Gay Liberation Manifesto (1972) | 1972 | Gay Liberation Front
This would be better named: While The Sheep and Their Shepherds Slept. 

As indicated repeatedly in this manifesto, the group that initially penned this perverse list of things they sought to overthrow and war against, did not have the means to make any of these things see the light of day. Their goals here were not targeted specifically to England or the US but worldwide. They were seeking support from the news media, support from television studios and movie studios to join in a unified effort to alter the public perception of homosexuals and lesbians from being sinful, evil, against nature, and a mental disorder, to being an acceptable and legitimate alternate lifestyle. They targeted secondary education and colleges and universities the world over to be the hotbed of recruitment and activism for the movement. We will add that the list of colleges and universities included Christian colleges, seminaries and bible schools. They targeted marriage, the family, and most importantly husbands, and the paternal household,  -- which again and again, they declare is the lynchpin of all of western society which they sought also overthrow and destroy as well. They tell that they sought to create an alliance of children, and heterosexual women with all forms of media, making paternal households a mockery by it being the butt of endless jokes, and most importantly portraying husbands as unreasonable, out of touch, irrelevant, and to be ignored.  The wedge by the media driven between husbands and their wives and children specifically caused the breakup and disruption of marriage and household, as women and children began to mouth the words from sitcoms, cartoons, movies, and radical feminists which were splayed through the print media and television news media and the words of pop culture icons.  So thorough, so seamless and so complete was the media in those days, that 20 years later Pat Robertson aired many of these shows on the Christian family channel declaring them as wholesome Christian entertainment. And today even Christian sitcoms follow these very formats that were designed to attack the family, and paternal households.

Energized for change, and seeking power over their households to the exclusion of unreasonable, out of touch, irrelevant and to be ignored husbands, these women gladly threw in their support for all this change in the name of “Fairness” and in many cases brought their churches to support a vast array of new laws and federal legislation under the banner of equal rights and fairness, under the banner of political correctness and under the banner of hate speech and legislation increasing to penalties of any crimes deemed hate crimes. All of these things were done primarily to bolster the rights of homosexuals and in order to pass they were guised as having different purposes.

We need to say that all this happened with the support of women voters and Christian voter’s, had these made any strong stand against these things none of this would have been enacted. And senators and congressmen throughout even the Bible belt passed the initiatives, the legislation and created the bureaucratic agencies to see to the implementation of these things.

All of these things occurred during the watches of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Bob Mumford, and dozens of other influential church leaders of the day – none cried out a warning, none stood up against this onslaught on the charismatic and deeper life end all those who had declared themselves to be apostles and prophets uttered not a word or warning as to what was happening right before their eyes.  We have spoken repeatedly as the Lord has commanded that none of these men and their national ministries, not one of them are men of God, not one of them are men of the spirit -- they are all hirelings that have made themselves into multi-millionaires at the expense of sheep that beg to be fleeced and killed all the day long. This article is confirmation upon confirmation upon confirmation of things that God has spoken for almost four years.

Realize that the fruit of this is the coming overthrow of Europe by Muslimism and the blood of the tens of millions that will perish by starvation, war, terrorist acts, in torture and beatings, in slavery will be laid to the account in full to the watchmen that were set upon the wall that cried out not a warning  -- and all that have supported all these ministries will also be made partakers of the blood of all that shall be lost.  This is a time to weep and cry out to the Lord – who among these hirelings is sounding the trumpet? Who among these hirelings is able to speak dreams and visions from God and declare from the mouth of the Lord what is to come to pass? This is the time for repentance, it is a time of reconciliation of households it is an hour of haughty women and haughty children being reconciled to their husbands and fathers regardless of whether they are believers or unbelievers or it means being equally or unequally yoked. This is the day to try to restore in some semblance all that was lost in but a single generation.  

We have many news articles that should be reread on light of the knowledge of what is written here (and in particular the article from the ex-feminist entitled The Road to Islam) -- she is detailing what is contained in the manifesto as what has brought the whole of the EU to where it is today in only a single generation.       

One final note here this is not a call for Christian lobbying groups, Christian lobbyists, Christians sending threatening letters or hate mail liberal congressmen or Christian activists or Christian’s seeking to rule and lord it over the gentiles. All of these activities are unscriptural and against the teachings of Christ Himself concerning the activities of those who would be His disciples. Instead, it is a call to pray.

London, 1971, revised 1978


Throughout recorded history, oppressed groups have organized to claim their rights and obtain their needs. Homosexuals, who have been oppressed by physical violence and by ideological and psychological attacks at every level of social interaction, are at last becoming angry.

To you, our gay sisters and brothers, we say that you are oppressed; we intend to show you examples of the hatred and fear with which straight society relegates us to the position and treatment of sub-humans, and to explain their basis. We will show you how we can use our righteous anger to uproot the present oppressive system with its decaying and constricting ideology, and how we, together with other oppressed groups, can start to form a new order, and a liberated lifestyle, from the alternatives which we offer.

HOW We Are Oppressed


The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family. consisting of the man in charge, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as the ideal models. The very form of the family works against homosexuality.

At some point nearly all  gay people have found it difficult to cope with having the restricting images of man or woman pushed on them by their parents. It may have been from very early on, when the pressures to play with the 'right' toys, and thus prove boyishness or girlishness, drove against the child's inclinations. But for all of us this is certainly a problem by the time of adolescence, when we are expected to prove ourselves socially to our parents as members of the right sex and to start being a 'real' young man or a 'real' young woman. The tensions can be very destructive.

The fact that gay people notice they are different from other men and women in the family situation, causes them to feel ashamed, guilty and failures. How many of us have really dared by honest with our parents? How many of us have been thrown out of home? How many of us have been pressured into marriage, sent to psychiatrists, frightened into sexual inertia, ostracized, banned, emotionally destroyed-all by our parents? (They are angered, stating that they believe their numbers are diminished by parents forcing a child who is teetering on the edge of gayness into being a normal husband or wife – so by this they are declaring that the family and household with a man ruling over the household is their number one enemy of  gay society.)


