this on our website as these things are the foundation of the Calvinistic puritanical sexual view that has plagued the church for 1300 years, ultimately causing the fall of Europe in the middle ages to the Muslim hoards, (Causing at that time the Pope to reject Augustine’s views on sex and sex in marriage and Catholic families thereafter to have large families) and now by the Protestants carrying these seeds of death Augustine’s doctrines will once again bring about the second fall of Europe before our eyes and the eyes of our children.


We also remind our readers again that much of the 6th century Catholic doctrines and traditions were based on Talmudic traditions and doctrines (Contained in the Mishnah and Talmud) that were introduced to the church through Tertullian and Jerome and other apostolic fathers and later codified by Augustine.


So here we have our work cut out for us as we continue to try to erase the deep seated guilt many Christians have concerning sex and sexuality, and speaking about sex and sexuality. We openly declare here that these false doctrines and traditions have wreaked havoc upon untold Christian marriages, and have acted as seeds for adultery, fornication, and divorce.


Here now in Genesis we do not find Sarah speaking of sex for procreation, but rather her having sex with Abraham for her own personal pleasure. How unCatholic of her, how unAugustine of her, how unCalvinistic of her, how unPuritan of her. This passage demonstrates not only that the bible teaches that sex is to be fun, and exciting, Sarah is referring to herself being able to reach the ecstasy of orgasm or multiple orgasms. And we note here also the casualness with which Sarah speaks here of these things, as her words are not filled with the fear of God concerning the supposed dirtiness or defilement of sex,  or of her falling into sin and being swept away from God and Godliness by her having deep sex with her master Abraham. 

Genesis 18:12 Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, (Hebrew 5730 Eden Delight, Delicacy, Sexual pleasure) my lord (Hebrew 113 Adon lord, master, owner, supervisor, one who has authority over another, The Greek for pleasure is Ge-Gonen) being old also?


Ge-GonenGe-Gelos To laugh, To make merry, Mirth, Delight, Joy, and Rejoicing, [In the Analytical Lexicon Gonen is wrongly linked only with Ginomai So that the word pleasure in Hebrew becomes only Gone, Sperm, Seed, or To copulate [So we need to see here that Ge-Gonen means: The joy or joyfulness of Sex]   



The same form of the Hebrew 5730 Eden is also used in Psalm 36:8. Beginning in verse 5 David begins to worship the incomparable majesty of God and to prophecy.

Ps 36:7-9 How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.  They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures (Hebrew 5730 Eden Delight, Delicacy, and Pleasure. Greek Truphes To delight in) for with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

(It is under the shadow of His wing in the secret place of the Most High that His children will discover the hidden fatness of the Father’s house. Christ cites this passage when He later declares “In My Fathers house are many dwelling places” [Fatness speaks to the limitlessness of the Father’s house] David here also prophesies of the river of God that is seen in Revelation issuing forth from the throne of God, and by the Spirit David tells us that those who come under the shadow of the Father’s wing in the secret place of the most high, will also be able to freely drink from this river, [Here and now] and those that are able to do so will be filled to overflowing with delight and great pleasure. [Of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit] And then David further prophesies of the fountain of life springing up from the soul of those who drink of Christ and of the Shekina that was hid in Christ that those who partake of it will, will be enlightened – which Christ spoke as being the lights of the world.)  


Within the hallowed walls of the Catholic Church beginning with Tertullian, and Jerome and completed in the days of Augustine, there has been a body of theological work that has implicitly stated that sex is only to be had for the purpose of procreation, and not for one’s personal pleasure.  


In the song Luther wrote “A Mighty Fortress is our God” in one of the stanzas Luther wrote concerning the devil and his minions that: “One little word shall fell him.” 


Genesis 18:12 (Hebrew Interlinear) And Sarah laughed within herself saying after, (In) my being old shall there be to me (sexual) pleasure, (And to) my lord also being old?  


In the Greek Septuagint shall I have pleasure  Oupo (One)  Men (This)  Moi (My) Ge-Gonen  Ge-Gemo To be full, to be filled this is a filling to be satisfied or sated.

A better translation here is Sarah says Shall I have sexual pleasure one that I shall be filled to overflowing, fully sexually satisfied, sated with its afterglow?

In Acts 7:1-4 Then said the high priest, Are these things so? And he said, Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken; The God of glory appeared unto our father Abraham, when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Charran, And said unto him, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and come into the land which I shall shew thee. Then came he out of the land of the Chaldaeans, and dwelt in Charran: and from thence, when his father was dead, he removed him into this land, wherein ye now dwell.

We read that God first call Abram when he was in Ur of Chaldees at approximately 50 years of age and sarai would have been 41. And Isaac the son of promise was born when Abraham was 99 years old and Sarah was 90.


So that by the time Genesis 18:12 occurs and Sarah laughed it was approximately 48 years after Abraham had received the promise of God that Sarah would bear Abraham the son of promise.


