Mystery Of The G-Spot Solved

Thursday February 21, 2008

A woman’s G-spot has been written about since the early 1970’s. The discovery of this spot in a woman’s vagina has caused great joy and deep sexual satisfaction among women.  This article declares that not all women have a G-spot, I think I have read elsewhere that 40% of women have this God given physical feature.  

I for one can attest to the confusion in the bedroom as to locating the G-spot, and armed with the information in this article one can now take heart if they are unable to locate this spot in their wife that they are not an idiot or a lousy lover by that their wife may not well be equipped with a G-spot to stimulate her into “Overdrive Orgasms”.

In a number of articles that I have read in the last two years about female orgasm professional sex therapists have described that in the vagina, within the folds of the outer lips in the area below the clitoris that there is an undeveloped area, (About the size of a dime to a quarter as the size and shape of women’s vaginas do vary) an area that to begin with has about 10-15 percent of its potential nerve endings online when a couple first become sexually active. 

One of the amazing things about this area in a woman’s anatomy is that this zone only grows and develops through having sex, and the more sex that is engaged in the more the area develops to the tune of hundreds of thousands of new nerve endings growing.

Another amazing thing about this non-G-spot area in a woman is that it grows and forms its nerve endings to the size shape and length of a man’s penis so as to give over time a woman more and more sexual stimulation leading to greater deeper and longer orgasms – with her husband.

So if a woman is married to man for  3, 5, or even 10  years and divorces him and moves on to another man the configuration that was grown in her vagina will have a permanent imprint of her first husbands penis, and that it will not be attuned to her new lover until years later.  I find this to be such a great attestation of one woman to one husband, and the biblical stance on divorce.

Taking this information, I believe that at the end of the day it will be discovered that the G-spot operates under the same rules, in other words one is not born with a G-spot but that the G-spot is a reward to a woman from God for having continual deep abiding sex with her husband. And that the G-spot is attuned also the size shape and length of a husband’s penis.

Companies also make a number of G-spot stimulation devices from G-spot dildo’s that have a curve built into them so that they can be made to rub against a spot along the top of the vagina about 2.5 -3.5 inches inside a woman. There are also a number of G-spot vibrators that have this same curve to achieve contact with the same area along the inside top of a woman’s vagina.

A husband can also hand stimulate the G-spot by inserting one or two fingers or more moist, and upturned fingers (If it pleases his wife). And move that finger or those fingers in a motion like you are signalling someone to come towards you.  You should stroke the G-spot softly to begin with and more earnestly and with more pressure as your wife directs you.

In the bible in the book of Ezekiel the prophet we discover that women had and used dildos, dildos that were custom made to be the size and shape of their lover’s penis.  While the passage is a rebuke of Israel and her many lovers, God does not condemn the practice here of the use of dildos.

We also have a most explicit passage in the beginning of the book of the Song of Solomon in which the woman is masturbating upon her bed, fantasising about having sex with her beloved. So much so that she orgasms all over the place and has her juices running and dripping all over her fingers.  This passage is looking at the act of full vaginal masturbation in a positive light as this woman before marriage preparing her self so that she will be a force to be reckoned with on her wedding night and ever there after.

Good sex, deep satisfying orgasmic sex is no accident, it is a developed skill among unbelievers and believers alike. And there are numerous biblical passages in both the Old and New Testaments that elude to this practicing and training up of a young woman towards the day of her marriage. 

Key passages on sex in the bible are in Genesis between Abram and Sarai, Tamar and Judah, Rebekah and Isaac, the two wives of Jacob, the book of Job, the book of Leviticus, the book of Ruth, the Song of Solomon, the book of Ecclesiastes, the book of Esther, the book of Jeremiah, the book of Ezekiel, the book of Hosea, The Gospels, The book of Corinthians, the book of 1Peter, and the book of Titus.  Some of these passages we have written about and others the Lord has opened up to us but we have not as of yet felt to write about them.  The sheer volume of these passages in the bible indicates that God not only created sex and made it for our pleasure, but that God desires for all believers to be able to plumb the depths the height and all the territory that is afforded them in sexually so as to give them long blessed and fruitful marriages.

However for over 1800 years the church has been at war with sex in the life of the believer, declaring sex is dirty filthy and corrupting. That sex is of the devil.  That any pleasure derived from sex is evil and will only corrupt a believer.  It has been taught that sex is to be resisted, it is to be done infrequent, and only vaginal sex in the missionary position is to be engaged in otherwise one has committed grievous sin against God and is in danger of the fires of hell for doing such things. And finally that married Christians can either be spiritual or have sex but one can not be or do both. 

Yet in the word of God, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, spraying one’s seed on a woman, masturbation, using dildos, having nipple rings, and having vaginal rings are all recorded in the word of God and none of these things are cast in a bad light.

It is only in the Talmud that these things are evil spoken of and so in the church once the Talmud was brought in beginning with Tertullian for the next 1800 long years those in the church have swallowed hook line and sinker all of these wholly unscriptural claims Talmudic claims about sex being evil and perverse – and have treated sex within Christian marriage with great contempt.

If these were not such a great slap in the face of God to begin with, the realization that for all these generations that none have dared search out these matters to see if they are so, and instead have blindly followed after these Talmudic doctrines and traditions of men with greater ardency and greater zeal that their following after Jesus Christ and obeying His words and commandments should send chills down ones spine, and great fear as to what is to become of all of those that walk in such abject disobedience and defiance of God in the name of such an ungodly and rebellious man made “spirituality” and “holiness”.      

And yet every day in ever church, in every fellowship, in every denomination, and in every ministry that can be named -- these exact perverse and evil doctrines and traditions are reinforced. And the women in particular are led to believe that they are so “spiritual” and so “holy” as they live in utter rebellion and contempt of their “unspiritual” or “unsaved” husbands who seemingly only want dirty and filthy sex anytime morning noon or night.  And so they defraud and withhold themselves continually while going to endless meetings and coming home late and exhausted, continually fellowshipping others and spending themselves emotionally, and even using their nightly prayer time to deny their husband sexual relations.

We repeat these thing often because we fear we are the lone voice in some of thee matters, and in repeated these things over and over we seek to pierce into the hardened hearts and souls of some that they might be delivered from the darkness that they call light.  

It has been a source of bedroom confusion for women - and men - for years. And scientists have always insisted it is a myth.

But the puzzle of the elusive G-spot is finally over.

The erogenous zone DOES exist - but only in some women.

Italian researchers say that ultrasound scans reveal anatomical differences between those who claim to have a G-spot and those who don't.

Only lucky souls with a significantly thicker patch of tissue in the right area are capable of experiencing the knee-trembling orgasmsa G-spot is said to produce.

The team, led by Emmanuele Jannini at the University of L'Aquila, found that tissue between the urethra and vagina was thickest in women who reported they had the erogenous zone.

The researchers also found tell-tale chemical markers in the area, New Scientist reports.

Dr Jannini said this had allowed his medical team to test whether a woman has a G-spot.

"For the first time it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has a G-spot or not."

Relate expert Denise Knowles welcomed the study, but said women without a G-spot should not consider themselves a "failure".

She said: "The key is to relax and explore with your partner. Finding which buttons to press is the secret, and those buttons don't necessarily have a 'G' on them."