Rising immigration fuels 26-year fertility high

By Emma Henry and agencies

Last Updated: 1:59am BST 08/06/2007

Rising immigration and older mothers have fueled a 26-year high in the number of children women are having born in England and in Wales. (Know that without counting these muslim babies that England would have been recorded only that this was a 26 year low in birthrates for its own people. As the curses of Leviticus and Deuteronomy have come in force upon Britain and the whole of the EU to make these peoples but a few – as they have been given up and over into the hands of the Muslim who shall destroy without mercy as prophesied of by Daniel)

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show the average number of children has risen for a fifth straight year to 1.87, the highest rate since 1980. (So we see here that for the past five years now that the birthrate of the Muslim has impacted Briton and these beginning in 11 more years shall begin to give birth and vote in every free election for Islam and shall begin the make the nation bow to Islam and then their seed shall begin to give birth 16 years later and these shall vote and whatever remains in this nation and its laws concerning its people shall be abridged in that day. These are signs of God These are signs in our midst – we note also that the fear of the Muslim is all over Europe and the leaders of these nations see in private but dare not speak of this subjugation of its peoples – for they have been rendered powerless to speak and these also have been stripped over their power to act against this. – Just as the Lord revealed that the president and the authors of the immigration bill were so bound – that they could not speak of the true reason for the bill and its great amnesty – that is that this is the most important thing that could be done against the war on terror – that is provide this nation with children as to be a standing army as the time of darkness approaches that was declared by the prophets. – But Christians and conservatives alike the staunch defenders of America and freedom being blinded – refused in utter hypocrisy to support their president a man of God – and therein also refused follow the words and actions of the founding fathers on immigration – for those who have cried the constitution, the constitution, and the founding fathers, the founding fathers.  This has been a test to see if these really seek to walk therein, but these have been found to be hypocrites and liars just as those of the opposing party.  So that in this thing that they now celebrate and Laud as a victory the Christians and conservatives committed grievous sin as they have done here the same deeds of disobedience of the Constitution  and the founding  fathers they claim to love as those that those of the opposing party that they openly hate and malign – and declare the same to hate the constitution and the founding fathers.)

The last decade has seen a 77 per cent increase in births by mothers born outside of the UK, with the figure climbing to almost 150,000, or over a fifth of all babies, last year.

As Britain's demographics change, Mohammed is expected soon to replace Jack as the most popular boy's name. It has already pushed Thomas into third place.

Older mothers, also played a part in the rising fertility rate, (Young British women are not having babies)  with more women choosing to break off their careers to get pregnant. Births to women aged between 35 and 39 rose seven per cent last year and the number of babies born to women aged over 40 and over has almost doubled in the last decade.

The trend towards leaving parenthood until later has been encouraged by advances in fertility treatments and workplace pressures. (The love of money and the love of pleasure) Fertility expert Lord Winston warned this month that it is allowing IVF clinics to exploit couples desperate for children.

Women in the West Midlands had the most children in England, with 1.96 children per woman, while the lowest rate was the North East, at 1.78 children.

The infant death rate remained at the lowest level ever, at five deaths per 1,000, the same as for 2005. There were 3,368 infant deaths recorded in England and Wales last year.

#2 Article On same subject.

Brits: Mohammed could be No. 1 name for baby boys by end of year

Watch out "Jack." The British government says "Mohammed" is on track to become the country's most popular name for baby boys.

"Although the official names register places the spelling Mohammed at No 23, an analysis of the top 3,000 names provided by the Office for National Statistics puts Muhammad at No. 2 once the 14 spellings are taken into account. If its popularity continues – it rose by 12% last year – the name will take the top spot by the end of this year. It first entered the Top 30 in 2000," The (London) Times reports.

Muslims make up 3% of the U.K. population, (But are putting out more babies than 97% of the population) but have a birth rate that is three times (This 3% three percent is pumping out babies at somewhere around six hundred and sixty six percent of output of the 97%  [for all you math enabled you can calculate this yourself and see how close my guess, if it is one is.]) the average  above average, according to the paper.