Elsewhere in the article posted on this website entitled The Meno of Abiding we have spoken of Sarai and Abram in regards to Commandment 00001 Given to Adam and his wife: Be fruitful and multiply and how that Abram and Sarai came to supersede Adam and his wife in: First creation of a vessel that the seed of promise was to placed in; The household of faith and in their obtaining the seed of promise through faith and patience over a period of almost 50 years.


We need to state here that the obtaining of this promise entailed Sarai and Abram to have had sexual relations every time it presented itself not just during the honeymoon, or for the first six months or for the first year or two like too many Christian married couples in this day and hour, but this act of obedience by Sarai and Abram of Commandment 00001 required Sarai and Abram to have deep and lengthy sexual relations daily, and quite probably multiple times during that day as well as the night. So not seeing the son of promise, Abram and Sarai continued in sexual obedience of Commandment 00001 year in and year out, decade after decade.    


Hebrews 11:11-12 Through faith (Greek Pistis faith / faithfulness [Her sexual faithfulness]) also Sara herself received strength to (To have more sexual relations, with Abraham and sometime during this she) conceive(d) seed, and was delivered (Gave birth) of (To) a child when she was past age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised. Therefore sprang there even of one, (Her) and him as good as dead, (Sexually dead) so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable.

Romans 4:19 And being not weak in faith, he (Abraham) considered not his own body now dead, (He no longer had erections and no longer produced sperm)  when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb: (Sarah no longer had periods, and her vagina no longer had any feeling or use)

This obedience to the commandment of God by Sarai required a Meno-ing of Abram’s flesh daily for decade after decade and when Sarai became weary after 40 years of sex, sex and more sex (Abram may have well worn a groove in Sarai) Sarai sought relief and sought to turn the promise of the creation of the Household of Faith over to Hagar.  (This was not an act of faith or faithfulness on Sarai’s part. And this coupling of Abram with Hagar, greatly displeased the Lord, as did the son the sex of Abram and Hagar produced.)


After this God personally came to pay Abraham a visit and found him outside sitting at the door of his tent when he was supposed to be inside having sex with Sarah (In the interim time Abraham had dried up (His body now became sexually dead – God was not going to have any other Hagars)  And God went to the source of the problem Sarah, who long ago was getting nothing out of Abraham having sex with her, and it was at this point that Sarah believed God, and called Abraham into the tent and in an act of faith and obedience began to try to have sex with Abraham more than likely having to do everything humanly possible to get him erect to begin with.  When we read the word of God we treat it so loosely and so carelessly not understanding what actually was occurring or occurred for one to come into obedience of full compliance with God’s commandment.


This passage is the basis of:

Leviticus 19:13 Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbour, (Husband) neither rob him: the wages of him (The daily and or nightly Sexual duties) that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning.


1 Corinthians 7:5 (Husbands and wives) Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency. Both of these passages are declaring that at age 85 – 90 that Sarah no longer having sex with Abraham was defrauding him – and we might add here that Paul is implying that sending in Hagar to go to bat for herself was the temptation of satan.


Another thing that it see here is that both in the garden and here that Eve and Sarah became discouraged and both sought alternate means to get their “long awaited seed”. Both ceased their sexual relations, so that both were defrauding their husbands. I will now make a statement concerning this; in most failing marriages that I have been close enough to be told or to see the dysfunction and what is not going on that should be – the wife has either all together ceased having sex with her husband, or has sex as little as she can in duration, and in the amount of times per month.


In my marriage sex with my wife for the last ten or more years was limited to once every six months, and diminished to once a year. Recently two divorced Christian men candidly stated that the same thing had occurred in their marriages.


This passage is also drawn from this passage in Genesis concerning Abraham and Sarah.

1 Timothy 2:15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. (Sarah did not just receive the son of promise but she received her salvation here, Sarah received her personal justification here. And the center post of her entering was her having deep abiding sexual relations of pleasure once more with Abraham.)


Why does Paul command those wives that are divorced to return to their husbands as being commanded also by Jesus Christ – because these wives before God will never be able to enter into the promise by pawning off their husband to Hagar.


Paul and Jesus Christ is declaring that divorce is a salvation issue.  Paul and Christ are saying that a wife can not enter into personal justification with God if she divorces her husband but needs to repent, and make her husband lord and master over her and her body as Sarah did with Abraham, and have deep abiding sex with her husband daily and or whenever the situation presents itself.  And in doing this and rearing their children in a vessel of a household where the husband and wife are continually in a state of one flesh.

1 Corinthians:7:10-11 And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband: but and if she depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife. (We note here that this is addressed specifically to wives departing aka divorcing their husbands – that this sexual defrauding of their husband [A temptation or stratagem of satan] that had struck Eve and Sarah was; shock of shocks at work in the early church, at work in a church that was blessed with all gifts and operations of the Spirit, at work in the heirs of salvation.)

