Man Made Drought in California


We have posted articles on Man-Made food shortages created by the manufacture of Ethanol in the US and EU wasting 30% of corn production. Which will continue to produce world-wide food shortages through this growing season until fall of 2010.

Now Environmentalists have successfully shut down the most productive farmland in the entire USA. In the name of protecting minnows from being pumped into the irrigation canal that supplies water for the entire San Joaquin Valley -- Minnows that we might add that have been harmlessly pumped into this irrigation ditch for almost 50 years with no harm to their population or the water supply quality. INSTEAD by Court Order this report says: This same "minnow infested" water is now being pumped instead INTO THE OCEAN.

We only think we have seen national and world-wide food prices rise. This move will further increase global food shortages, riots and anarchy. -- Wait for all this to occur starting this summer and fall when ouput futher falls below demand in Global food supplies.