Quotes from Jerome
n Marriage and Family (360 AD)

St. Jerome said: Full grown virgin women should never bathe and should be ashamed of their bodies.

St. Jerome said: The truth is that, in view of the purity of the body of Christ, all sexual intercourse is unclean.

St. Jerome said: Let a bishop be chosen who marries one wife and begets children; but who marries one wife, and has his children in subjection and well disciplined. You surely admit that he is no bishop who during his episcopate begets children. The reverse is the case if he be discovered, he will not be bound by the ordinary obligations of a husband, but will be condemned as an adulterer.

St. Jerome said: To come to the Gymnosophists of India, the opinion is authoritatively handed down that Buddha, the founder of their religion, had his birth through the side of a virgin. (Jerome declares Buddha was of divine birth like Christ) Authoritative Buddhist religious materials say that Buddha was born through natural intercourse between his parents, a king and queen. His mother was not a virgin and Buddha himself never claimed he was born either sinless or of a virgin as in Jesus.