Hear Now the Words of an Unrighteous Male Submissive



Hi --------

(Note his use of lower case in regards to himself and upper case to the Mistress he serves and in regard to other Dominants)

 i love this question and it comes up almost daily for me.

A service submissive for me (and i stress the "me") in relationship to myself as well as to my Ma'am is that i will "do for You" all that i am needed, required, and agree to do for you simply for the joy of doing for You. i don't generally want or need or expect "repayment" or reciprocation. Serving for it's own sake is very often fullfilling and rewarding enough. (He is not married and intends not to for whatever reason, yet look at this man’s unbridled love and happiness in serving this woman in every way possible.)

i called myself the worlds submissive before i fully understood what that meant. it was true. i have lived my life being of service to others in work and in my personal and private life. i have always been naturally inclined to do  for others. It not selfless, as i get a LOT from helping others. (Their happiness is his reward) And the bottom line for me is that i do not feel full or fulfilled unless i am serving.

There are many forms of service from sexual service to housekeeping. i do them all. For my Ma'am i am Her housekeeper, gardener, pool boi, sexual slave, dog groomer. my "boi do " list never stops growing. i am also pursuing a higher degree as a service to both myself and my Ma'am so that i may better be able to support myself as well as Her should She need my financial services.

And i love it.
(He does so as an unbeliever, he does so without Christ, he does so apart from the word of God. This man flat out puts to shame the greatest part of selfish self absorbed Christian husbands and wives in his devotion and dedication.)

Many say "i would never want to live that way" and yet they do live lives of service. They define it differently than i, they want to serve in different ways than i but we all serve just the same.

my experience in this life is that we all serve on some level or another. We call it different things but the bottom line is "how can i help you?" Last night i watched a Man who had just proclaimed that He was NOT into service at all, in ANY way,  He then spend three hours teaching another how to use a whip. i would certainly call that service but He didn't so....*shrug* (This man as a male submissive licks her boots in devotion, he loves to be spanked, he loves being flogged, the lash, because he is with her and his joy is based on her not himself. We would look down on this man as being a demented idiot, a dirt ball, a man that needs psychiatric help. Yet in reality he walks in exactly what we are called to in Christ. He is robbed despised beaten used as a thing and has love in his heart for his mistress.  Christ so walked as was so treated by the Pharisees and Priests and yet He loved them. He loved us while we yet were sinners, and so cared for us after we came to his feet in our sin and corruption, and continues to work with us towards the day of our entering in to personal sanctification.  We are so commanded to submit ourselves to Jesus Christ and the chastisement the reproof the correction, His yoke, and His scourgings (Physical suffering) we are commanded to embrace such, yet as “Believers” we are repelled by such things, we declare them of the devil, and if we are not willing to suffer such things FOR Christ, or FROM Christ. Is it any wonder that we are not willing then to suffer anything FROM our husbands or even our unrighteous wives by ourselves, or FOR the sake of Christ, or FOR obedience to the words of commandments of Jesus Christ.)   

Sometimes service is a delicate dance of semantics.

In leather and joy,


I tell you the truth, that in the day we stand before the judgment seat of Christ this unrighteous sinner will receive greater mercy from Christ and the Father for his selfless love and devotion to the point of what would be called reckless abandonment, than any of you born-again and Spirit-filled believers that do not so love their wives, and wives that do not so love and submit themselves to serve their husbands wishes wants and desires, as well as their reproof, correction, chastisement and even corporal punishment. 


Woe unto you stiff necked, disobedient, and arrogant children in that day.  Never have I in all of my 37 years in Christ have I heard from any Christian husband or wife express such love, such devotion, and a desire to be so abased and so  humbled by their mate.  


Consider Strongly This Unrighteous Man’s Extraordinary Words.