Family experiences may differ widely, but in their education all children confront a common situation. (Here they identify schools as a vehicle for public social change. – and not surprisingly liberalism and the umbrella of all  these liberal organizations, not the least of them being homosexuals and lesbians – overthrow the education system – in order to create their gay utopia, much like Victorianism sought to create a feminist utopia using the schools, church ad government to forge society into their image and likeness.) Schools reflect (Can be used to re-engineer) the values of society in their formal academic curriculum, and reinforce them in their morality and discipline. Boys learn competitive ego-building sports, and have more opportunity in science, whereas girls are given emphasis on domestic subjects, needlework etc. Again, we gays were all forced into a rigid sex role, which we did not want or need. It is quite common to discipline children for behaving in any way like the opposite sex; degrading titles like 'sissy' and 'tomboy' are widely used. (So all of these were flipped in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s –but by the 2000’s the goal had not been realized and there has been an increasing public backlash against this liberalization of schools – and Liberals have not known what to do now that they are viewed as the man and the oppressor with their forced indoctrination.)

In the content of education, homosexuality is generally ignored, even where we know it exists, as in history (hence gay history is lauded) and literature (hence gay art in all forms is lauded). Even sex education, (hence gay sex teaching is mandatory in high schools and middle schools and there is a move to push it down to grade school) which has been considered a new liberal dynamic of secondary schooling, proves to be little more than an extension of Christian morality. (Schools they say in the 1970’s were used as an extension of the church – this was not true in New York State schools from which I graduated in 1976)  Homosexuality is again either ignored, or attacked with moralistic warnings and condemnations. (They are talking about the government films that were shown in the 1950’s and early 1960’s) The adolescent recognizing his or her homosexuality might (They are admitting all of this is theoretical) feel totally alone in the world, or a pathologically ship wreck.


Formal religious education is still part of everyone's schooling, (This again dates the writers to having attended public schools in the 1950’s and early 1960’s) and our whole legal structure is supposedly based on Christianity (Judea-Christian tradition of bible schools and seminaries for priests and ministers – which is true in all western civilization and the U.S. education system was started in the 1800’s by the church and modeled after it.) whose archaic and irrational teachings (Read this as bible based) support the family and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex. (So here the attack lines are drawn against the family and the church – that these have been outlined as the two greatest enemies of the gay movement and their desires of having a gay utopia –like Seattle, Washington, or Stuttgart, Germany.) Gay people have been attacked as abominable and sinful since the beginning of both Judaism and Christianity, and even if today the (Liberal) Church is playing down these strictures on homosexuality, its new ideology is that gay people are pathetic objects for sympathy.


The press, radio, television and advertising are used as reinforcements against us, and make possible the control of people's thoughts on an unprecedented scale. (Here along with the schools the media is ear marked as having great power to affect social engineering.)  Entering everyone's home, affecting everyone's life, (this is also clearly a false statement as liberals controlled the media decades before this was written – and had been engaged in social engineering towards creating greater inroads of liberalism in a decidedly conservative society.) the media controllers, all representatives of the rich, male-controlled world, can exaggerate or suppress whatever information suits them.

Under different circumstances, (Under our rule or by our making them our ally) the media might not be the weapon of a small minority. The present controllers are therefore dedicated defenders of things as they stand. Accordingly, the images of people which they transmit in their pictures and words do not subvert, but support society's image of 'normal' man and woman. It follows that we are characterized as scandalous, obscene perverts; as rampant, wild sex-monsters; as pathetic, doomed and compulsive degenerates; while the truth is blanketed under a conspiracy of silence. (Here is defined the change in news reporting – we call this today “political correctness” so that the race, religion or sexual preference is hidden as to cover the perpetrators – in Europe how  this political correctness now covers the Muslims as they overthrow the whole region – this is reported on this site by two news articles from European ex-feminists that are terrified out of their minds by what they see that is going to come to pass shortly to their entire sisterhood.


(This is directly the call to what we now term as Political Correctness – the crime of crimes, that unless undone will lead to imprisonment and execution – arrests and court cases and imprisonment already occurs for this in Europe and Canada. ) Anti-homosexual morality and ideology, at every level of society, manifest themselves in a special vocabulary for denigrating gay people. There is abuse like 'pansy', 'fairy', 'lesbo' to hurl at men and women who can't or won't fit stereotyped preconceptions. There are words like 'sick', 'bent' and 'neurotic' for destroying the credence of gay people. But there are no positive words. The ideological intent of our language makes it very clear that the generation of words and meanings is, at the moment, in the hands of the enemy. And that so many gay people pretend to be straight, and call each other 'butch dykes' or 'screaming queens’ only makes that fact the more real.

The verbal attack on men and women, who do not behave as they are supposed to, reflects the ideology of masculine superiority. A man who behaves like a woman is seen as losing something, and a woman who behaves like a man is put down for threatening men's environment of their privileges.


(All of this was legislated  -- as a later extension of the civil rights laws of 1964 ) If our upbringing so often produces guilt and shame, the experience of an adult gay person is oppressive in every aspect. In their work situation, gay people face the ordeal of spending up to fifty years of their lives confronted with the anti-homosexual hostility of their fellow employees.

A direct consequence of the fact that virtually all employers are highly privileged heterosexual men, is that there are some fields of work which are closed to gay people, and others which they feel some compulsion to enter. A result of this control for gay women is that they are perceived as a threat in the man's world. They have none of the sexual ties of dependence to men, which make most women accept men as their 'superiors'. They are less likely to have the bind of children, and so there is nothing to stop them showing that they are as capable as any man, and thus deflating the man's ego, and exposing the myth that only men can cope with important jobs.

We are excluded from many jobs in high places where being married is the respectable guarantee, but being homosexual apparently makes us unstable, unreliable security risks. Neither, for example, are we allowed the job of teaching children, because we are all reckoned to be compulsive, child molesting maniacs.

There are thousands of examples of people having lost their jobs due to it becoming known that they were gay, though employers usually contrive all manner of spurious reasons.

