Leaked Document Outlines Radical Sex Group Plan to Change Way Americans Think about Sex

Group to push "education" in orgies, masturbation, sadomasochism

Friday September 18, 2009
By Kathleen Gilbert

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 18, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A San Francisco sex group's four-year strategic plan, aimed to "change the way Americans think about sex" by desensitizing mainstream American culture to aberrant sexual practices, has been leaked.

The document reveals a well thought out strategy to acclimatize the American public to everything from the practice of sadomasochism to orgies and every other "consensual" sexual behavior besides.

"CSC will be taking the lead in framing the sex positive discourse in our culture," writes the Center for Sex and Culture in its 2007-2011 strategic plan.  "In this ambitious vision of the future, certainly more than five years distant, CSC will have accomplished the difficult task of changing the way Americans think about sex. 

"People will feel more comfortable with their sexual desires and society at large will be more accepting of a wide range of attitudes regarding sexuality."

CSC says its mission is "to provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations" by means of educational initiatives that include "hands-on, practical skills-building events."  The group currently offers several workshops related to homosexual, orgiastic, and sadomasochistic sex, and other "non-mainstream sexualities," and advertises a monthly erotic reading circle as well as an annual web-broadcasted "Masturbate-A-Thon."

CSC's goals in advancing the "sex positive revolution" include a comprehensive plan to expand the group via marketing, the formation of regional and national partnerships with local groups, as well as the development of a "sex positive" curriculum that would "appeal to both professionals and lay-persons."  In addition, the group says it plans to launch a formal internship program to "add legitimacy to CSC in the academic world," and expressed interest in instigating a "Sexual Attitude Reassessment" program.

The group was founded in 1994 as an offshoot of the San Francisco sex toy shop Good Vibrations by Carol Queen and Robert Morgan Lawrence, both of whom tout Ph.D.s in "education in human sexuality." 

Queen, who has described herself as "a sex worker and a practitioner of alternative sexualities," has written and spoken copiously on the topic since at least 1975, including "lesbian and gay identity, gay rights, sadomasochism, group sex, bisexuality, prostitution, pornography, sex work, sex toys, alternative relationship structures, erotic writing, and safe sex." 

She is credited with coining the term "absexual," first used in a chapter of Queen's book "Real Live Nude Girl" entitled "Dirty Pictures, Heavy Breathing, Moral Outrage, and the New Absexuality." The term "absexuality" applies to those who are supposed to be sexually stimulated by moving away from sexuality, such as by promoting abstinence.

"These disparate anti-porn, anti-gay activists unite in the particular form their relationship to sexuality takes," wrote Queen.  "Their voyeuristic, judgemental peeping on other forms of sex is, in fact, these peoples' sexual orientation."

While Queen's group says it has seen rapid growth and listed several opportunities for expansion, it listed as threats the "rise of conservatism and social evangelism" and state and federal-level preference for abstinence education.  Following President Obama's recommendations, however, Congress has recently gutted federal abstinence education funding while increasing spending for explicit sex education and condom distribution.

In an appended interview with CSC board member and lesbian activist Nikole Pagan, Queen and Lawrence discussed CSC's message as fighting "the way our culture often poses sex as dangerous."

Queen also indicated that CSC intending to indirectly help dismantle various state laws against sexual perversion.

"The work that we do is sort of groundwork for getting those inappropriate, in our opinion inappropriate, laws out of the way," she said.  "We make the discussion happen for other people who are in a position to make laws."

Dr. Judith Reisman, an internationally-recognized expert on sexuality, told LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) this week that the term "sex positive" means "all bets are off: pansexuality, usually including pedophilia and sadistic sex as well any ages, so long as 'consent' is provided."

Reisman's research was responsible for revealing the fraudulent foundations of Dr. Alfred Kinsey field of "sexology," that largely spurred on the sexual revolution in America in the 1960s.  Reisman showed that Kinsey's research into sexual attitudes collected data from prostitutes and prisoners that was then extrapolated to the general public. 

The devastating effects of Kinsey's research have matured into the multifaceted attacks on human sexuality that have achieved mainstream acceptability in recent years, including birth control, explicit sex education, homosexuality (including same-sex "marriage") - and, perhaps in years to come - the broad embrace of all sexual deviations represented by such groups as CSC.

Perhaps the CSC's only stated holdout against a total devolution into sexual abandonment is the occasional mention of limiting activity to "sexual choice that is consensual."  The admission reflects the ethos of the abortion and homosexual rights movement, which has long hoisted the banner of an unlimited right to privacy within the bounds of the involved parties' wishes.

Reisman warned that, while the term "consent" may convey a compelling argument to a conservative audience, the true meaning of the term in a Kinseyan understanding is far more bleak

"'Consent' means the offender perceives the victim as consenting," said Reisman.  "A child then can be seen to 'consent' if it screams, cries, and such but if the molester determines these hysterics are signs of orgasm (as did Kinsey)."

Much of Kinsey's research is now known to have been based upon records kept by an anonymous pedophile source referred to as "Mr. Green," who claimed to have molested hundreds of infants and young children from 1917 to 1948.