Pakistani Islamists protest against pro-women law


KARACHI (Reuters) - Thousands of Islamist protesters demonstrated in southern Pakistan on Sunday against a new law that reduces the burden of proof on rape victims by allowing them to seek justice without the need for four male witnesses.

The subject here is Sharia Law (Law that is based upon the writings of the Koran.) In several recent articles we have posted we see that Europe succumbing to pressures exerted by Muslim immigrants that these European nations adopt Sharia law. So that these Muslims can practice their traditional laws and customs within the host nation. The truth is that by allowing any part of Sharia law within these nations, in future generations will mean these entire nations and their peoples will all be enslaved by Sharia laws as the camel will follow the camels nose and take over the tent.


The burden of proof of rape under Sharia law is upon the woman.

First in the Koran the word of a women is not equal to any man, so that under Sharia law when a women challenges a man on anything she automatically loses. If in court she says she is beaten and the man say no she loses. If in court she says he is cheating on her and he says no she loses.


Under Sharia law when any non-Muslim challenges a Muslim on anything the non-Muslim always loses. This allows Muslims to commit any crime imaginable against non-Muslims and not only does their word trump over non-believers, but Sharia law goes one further in make the Muslim to be justified in all his actions against non-believers


In the case now of rape Sharia law demands that a woman produce four witnesses to the act. And when on rare occasions that four witnesses have been produced since trials drag on for weeks even under Muslim justice the witnesses are beaten threatened or sometimes killed and then the case is thrown out.


In Pakistan a law was passed removing the requirement of four witnesses for a women to be able to accuse a man of raping her. This article is written as if the President of Pakistan and all government officials are not Muslim They are so that the protesting groups are not just Islamists these are conservative Islamic groups or the same guys that are blowing up and killing everything in Iraq. And these radicals both men and women protestors are demanding that the government immediately go back to making a woman produce four witnesses.


Simply put: In Islam and Sharia law there can be no moderation. And these will either kill the President of Pakistan and get a replacement that will restore the full jag, or after the president steps down or dies they well get a replacement that will restore the full jag.


And this thing same thing is going on in every Arab country with a dictator or king these men are the only thing holding back the Middle East from becoming the sixth century caliph that every radical desires So that they can then make a consolidated war with the west as they did in the 9th century.


The Women Protection Bill, signed into law last month, was seen as a key test for President Pervez Musharraf's philosophy of "enlightened moderation" for his predominantly Muslim country.

The protest in the country's biggest city of Karachi came a day after Musharraf ruled out any changes to the law despite calls from the Islamists.

Some 10,000 supporters of the Islamist parties, most of them bearded, chanted slogans of "Down with Musharraf" and "Down with the Women Protection Law" at the rally and demanded the government scrap the law.

The law takes the crime of rape out of the sphere of the religious laws, known as the Hudood Ordinances, and puts it under the penal code.

Under the Hudood Ordinances, (Just another word for Sharia Law) which were introduced by a military ruler in 1979, a rape victim had to produce four male witnesses to prove the crime, or face the possibility of prosecution for adultery.

"We reject this law because it is un-Islamic and also against women rights," (The right obviously to b raped and just accept it as a way of life.) Fazal-ur-Rehman, a senior leader of the main Islamist alliance and opposition leader in the National Assembly, parliament's lower house, told the rally. Rehman said the law is a conspiracy to make Pakistan a "free sex zone". (This quote is so crazy I can not even come up wit a comment on it)

"It is a fight between the liberals and the religious believers... and we will continue our protest against this un-Islamic law," he said.(Until they triumph)

Controversy over the reform of Islamic laws has highlighted a long struggle between progressives and religious conservatives over the direction of Pakistani society.

Women's groups have called for the total repeal of the Islamic laws, which still ban sex outside marriage and stipulate that women adulterers can be stoned to death. But they have hailed the new law, saying it would help mitigate sufferings of thousands of women.


Another area they are seeking changes in the law is regarding honor killings -- in which Muslim men can freely kill their wives by merely suggesting she even glanced at some other man.