There occurs, on the other hand, in certain jobs, such a concentration of gay people as to make an occupational ghetto. This happens, for women, in the forces, ambulance driving, and other uniformed occupations: and for men, in the fashion, entertainment and theatrical professions, all cases where the roles of 'man' and 'woman' can perhaps be undermined or overlooked [note: last phrase unclear in copy used for HTML]


(In this area of local laws they have not had a grand rollback of laws as they have desired – as elected officials have not seen things their way except in the most liberal cities and counties.) If you live in Scotland or Ireland; if you are under 21, or over 21 but having sex with someone under 21; if you are in the armed forces or the merchant navy; if you have sex with more than one other person at the same time-and you are a gay male, you are breaking the law

The 1967 Sexual Offences Act gave a limited license to adult gay men. Common law however can restrict us from talking about and publicising both male and female homosexuality by classing it as 'immoral'. Beyond this there are a whole series of specific minor offences. Although 'the act' is not illegal, asking someone to go to bed with you can be classed as 'importuning for an immoral act', and kissing in public is classed as 'public indecency'

Even if you do not get into trouble, you will find yourself hampered by the application of the law in your efforts to set up home together, to raise children, and to express your love as freely as straight people may do.

The practice of the police in 'enforcing' the law makes sure that cottagers and cruisers will be zealously hunted, while queer-bashers may be apprehended, half-heartedly after the event.


(Here they have gained police and judicial protections) On 25 September 1969 a man walked onto Wimbledon Common. We know the common to be a popular cruising ground, and believe the man to have been one of our gay brothers. Whether or not this is the case, the man was set upon by a group of youths from a nearby housing estate, and literally battered to death with clubs and boots. Afterwards, a boy from the same estate said: 'When you're hitting a queer, you don't think you're doing wrong. You think you're doing good. If you want money off a queer, you can get it off him-there's nothing to be scared of from the law, cause you know they won't go to the law'. (Sunday Times, 7/21/1971).

Since that time, another man has been similarly murdered on Hampstead Heath. But murder is only the most extreme form of violence to which we are exposed, not having the effective rights of protection. Most frequently we are 'rolled' for our money, or just beaten up: and this happens to butch looking women in some districts.


(In this field they have only had partial success as people can be and are still being treated for Homosexuality and other errant behaviors) One way of oppressing people and preventing them getting too angry about it is to convince them, and everyone else, that they are sick. There has hence arisen a body of psychiatric 'theory' and 'therapy' to deal with the 'problems' and 'treatment' of homosexuality.

Bearing in mind what we have so far described, it is quite understandable that gay people get depressed and paranoid; but it is also, of course, part of the scheme that gay people should retreat to psychiatrists in times of troubles.

Operating as they do on the basis of social convention and prejudice, NOT scientific truth, mainstream psychiatrists accept society's prevailing view that the male and female sex roles are 'good' and 'normal', and try to adjust people to them. If that fails, patients are told to 'accept themselves' as 'deviant'. For the psychiatrist to state that homosexuality was perfectly valid and satisfying, and that the hang-up was society's inability to accept that fact, would result in the loss of a large proportion of his patients.

Psychiatric 'treatment' can take the form either of mindbending 'psychotherapy', or of aversion therapy which operates on the crude conditioning theory that if you hit a person hard enough, he'll do what you want. Another form of 'therapy' is chemically induced castration, and there is a further form of 'treatment' which consists in erasing part of the brain, with the intent (usually successful) of making the subject an asexual vegetable.

This 'therapy' is not the source of the psychiatrist's power, however. Their social power stems from the facile and dangerous arguments by which they contrive to justify the prejudice that homosexuality is bad or unfortunate, and to mount this fundamental attack upon our right to do as we think best. In this respect, there is little difference between the psychiatrist who says: 'From statistics we can show that homosexuality is connected with madness', and the one who says: 'Homosexuality is unfortunate because it is socially rejected'. The former is a dangerous idiot-he cannot see that it is society which drives gay people mad. The second is a pig because he does see this, but sides consciously with the oppressors.

That psychiatrists command such credence and such income is surprising if we remember the hysterical disagreements of theory and practice in their field, and the fact that in formulating their opinions, they rarely consult gay people. In fact, so far as is possible, they avoid talking to them at all, because they know that such confrontation would wreck their theories.

(We will translate this as though Homosexuals call themselves “ gay” they are in fact the most miserable people on earth. They have the highest suicide rates statistically, they hate themselves, recent articles indicate they are seeking unprotected sex with gays infected with aids and HIV to add a thrill to a lifestyle that they so hate and loathe. –   In an article we discuss extensively being created in God’s image and likeness and having God’s very breath in us that speaks to unregenerate men concerning their sin and righteousness and the judgment. John the apostle declares this, in that the light has shined unto every man born in this world – so that these men and women are tormented by the voice of God within them which they cannot destroy or remove from their ear.) The ultimate success of all forms of oppression is our self-oppression. Self-oppression is achieved when the gay person has adopted and internalized straight people's definition of what is good and bad. (They do not know the half of it.) Self-oppression is saying: 'When you come down to it, we are abnormal'. Or doing what you most need and want to do, but with a sense of shame and loathing, or in a state of disassociation, pretending it isn't happening; cruising or cottaging not because you enjoy it, but because you're afraid of anything less anonymous. Self-oppression is saying: 'I accept what I am', and meaning: 'I accept that what I am is second-best and rather pathetic'. Self-oppression is any other kind of apology: 'We've been living together for ten years and all our married friends know about us and think we're just the same as them'. Why? You're not.

Self-oppression is the dolly lesbian who says: 'I can't stand those butch types who look like truck drivers'; the virile gay man who shakes his head at the thought of 'those pathetic queens'. This is self-oppression because it's just another way of saying: 'I'm a nice normal gay. Just like an attractive heterosexual'.

The ultimate in self-oppression is to avoid confronting straight society, and thereby provoking further hostility: Self-oppression is saying, and believing: 'I am not oppressed'.

WHY we're oppressed

Gay people are oppressed. As we've just shown, we face the prejudice, hostility and violence of straight society, and the opportunities open to us in work and leisure are restricted, compared with those of straight people. Shouldn't we demand reforms that will give us tolerance and equality? certainly we should-in a liberal-democratic society, legal equality and protection from attack are the very least we should ask for. They are our civil rights.  (And under civil rights they freighted all this in – right under the nose of churches and church leaders of the day.  And without church support they would not have been granted minority status and being made super citizens with rights and privileges above all regular citizens.)