Paul and Jesus Christ are not speaking her laws of condemnation though those who willfully defy the word of God do come under the full condemnation of the Law of Moses for such acts. Rather Paul and Jesus Christ here are calling out and pleading with disobedient and wayward wives, calling them unto repentance, unto making their husbands as their lord and master even as Jesus Christ is the Lord and Master of the Church, and to have deep abiding sexual relations unto pleasure and delight, even as we sit, and worship and bask in God’s deep abiding presence and anointing as we fellowship with Him and enter in and out of spiritual ecstasy.   

Sarah believed God and through faith and her faithfulness or obedience obtained the child of promise or rather the child that was commanded of her and all women under Commandment 00001 first given in the garden.  So that once God got Sarah motivated again her once again having sex, sex and more sex with with her lord Abram at every opportunity that presented itself She found sexual pleasure and conceived. So also wives that have departed from their husbands need to return to them and seek and find their sexual pleasure with him once more, and this entails them making their husband their lord and master, even over their own bodies.

And here the writer of Hebrews tells us:
Hebrews 11:11-12 Through faith also Sara herself received strength to
(Have more sexual relations, with Abraham and sometime during this obedience she) conceive(d) seed, and was delivered (Gave birth) of (To) a child when she was past age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised. Therefore sprang there even of one, (Her) and him as good as dead, so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable.

I see here by the Spirit that this is indeed what was going on between Adam and the woman, after the passing of time, (Quite possibly years if not decades as had later occurred with Sarah, but in the garden the woman fainted in her seeking to obtain the seed of promise) and not seeing the son of promise the woman became weary in her Meno-ing, of her husband  and her sexual relations with her Husband.  I see by the Spirit that the woman in the garden was called to be mother of the Household of faith -- Which she was to inherit thought faith and patience.


1/08/2007 Here is the conformation the Lord gave me this morning on this long waiting of the woman in the garden to produce seed.


Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed (Greek: Se-Permatos) and her seed; (Greek: Se-Permatos) it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


Se-Permatos  Se-Su Thy kindred  Perimatos   Awaited for, To wait for. Peri – [Here is in the genitive case] Meaning it is the central point of activity Maten [Classical Greek] To be idle, To dally, To loiter, To linger )


So here we have stated that 1) that the center of the woman’s activity was her awaiting offspring. This Awaiting, this standing idle, this lingering – implies strongly that this pursuit of building a household involved years if not decades as occurred with Sarah. 


We note here that this is the identical calling that every woman in Christ is called to.  From the Meno-ing of her husband daily, to her being saved or redeemed through childbirth, to her overseeing and instructing in the fear and love of God those within the household that they in turn might walk uprightly before the Lord. 


In the garden God found Adam and the woman sundered and dressed in leaves when he expected them to be working at fruitful and multiplying -- but the fizz went out of their marriage, compounded also now with the knowledge of sin – Adam and the woman entered into a state of divorce


Like wise when the Lord arrived at Abraham’s dwelling he found Abraham sitting outside the tent and not working at being fruitful and multiplying with Sarah


In both these passages it is clear that God will for the woman was sending her back to the bedroom for extra innings to once more have long deep fulfilling sexual relations


If we wanted to spiritual this situation we could link this to the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation: as having lost their first love – This was a failure of turning away from the first and second commandments – and seeking in its place teaching and knowledge and believing that these in place of proactively loving God and loving your neighbor –would bring one to perfection – much of the church of this day follows this corrupt path and Agape is looked down upon and those who speak of it are spoken of as simpletons, babes and immature.


And we can say except if a wife and a husband become as small children in their love and care for one another – they shall likewise not see the kingdom.


We are not on a quest for knowledge –because knowledge of teaching puffeth up, and its students are proud, arrogant, and seek to draw disciples away after themselves. Instead we are seeking truth that will lead us to the feet of Christ and becoming discipled of Him.


So that as Christ declared that all the Law and Prophets are fulfilled in Thou shalt love the Lord you God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


So we can say with great certainty that all the word of Christ and the apostles are fulfilled in Thou shalt love the Lord you God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


Elsewhere we have spoken of that in Adam and his wife a new entity was to be created a holy container or holy vessel in which God’s seed was to be placed – and that was the household


In Abraham and Sarah we see a partial fulfillment of what this vessel the household was to be slave and free people from all nations – all were circumcised and brought into the very relationship that Abraham had with God


By the Spirit, the Lord has opened up these passages and revealed the holy and righteous calling of those in the church – that the new covenant church was beyond being built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ Himself, upon the whole of scripture as revealed through His teachings and the teachings of the apostles, -- This New Testament Church was to be a new entity also the fulfillment of what God had called Adam and his wife to create, and that which we see in part fulfilled in Abraham the father of faith or rather faithfulness – So that the church is supposed to be comprised of hundreds if not thousands of households where the husband and wife are first and foremost to be filled with agape for each other and agape as we have expressed elsewhere; in scripture has a large component of sexual relations as the tie that binds (I am citing a old hymn that sings of a Greek particle word that is frequently attached to the word Agape)  Wesley sang in Come Thou fountain  of this love of God being a constraining fetter.  


May wives be so fettered to their husbands with deep abiding sex, sex that produces great pleasure for both the husband and the wife herself as Sarah so found.