Feminism on decline in Poland
Nature Triumphs Over Feminist Social Engineering
Radio Polonia, review of the weeklies ^ | Nov 10, 2006

Posted on 11/11/2006 3:38:14 AM PST WPROST runs a cover article on the comeback of the traditional marriage roles in Poland.

Professionally successful women, including top media celebrities, increasingly and often now choose to embrace the patriarchal family model, that once was stigmatized by the feminist movement of the 1960’s-1990’s.

Nature triumphs over “New Feminism’s “ attempt at social engineering, in the Household. (But will a change also occur in politics, the work place, and most important to this website within the feminized church?) We have noted here that the church because of its carnality, and worldliness has throughout much of church History and still now is inexorably linked to the things of the world, that is it’s philosophies and wisdom, all its riches, and all that glitters. We have discussed at length that the church is generally 10-20 years behind the world. So that a half-generation later (like Israel they long for the leaks and garlics they grew up with. In the church this turning back and declaring thing of the world doctrines of the world Good and wholesome has been most notably in areas of music television and even social and political views.

This lends itself to a discussion of foundations. What the church is founded upon and what believers are founded upon.

Recently the Lord spoke to me in the night season concerning foundations and how they are so much a part of what is built there upon. One would understand this concerning biblical foundations – but the Lord spoke to me of the unbiblical Talmudic foundations in the church today. And God spoke expressly of the unbiblical foundations that were laid in many of us during our childhood as we were raised in ungodly households and by the world with TV sets as our nannies.

And how these things that are in the core level of our being – do not depart from us when we are old despite the fact that we may have been born again baptized in water and baptized of the Holy Spirit. 

And the Lord spoke to me in the night that these are the things that can only be removed through sanctification – these things are the heart of stone or foundation of stone that are within us, of which the Lord desires to make these an heart of flesh.

A decline in the philosophy of ‘new feminism’ can be seen as a world-wide trend, notes the weekly. In Poland, one in ten women chooses to stay at home after she has had a baby. In developed countries, the number of women who make similar decisions is growing. Polls indicate that as much as 79% of American women and 64% of American men consider it normal for a woman to stay at home and not pursue a professional career.

The magazine quotes professor Harvey Mansfield of the Harvard University, who analyzes gender differences in the public sphere. The feminist movement wanted women to take on male characteristics, effectively destroying femininity, says Professor Mansfield.

Post-feminists of the 1990s tried to reclaim femininity, while still striving to compete with men. Neo-feminists go a step further. They don't need to be stronger or more aggressive than men to feel proud to be a woman.

But new feminism does not mean passivity in the public life. Neo-feminist fight for the recognition of a housewife's contribution to society and economy and for an end to prejudice and stereotype about the patriarchal family model. Their fight is practical, not ideological and they want to represent the rights of women, not unisex beings, explains the magazine.