But gay liberation does not just mean reforms. It means a revolutionary change in our whole society. Is this really necessary? Isn't it hard enough for us to win reforms within the present society, and how will we engage (how will we get the straights and church people to give us these rights?) the support of straight people if we get ourselves branded as revolutionaries?

Reforms may makes things better for a while; changes in the law can make straight people a little less hostile, a little more tolerant-but reform cannot change the deep-down attitude of straight people that homosexuality is at best inferior to their own way of life, at worst a sickening perversion. It will take more than reforms to change this attitude, because it is rooted in our society's most basic institution-the Patriarchal Family.

We've all been brought up to believe that the family is the source of our happiness and comfort. (What a novel thought – Even the church is losing sight of this altogether today)  But look at the family more closely. Within the small family unit, in which the dominant man and submissive woman bring up their children in their own image, (the Church has all but lost this today –this now is part of what the church must contend for, which was once delivered unto the saints.) all our attitudes towards sexuality are learned at a very early age. (The reason they seek to reach out and pervert younger and younger children. [Kindergarten Preschool and Day care are the goals of these liberal umbrella groups] for despite all their best efforts conservative and clean and sober kids are still the great majority of what come out of high schools today.) Almost before we can talk, certainly before we can think for ourselves, we are taught that there are certain attributes that are 'feminine' and other that are 'masculine', and that they are God-given and unchangeable. Beliefs learned so young are very hard to change; but in fact these are false beliefs. (This even failed with a child of liberal socialist parents that had his penis cut off and was raised as a girl in dresses and with dolls, he grew up three or so years ago, hating his parents and has since gotten married. Also in feminism for the last 2-3 years they openly admit they have utterly failed in their goals as women and want babies and families and are in increasing numbers abandoning the corporate work place for family life.)  What we are taught about the differences between man and woman is propaganda, not truth. (This is a case of a person pushing its own psychosis on others

The truth is that there are no proven systematic differences between male and female, (Time magazine has now published several articles scientifically stating internal and mental differences between men and women – the media is rife with articles on all the studies and data that has been amassed on this question.)  apart from the obvious biological ones. Male and female genitals and reproductive systems are different, and so are certain other physical characteristics, but all differences of temperament, aptitudes and so on, are the result of upbringing and social pressures. They are not inborn.

Human beings could be much more various than our constricted patterns of 'masculine' and 'feminine' permit-we should be free to develop with greater individuality. But as things are at present, there are only these two stereotyped roles into which everyone is supposed to fit, and most people-including gay people too-are apt to be alarmed when they hear these stereotypes or gender roles attacked, fearing that children 'won't know how to grow up if they have no one to identify with', or that 'everyone will be the same', i.e. that there will be either utter chaos or total conformity. There would in fact be a greater variety of models and more freedom for experimentation, but there is no reason to suppose this will lead to chaos. (We also mention that all attempts to prove gayness is in the genes rather than being a learned behavior have to date come up dry – because of political correctness the source of gay behavior is ignored which is childhood homosexual rape and Homosexual incest by family and relatives on small children and in most cases these acts occur during childcare, sleepovers, or events that are unsupervised by the child’s mother and father.)     

By our very existence as gay people, we challenge these roles. it can easily be seen that homosexuals don't fit into the stereotypes of masculine and feminine, and this is one of the main reasons why we become the object of suspicion, since everyone is taught that these and only these two roles are appropriate.

Our entire society is built around the patriarchal family and its enshrinement of these masculine and feminine roles. (Here gay people recognize society is built on households with patriarchal families and as said before submitted wives – we ask again how is it that the church, bible believing churches and spirit filled churches do not so plainly see this. So would respond here oh but they do, then why then is not the house and the husband extolled as the cornerstone for the church [And here we do not diminish Christ for he is elsewhere declared as the capstone] What we are getting at is the church household that is preached in every way shape and form is matriarchal  -- which is in conflict to said doctrinal stance where it is still preached on occasion. ) Religion, popular morality art, literature and sport all reinforce these stereotypes. In other words, this society is a sexist society, (Here they redefine this word to make it say what they want it to mean rather than what it actually means) in which one's biological sex determines almost all of what one does and how one does it; a situation in which men are privileged, and women are mere adjuncts of men and objects for their use, both sexually and otherwise.

Since all children are taught so young that boys should be aggressive and adventurous, girls passive and pliant, most children do tend to behave in these ways as they get older, and to believe that other people should do so too. (Repeat the data and studies are now out and this self-serving rhetoric is now only that.)

So sexism does not just oppose gay people, but all women as well. It is assumed that because women bear children they should and must rear them, and be simultaneously excluded from all other spheres of achievement. (One can see how women in the1970’s and the church so easily bought into these arguments and swallowed them hook line and sinker –but after 30 something years – they finally saw through all of this garbage – And since then in increasing numbers have voted with their feet against living someone else’s dreams and aspirations for them In the church the sheep still in large numbers live the dreams and desires of their pastors and ministries  -- and have yet to vote with their feet and come into the dreams and desires that God has for them and their households individually.)

However, as the indoctrination of the small child with these attitudes is not always entirely successful (As there always have been people that fall into great sin beginning with Eve and then after the fall Cain, and Judas despite all that he saw and heard from Christ’s mouth, and the Apostles and ministries that John the apostles declares they went out from us but they were not of us – for if they had been of us then they would have continued in our teachings. Paul calls this the mystery of iniquity.)  the ideas taken in by the young child almost unconsciously must be reinforced in the older child and teenager by a consciously expressed male chauvinism: the ideological expression of masculine superiority. (Here I can only address the flaws in the church, this attitude of male superiority was not taught by Christ –Rather Christ taught that his disciples were to be the servant  -- this has been set on its head throughout church history.)               Male chauvinism is not hatred of women, but male chauvinists accept women only on the basis that they are in fact lesser beings. (Gotta love this, because it is take straight out of the Talmud and Koran, but not from the bible) It is an expression of male power (Rulership on the other hand is biblical : And he shall rule over thee ) and male privilege, (I am not aware of all this male only privilege in the bible.) and while it's quite possible for a gay man to be a male chauvinist, his very existence does also challenge male chauvinism in so far as he rejects his male supremacist role over women, and perhaps (The author admits here he is unsure of this one. – Gays flat out do not reject being male or masculine or else they would not have sex. as such acts would betray their being neuters.  Neither do gays in their pursuit of not being male or masculine seek castration. So also in the gay community they have masculine and feminine gays called in their own terms pitchers and catchers. Sexual and physical abuse between these are rampant but due to political correctness actual figures on this violence and crimes are not publicly disseminated) particularly if he rejects 'masculine' qualities.

