Ronald Reagan Speech - 1964 Republican National Convention


When we heard this speech recently we were struck that in issue after issue that then Governor Reagan spoke of 45 years ago these same issues are with us today and have grown far worse as this nation has been taken farther and father left into becoming a socialist nation. One figure I saw today is that between 1930 and 2009 the US Dollar has lost 94% of its buying power. In other words a dollar today is only worth 6 cents.

And now that President Obama has spent over three trillion dollars that does not exist the US will fall into Hyper-Inflation so that that 6 cents will fall to -18 cents in a period of 2-3 years. When we are hit with an estimated 300% inflation on all good services and propherty, all peoples retirement funds and savings will become worthless.

Do not think this is by accident. This has been all by design by the Democrat party, and was in full swing decades before Ronald Reagan gave this speech in 1964.

As Ronald Reagan Speaks one can not escape the realization that policy after policy that Reagan calls into question are the very policies that President Obama is forcing at breakneck speed on the backs of every taxpayer landowner and business in this nation right now.