Men Told Have Sex Daily to Boost Sperm Quality and Fertility
The UK Times
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Generally we do not post the findings of ďStudiesĒ as they are as the shifting sand blowing to and fro one minute holding one opinion and the next holding another. So we deem it dangerous to try to uphold the word of God by any form of science.Here however we find something that within this great morass that speaks out the truth agreeing with the word of God that full sex performed daily or even multiple times daily is the way God designed and created sex organs to be used.

When we read of the birth rate declines in all of westernized society we find that hidden within the charts and grafts is a decline in general of full sex to the place that on average it occurs less than two times a week.And here these numbers come from the unsaved that are supposed to be sexually liberated, highly promiscuous and very sexually active, but it has found that none of these things are so. But rather that husbands and wives are having sex less than before the 1970ís.

Or simply put husbands and wives are love each other less and are further apart than prior to the sexual revolution.And as a result the husbands stale sperm is lower in quality and in its ability overall to fertilize Ė which has been recorded for the last few decades dozens of times.

Sex IS part of our daily bread. It is Holy Communion between husband and wife. It is life and health to those who dilligently have sex as Abraham and Sarah. It is not only a physical act but a spiritual act as well opening onces heart soul and spirit to one another and entwining them, as well as opening oneís heart soul and spirit towards God as well.

Daily sex can improve the genetic quality of a manís sperm and could enhance his chances of fathering a child, new research shows.

Couples who are trying for a baby are often advised to have sex every other day, so that the manís sperm count has time to recover, but scientists in Australia have discovered that this may lower some menís fertility.

While abstaining from sex for a few days does boost sperm counts, sperm quality as well as quantity is important to male fertility and this can be damaged if a man ejaculates too infrequently.

A study at Sydney IVF, a center for infertility treatment, has found that daily sex for a seven-day period substantially improves the genetic quality of sperm, without lowering sperm counts enough to impair fertility. Scientists plan to examine whether this also affects pregnancy rates.

Dr. David Greening, who led the research, said that for some couples, having intercourse every day during the womanís most fertile period could make all the difference to their efforts to start a family.

The findings, which he presented Monday at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Amsterdam, could also have important implications for couples having IVF.

Men are usually advised to abstain for ejaculation for three days before providing a sperm sample for fertilising their partnerís eggs and many couples do not have regular sex while going through IVF. ďIt could be that itís better to keep the river flowing at this time,Ē Greening said.

When men go without ejaculating, the number of sperm stored in the epididymis at the top of the testicle increases, hence the standard advice to have sex every two to three days if you are trying to conceive.

The longer that sperm sits in the epididymis, however, the more genetic damage it accumulates through exposure to heat and to oxygen free radicals. Regular ejaculation empties this sperm reservoir, ensuring that newly-produced sperm of higher genetic quality can get out.