It is because of the patriarchal family that reforms are not enough. Freedom for gay people will never be permanently won until everyone is freed from sexist role-playing and the straightjacket of sexist rules about our sexuality. And we will not be freed from these so long as each succeeding generation is brought up in the same old sexist way in the Patriarchal family.

But why can't we just change the way in which children are brought up without attempting to transform the whole fabric of society? (So the writer declares we much change the entire fabric of society to give way to our utopian society.  -- We the gays must oppress all straight society who are the many (85 90%) so that we the few (10-15%) as homosexual overlords will have them conform and cater themselves to our lifestyle.)

Because sexism (Can we call this Gay Liberation Manifesto sexist elitism and oppressive) is not just an accident-it is an essential part of our present society, (No more than we can call Sodom and Gomorrah an accident in the Old Testament)  and cannot be changed without the whole society changing with it. (Without them passing laws and legislation and submitting themselves to political correctness) In the first place, our society is dominated at every level by men, who have an interest in preserving the status quo; secondly, the present system of workplace and production depends on the existence of the patriarchal family. Conservative sociologists have pointed out that the small family unit of two parents and their children is essential in our contemporary advanced industrial family where work is minutely subdivided and highly regulated-in other words, for the majority very boring. A man would not work at the assembly line if he had no wife and family to support; he would not give himself fully to his work without the supportive and reassuring little group ready to follow him about and gear itself to his needs, to put up with his ill temper when he is frustrated or put down by the boss at work. (We see here more and more of all the things that Christians and church leaders had to support change for. – and we will say here that the guilt of Christians and churches supporting all these things thought either supporting congressmen and legislation for these things directly or by ignoring these things altogether and letting them pass through gives them as much blame before God as the people who wrote these things.)

Were it not also for the captive wife, educated by advertising and everything she reads into believing (Here these homosexuals betray themselves as hate filled elitists, declaring that straight women are idiots and utterly stupid) that she needs ever more new goodies for the home, for her own beautification and for the children’s well-being, our economic system could not function properly, depending as it does on people buying far more manufactured goods than they need. The housewife, obsessed with the ownership of as many material goods as possible, (This statement is by their own terms utterly elitist and sexist and prejudiced, suggesting that all that a woman has to do is see something on a TV and she has to run out to buy it.  To begin with most women in the US and around the world don’t have this kind of disposable income. – Only families of wealth and privilege have his kind of money [This is a statement to the upbringing of the writer and his cohorts.]) is the agent of this high level of spending. None of these goods will ever satisfy her, since there is always something better to be had, and the surplus of these pseudo 'necessities' goes hand in hand with the absence of genuinely necessary goods and services, such as adequate housing and schools. (This is a statement against capitalism the second in this manifesto – belaying that the writers were either British socialists or communists. The idea they are portraying here is that they hate all of western society.  Not just God, the bible, and the church, but all of it. We spoke these very things by the spirit in half a dozen articles – and here the Lord has sent us over the transom this document to confirm abundantly and above, all that He has so graciously spoken. – I am nothing. I only see and hear and seek to accurately record what the Lord speaks.)

The ethic and ideology of our culture has been conveniently summed up by the enemy. (The enemy being: God, The bible, The patriarchal household, and The Church. Again they belay their lies that they have given up any of their maleness or masculinity for these homosexuals state here that they seek out to dominate their enemies. In 1975 I came to know a young Jewish man named Jay from Coop City, New York who had been a member of a gang of Homosexuals and his job had been “a recruiter” for them, and he went around with others beating up candidates and inducting them in the gang. He had knife scars on his hands and his face. The man got powerfully saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. His Jewish family disowned him and held a funeral for him. He later when to bible school got married and became a preacher – he was one of the most vibrant believers I have ever known.) Here is a quotation, intended quite seriously, from an American psychiatric primer. The author, Dr. Fred Brown, states: Our values in Western civilization are founded upon the sanctity of the family, the right to property, and the worthwhileness of 'getting ahead ' The family can be established only through heterosexual intercourse, and this gives the woman a high value. Property acquisition and worldly success are viewed as distinctly masculine aims.(But these are not socialist or communist aims –how enraged and betrayed these people became when the Berlin wall fell and Russia became a westernized nation and how bad they felt when China became capitalist. The writers of this became truly orphans without a home. ) The individual who is outwardly masculine but appears to fall into the feminine class by reason . . . of his preference (First use of this word here the argument of preference has been an utter fallacy. For if preference were the case then there should be by virtue of divorce a vast, vast amount of divorced men not getting any sex with women that would have a change of preference as one would assume the fishing would be a little better.  It is the same with smoking. How many 30 year olds or 50 year olds that have never smoked in their life just pick up a pack and light up? Almost none - both are learned in early childhood and the writer here fully knows this for he has eluded seeking to gain influence over small children in the education sector repeatedly.)  for other men (Homosexuals) deny these values of our civilization. In denying them he (This Doctor) belittles those goals (Of Homosexuals) which carry weight and much emotional coloring in our society (In the Arts) and thereby earns the hostility (Again an evil male and masculine trait as defined by the writer) of those (Homosexuals) to whom these values are of great importance. (So because of this writer’s words, this gives these Homosexuals the right to take a wrecking ball on all of western society Note the quote was not kill all gays, arrest all gays, castrate all the gays or send all gays to the asylums. The quote was: Our values in Western civilization are founded upon the sanctity of the family, -- The family can be established only through heterosexual intercourse.  What in this has this socialist homosexual so exercised that he wants to destroy everything? It is the declaration by this doctor of: The Holiness of the family, and this holiness being manifested through heterosexual sex between a husband and wife in that household that holds together western civilization. – This is what the writer is so exercised about and why he wants to cause it all to cease. 