“Muslim parents like to have something that shows a link with their religion or with the Prophet," explains Muhammad Anwar, a professor at Warwick University. What a carefully crafted answer.  Which speaks to exactly  who all these are the children truly of.

Last month, we told you about the top names for babies born in the USA.

According to The Times, if the growth of the name Mohammed continues -- it rose by 12 percent last year -- the name will take the top spot by the end of this year.


#3 Article On same subject.

Mohammed likely to top British boys' names list by year-end

Wed Jun 6, 1:17 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Mohammed will likely become the most popular name for baby boys in Britain by the end of the year, The Times newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing government data.

Though official records from the Office for National Statistics list the spelling Mohammed 23rd in its yearly analysis of the top 3,000 names given to children, when all the different spellings of the name are taken into account, it ranks second, only behind Jack, according to The Times.

There are various different spellings of the name because when it is transliterated into English from Arabic, families spell it as closely to their own pronunciations as possible.

In total, 5,991 baby boys were given some version of the name Mohammed, with 6,928 baby boys named Jack. (Consider the population numbers of Britain and see the paltry, paltry number of births – and see that this people has been cut off as the whole of the EU has been – it is continually before the eyes of all and none see none here and none repent.)  

Thomas was third with 5,921 names, with Joshua and Oliver rounding out the top five.

According to The Times, if the growth of the name Mohammed continues -- it rose by 12 percent last year (Math experts figure now the exponential growth of this 3% of the population against the decreasing number of births from the 97%) -- the name will take the top spot by the end of this year.-

In one other article I read but can not find again it was stated that these names for Mohammed rose from 16th last year to number one. – See and understand. See and repent.


Contrast this now with the top list of children’s names in the US

The baby names list is back and better than ever

Faithful readers might remember our post last December when Babycenter.com came out with what it said were the top 100 baby names of 2006.

The Social Security Administration now begs to differ. Babynamescenter.com alerted us to the fact that the feds have kicked out their own 2006 list, so now we can compare and contrast.

We've got a controversy right off the top with the boys. The Baby Center list puts 'Aiden' at No. 1. It's No. 30 (!) on the Social Security list. 'Jacob' is No. 1 with the feds and No. 2 on the Baby Center list, and after that, things fall apart and the lists are very different.

On the girls' side, 'Emily' is No. 1 with the feds and No. 4 on the private list; 'Emma' is second on the Social Security tally and No. 1 on the Baby Center list...and again, there's a big difference from there.

Anyway, here's the Social Security Top 10 list for 2006:

GIRLS: Emily, Emma, Madison, Isabella, Ava, Abagail, Olivia, Hannah, Sophia and Samantha. (Lots of bible names here)

BOYS: Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Ethan, Matthew, Daniel, Christopher, Andrew, Anthony and William. (Even more bible names here)

You also might note that 'Michael' is the name of two of our bloggers here, and as previously noted, that name is No. 2. 'Mark' is No. 129 (the much more exotic 'Marc' is No. 408) and the flirtatious and irresistible name of 'Randy' is inexplicably at No. 310.

Think not that we are spared of the same thing that befalls Europe for LEGAL Muslims immigrants multiply unabated in this nation as well and though for now their numbers be infinitesimal they shall not be in a generation.


As evil and wicked as abortion is in the sight of God there if it is possible there is a sin that is more evil among those that are called by his name in this nation and Europe and that is the breaking of Commandment 00001 [The first command of God that was given unto man and even unto Adam] That is Be fruitful and flood the earth with righteous seed within the container of households of righteousness.


It is written that children are the tithe of God and again that children are the Lord’s portion. Where then is the Lord’s due the household is empty as is the stalls and the fields of the household.  Where is the Lord’s due –instead you offer God corrupt mammon and offer lying lips in your services your meetings which I hate.


Repent, Repent and turn unto me and bring forth the fruit of righteousness even households of faithfulness and children of righteousness.