We agree with his description of our society and its values-but we reach a different conclusion. We (Socialist and communist) gay men and women do deny these values of our civilization. We believe that the society Dr. Brown describes is an evil society.  (The writer is stating here that in his twisted view a society of husbands loving their wives and their raising a family of loved children is evil.) We believe that work in an advanced industrial society could be organised on more humane lines, with each job more varied and more pleasurable, and that the way society is at present organized operates in the interests of a small ruling group of straight men (And they are proposing that an infinitesimal group of militant homosexual men take their place and become the ones) who claim most of the status and money, and not in the interests of the people as a whole. We also believe that our economic resources (Read this as what we have come to know as the worldwide Green Party platform. This may help to explain some the linkage between all these liberal umbrella groups. For much of them are one and the same.) could be used in a much more valuable and constructive way than they are at the moment-but that will not happen until the present pattern of male dominance in our society changes too.

That is why any reforms we might painfully exact from our rulers would only be fragile and vulnerable; that is why we, along with the women's movement, must fight for something more than reform. We must aim at the abolition of the family, so that the sexist, male supremacist system can no longer be nurtured there.


Yet although this struggle will be hard, and our victories not easily won, we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family and the cultural distinctions between men and women. True, these have been with us throughout history, yet humanity is at last in a position where we can progress beyond this.

Only reactionaries and conservatives believe in the idea of 'natural man'. Just what is so different in human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom is their 'unnaturalness'. Civilization is in fact our evolution away from the limitations of the natural environment and towards its ever more complex control. It is not 'natural' to travel in planes. It is not 'natural' to take medicines and perform operations. Clothing and shoes do not grow on trees. Animals do not cook their food. This evolution is made possible by the development of technology-i.e. all those tools and skills which help us to control the natural environment. (More stuff that later turned up in the militant environmental movement. – one can use this to follow the trail to everywhere these people are hiding themselves in society today)

We have now reached a stage at which the human body itself, and even the reproduction of the species, is being 'unnaturally' interfered with (i.e. improved) by technology. Reproduction used to be left completely to the uncontrolled biological processes inherited from our animal ancestors, but modern science, by drastically lowering infant mortality, has made it unnecessary for women to have more than two or three babies, (Population limitation) while contraceptives have made possible the conscious control of pregnancy and the freeing of sexuality from reproduction. (Contraception, abortion) Today, further advances are on the point of making it possible for women to be completely liberated from their biology by means of the development of artificial wombs. Women need no longer by burdened with the production of children as their main task in life. and need be still less in the future (This was one of their biggest dreams – the elimination of men from sex altogether. And don’t think a concerted effort was made towards this goal. – How much sci-fi has  promoted and lauded this very thing? Sci-fi has been used to promote many causes, and create an outcry for many things over the last 40 years. But this was another total dry hole. Let me also say here that a lot of things were created towards the preparation of this, not the least which was sperm banks and female egg harvesting.)   

The present gender-role system of 'masculine' and 'feminine' is based on the way that reproduction was originally organized. (By God!!!) Men's freedom from the prolonged physical burden of bearing children gave them a privileged position (Or rather the position to get food by the sweat of their brow to feed yonr wife and to keep a roof over yonr wife’s head that she might bear healthy offspring) which was then reinforced by an ideology of male superiority. (No, this was reinforced by the fall of man) But technology has now advanced to a stage at which the gender-role system is no longer necessary. (No, this gender role is necessary to perpetuate, after birth, something called the household –a strange manifestation of a stable society, that builds love, unity, trust and protection to all those who partake of it.)

However, social evolution does not automatically take place with the steady advance of technology, The gender-role system and the family unit built around it will not disappear just because they have ceased to be necessary. The sexist culture gives straight men privileges, which, like those of any privileged class, will not be surrendered without a struggle, so that all of us who are oppressed by this culture, must band together to fight it. The end of the sexist culture and of the family will benefit all women, (Here The writer is addressing the culture of divorce which to their delight not only engulfed the house of the unsaved in western society, but unexpectedly jumped the firewall, a firewall that should have been in place between the church and the world but wasn’t.  In that day in the early 1980’s these militant socialist homosexuals and their lesbian counterparts must have danced in the streets and cried aloud in joyous contempt for the better part of a year.)  and gay people. We must work together with women, since their oppression is our oppression, and by working together we can advance the day of our common liberation.


In the final section we shall outline some of the practical steps gay liberation will take to make this revolution. But linked with this struggle to change society there is an important aspect of gay liberation that we can begin to build here and now- a NEW, LIBERATED LIFE-STYLE which will anticipate, as far as possible, the free society of the future.

Gay shows the way. In some ways we are already more advanced than straight people. We are already outside the family (The wolf dressed in feminist clothes) and we have already, in part at least, rejected the 'masculine' or 'feminine' roles society has designed for us. In a society dominated by the sexist culture it is very difficult, if not impossible, for heterosexual men and women to escape their rigid gender-role structuring and the roles of oppressor and oppressed. But gay men don't need to oppress women in order to fulfill their own psycho-sexual needs, and gay women don't have to relate sexually to the male oppressor, so that at this moment in time, the freest and most equal relationships are most likely to be between homosexuals.

But because the sexist culture has oppressed us and distorted our lives too, this is not always achieved. In our mistaken, placating efforts to be accepted and tolerated, we've too often submitted to the pressures to conform to the straightjacket of society's rules and hang ups about sex.

Particularly oppressive aspects of gay society are the Youth Cult, Butch and Femme role-playing, and Compulsive Monogamy. (This would be called today the issue of Gay Marriage in 1971-72 they in no way envisioned the need for gay marriage and in this manifesto they describe a life style of dogs in heat moving from one mate to another as being satisfactory – so we see in this that the gay marriage issue is little more than a legal maneuver to change law to let gay couples or in reality “stated gay couples” having removed from them the being single tax penalty and the being single health care penalty to add to the perks of “Being Gay” probably in hopes that singles, when the door is flung open, will lie and take advantage of these things in order to give the homosexual community more political clout.)

THE YOUTH CULT. Straight women are the most exposed in our society to the commercially manipulated (Again this is a declaration of this Homosexual’s belief that straight women are idiots and the more stupid people on earth) cult of youth and 'beauty'- i.e. the conformity to an ideal of 'sexiness' and 'femininity' (This is funny stuff. The idea that these non-male and non-masculine men are worried or troubled by the sexiness or femininity of straight women.)  imposed from without, not chosen by women themselves. Women are encouraged to look into the mirror and love themselves because an obsession with clothes and cosmetics dulls their appreciation of where they're really at . . . until it's too late. (Oh the horror! Oh the pain and agony!! – So this army of militant non-male and non-masculine homosexual men are now going to rush in and save all the straight women from this fate worse than death.—Note here that there has not been a single word of this army of militant non-male and non-masculine homosexual men rushing to and save their Youth Cult, Butch lesbian sisters. I perceive somewhat of an attraction problem here. And let me remark that over the past three decades in all cases the homosexual men I have encountered in the work place, in businesses, and in parks and malls etc., have in my sight universally hung out with young pretty straight women. And at my questioning these homosexual men get off on the attention and interaction they receive from these women – they are having emotional relations with them. Samson speaks of these emotional relations between his wife and the men of her village as they are plowing his wife -- having adultery with his wife. Changing the subject a little Christian women and those in particular who feel there are unequally yoked plow with other husbands or singles all the time in the name of fellowshipping in the Lord and in so doing laugh and joke and banter – as they never do with their unequally yoked partner instead giving them their personal ire. God is not fooled by this behavior, and He is not taken by all the prayer meetings bible studies and church services these plow women or plow men attend. This is what Christ meant by No man that looketh back from plowing is worthy of the kingdom.)  

 The sight of an old woman bedizened with layers of make-up, her hair tortured into artificial turrets, provokes ridicule on all sides.(Here again we see this army of militant non-male and non-masculine homosexual men seeing and noticing things about even elderly straight women that they want to come to rush and defend. This emerging pattern attests to the true intent of these militant homosexuals that they are actually in competition with straight men for straight women.) Yet this grotesque denial of physical aging is merely the logical conclusion to the life of a woman who has been taught that her value lies primarily in her degree of sexual attractiveness. (This is actually a statement that Homosexual men would be more faithful lovers because they are not into outward beauty, as straight men are.  And how they would never put a woman through all of the time and waste of money to do such things. – Women in many cases more for themselves than for their husband seek to look good.  And so they preen, primp, and pretty themselves, and nowhere is this more apparent than prior to a church service as these women enter one by one and oh and ah about each others hair and clothes.)    

Gay women, like straight men, are rather less into the compulsive search for youth, perhaps because part of their rebellion has been the rejection of themselves as sex objects-like men they see themselves as people; as subjects rather than objects. (And this is why gay men are not attracted to them.) But gay men are very apt to fall victim to the cult of youth (Thus the attraction to “pretty straight women” and other “pretty boys”) -those sexual parades in the 'glamorous' meat-rack bars of London and New York, those gay beaches of the South of France and Los Angeles haven't anything to do with liberation. Those are the hang-outs of the plastic gays who are obsessed with image and appearance. In love with their own bodies, these gay men dread the approach of age, because to be old is to be 'ugly', and with aging they lose also the right to love and be loved, and are valued only if they can pay. This obsession with youth is destructive. We must all get away from the false commercial standards of 'beauty' imposed on us by movie moguls and advertising firms, because the youth/beauty hang-up sets us against one another in a frenzied competition for attention, and leads in the end to an obsession with self which is death to real affection or real sensual love. Some gay men have spent so much time staring at themselves in the mirror that they've become hypnotised by their own magnificence and have ended up by being made unable to see anyone else (The author is suggesting here that these look down on any of less beauty than themselves and will not touch them. – so we get some insight into the twisted personal vanity of homosexuals and at the same time their loathing hatred of what they have become, and what they do. These people are filled with torment hence their rage in particular against white heterosexual males because they secretly want in their heart to be them.   

BUTCH AND FEMME. (We will forgo any comment on this as this has already been addressed in many ways) Many gay men and women needlessly restrict their lives by compulsive role playing. They may restrict their own sexual behaviour by feeling that they must always take either a butch or a femme role, and worse, these roles are transposed to make even more distorting patterns in general social relationships. We gay men and women are outside the gender-role system anyway, and therefore it isn't surprising if some of us -of either sex-are more 'masculine' and others more 'feminine'. There is nothing wrong with this. What is bad is when gay people try to impose on themselves and on one another the masculine and feminine stereotypes of straight society, the butch seeking to expand his ego by dominating his/her partner's life and freedom, and the femme seeking protection by submitting to the butch. Butch really is bad-the oppression of others is an essential part of the masculine gender role. We must make gay men and women who lay claim to the privileges of straight males understand what they are doing; and those gay men and women who are caught up in the femme role must realise, as straight women increasingly do, that any security this brings is more than offset by their loss of freedom

COMPULSIVE MONOGAMY. We do not deny that it is as possible for gay couples as for some straight couples to live happily and constructively together. We question however as an ideal, the finding and settling down eternally with one 'right' partner. This is the blueprint of the straight world, which gay people have taken over. It is inevitably a parody, since they haven't even the justification of straight couples-the need to provide a stable environment for their children (though in any case we believe that the suffocating small family unit is by no means the best atmosphere for bringing up children.

Monogamy is usually based on ownership-the woman sells her services to the man in return for security for herself and her children-and is entirely bound up in the man's idea of property furthermore in our society the monogamous couple, with or without children, is an isolated, shut-in, up-tight unit, suspicious of and hostile to outsiders.  (Other than the “selling her services” barb this is exactly what these homosexual men crave and can not find in their wandering vagabond relationships. And as stated above they are angry and frustrated because their beauty fades and as they become older and uglier they end up with nothing –no wife, no closeness, no security and no offspring.) And though we don't lay down rules or tell gay people how they should behave in bed or in their relationships, we do want them to question society's blueprint for the couple. The blueprint says 'we two against the world', (The center of the bible is the household which is comprised of husband, wife and children and all whom the Lord sends to be a part of that household. [This is the tabernacle], And the center of the household is the husband and wife [And this is the Holy Place] And the center of the husband and wife is their relations on the martial bed. [And this is the Holy of Holies]) that can be protective and comforting. But it can also be suffocating, (to those that so hate what they become and what they do) leading to neurotic dependence and underlying hostility, (The hate leaks out and is taken out on one another) the emotional dishonesty of staying in the comfy safety of the home and garden, the security and narrowness of the life built for two, with the secret guilt of fancying someone (their eyes are ever roving) else while remaining in thrall to the idea that true love lasts a lifetime-as though there were a ration of relationships, and to want more than one were greedy. Not that sexual fidelity is necessarily wrong; what is wrong is the inturned emotional exclusiveness of the couple which students the partners so they can no longer operate at all as independent beings in society. People need a variety of relationships in order to develop and grow, and to learn about other human beings.

It is especially important for gay people to stop copying straight-we are the ones who have the best opportunities to create a new lifestyle and if we don't, no one else will. Also, we need one another more than straight people do, because we are equals suffering under an insidious oppression from a society too primitive to come to terms with the freedom we represent. Singly, or isolated in couples, we are weak-the way society wants us to be. Society cannot put us down so easily if we fuse together. We have to get together, understand one another, live together.

Two ways we can do this are by developing consciousness-raising groups and gay communes.

Our gay communes and collectives must not be mere convenient living arrangements or worse, just extensions of the gay ghetto. (Here we finally discover what the writer’s definition of a homosexual utopia is.) They must be a focus of consciousness-raising lie, raising or increasing our awareness of our real oppression} and of gay liberation activity, a new focal point for members of the gay community. It won't be easy, because this society is hostile to communal living. And besides the practical hang-ups of finding money and a place large enough for a collective to live in, there are our own personal hang-ups: we have to change our attitudes to our personal property, to our lovers, to our day-to-day priorities in work and leisure, even to our need for privacy.

But victory will come. If we're convinced of the importance of the new life-style, we can be strong and we can win through.

AIMS  (One more long yawn on them wanting to destroy all family, all paternal marriage, the bible, God, Churches, and believers, so they can get all the straight women, along with their neighborhood collectives.)

The long-term goal of Gay Liberation, which inevitably brings us into conflict with the institutionalised sexism of this society, is to rid society of the gender-role system, which is at the root of our oppression. This can only be achieved by eliminating the social pressures on men and women to conform to narrowly defined gender roles. It is particularly important that children and young people be encouraged (To be Homosexuals – so the collective will remain full, because if the influx ceases or decreases there will be trouble in utopia.) to develop their own talents and interests and to express their own individuality rather than act out stereotyped parts alien to their nature. (This is happening at Junior High School and High School levels – the push is to get this in grade school as the success rate is not at all what they have hoped.)

As we cannot carry out this revolutionary change alone, and as the abolition of gender rotes is also a necessary condition of women's liberation, we will work to form a strategic alliance with the women's liberation movement, aiming to develop our ideas and our practice in close inter-relation. In order to build this alliance, the brothers in gay liberation will have to be prepared to sacrifice that degree of male chauvinism and male privilege that they still all possess.

To achieve our long term goal will take many years, perhaps decades. But attitudes to the appropriate place of men and women in our society are changing rapidly, particularly the belief in the subordinate place for women. Modern conditions are placing increasing strain on the small nuclear family containing one adult male and one adult female with narrowly defined roles and bound together for life.

The way forward


The starting point of our liberation must be to rid ourselves of the oppression which lies in the head of every one of us. This means freeing our heads from self oppression and male chauvinism, and no longer organizing our lives according to the patterns with which we are indoctrinated by straight society. It means that we must root out the idea that homosexuality is bad, sick or immoral, and develop a gay pride. In order to survive, most of us have either knuckled under to pretend that no oppression exists, and the result of this has been further to distort our heads. Within gay liberation, a number of consciousness-raising groups have already developed, in which we try to understand our oppression and learn new ways of thinking and behaving. The aim is to step outside the experience permitted by straight society, and to learn to love and trust one another. This is the precondition for acting and struggling together.

By freeing our heads we get the confidence to come out publicly and proudly as gay people, and to win over our gay brothers and sisters to the ideas of gay liberation.

CAMPAIGN Before we can create the new society of the future, we have to defend our interests as gay people here and now against all forms of oppression and victimization. We have therefore drawn up the following list of immediate demands.

* that all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end. * that all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feelings are perfectly valid. * that sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual. * that psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes. * that gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people, though newspaper ads, on the streets and by any other means they may want as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now. * that employers should no longer be allowed to discriminate against anyone on account of their sexual preferences. * that the age of consent for gay males be reduced to the same as for straight. * that gay people be free to hold hands and kiss in public, as are heterosexuals.

Those who believe in gay liberation need to support actively their local gay group. With the rapid spread of the ideas of gay liberation, it is inevitable that many members of such groups have only partially come to terms with their homosexuality. The degree of self-oppression is often such that it is difficult to respect individuals in the group, and activists frequently feel tempted to despair. But if we are to succeed in transforming our society we must persuade others of the merits of our ideas, and there is no way we can achieve this if we cannot even persuade those most affected by our oppression to join us in fighting for justice.

We do not intend to ask for anything. We intend to stand firm and assert our basic rights. If this involves violence, it will not be we who initiate this, but those who attempt to stand in our way to freedom.

This manifesto was originally produced collectively by the Manifesto Group of GLF. We recognize that it leaves many questions unanswered and open-ended but hope it will lead to the furtherance of a scientific analysis of sexism and our oppression as gay people.

Printed by the Russell Press Ltd.