It was the holy time, so I had to grope the lady

It Was the Holy Time (Ramadan)
So I Had to Grope the Lady
Jihad Watch

All right. It was the holy time. So why didn't he think that it would be all right during the holy time to grope this passenger? Could it be because she was just an Infidel whore? The contempt that many Muslim men have for Western non-Muslim women is well documented, after all. "Ramadan used as defence by cabbie groper," by David Barrett for The Daily Telegraph, December 4, 2008

We have posted several articles documenting Muslim sexual practices regarding the end of Ramadan and the the importaion and use of thousands of woman as hookers, many are underaged. This is allowed in Sharia Law as an Islamic woman are on par with a cow and a non-beleiving woman married or unmarried is nothing, as she has no rights, and receives no defense.

In recent years we have come into contact with several women, that were Christian women. bible beleiving Christian women, bible believing Spirit-Filled women.Who through exceeding ignorance married Muslim men and were used and abused as Muslim making baby machines and then cast aside once the Muslim had attained his Muslim children from the Kufar woman.

The ignorance of most Christian woman regarding Muslimism, and how Muslims view them is horrendous. Everyday throughout the EU and the US HUNDREDS of Christian and Jewish women are duped into sexual relationships and marriages to Muslim men who at first may appear open and even curious about Jesus Christ and Christianity using these things only as a lure. In Muslimism it is considered great sport to deceive and sedduce and defile Christian and Jewish women and have them become builders of the coming Islamic Empire as Muslim baby factories.

The despair of one such woman in England, though while she is divorced now, (Unrighteously divorced as she married a Muslim and could not take only a thing or object to make Muslim babies) Today her 13 year old daughter proudly wears a burka as her head is filled with all the lies about the glories of being a woman in Islam. And she is all excited about visiting her father in a 3rd world Muslim country.

Where when she does finally does go she will be sold to a Muslim as one of that Muslimís multiple wives and live the life of a 6th Century 3rd world Muslim woman in a insect ridden dirt floored hut or the like.A life filled with beatings and huniliation, by not only her husband but by the senior wives above her in rank and later by their children and her own children. A life of a slave that will live out her days barefoot and pregnant. A life with no bathing facilities and no running water, no medical care, a single burqa on her back. A life of stooping over a hole in the ground to relieve herself. A life of stooping over a small fire to cook gruel in the single pot she is to own. A life to sleep in an insect ridden straw pile in the corner of the house as the Muslimís second or third wife except when she can share with her husband the straw mattress on their rickety wooden frame to get pregnant once again. ††

This mother shall feel despair all the rest of her days, for her ignorance and foolishness to have allowed herself to be deceived lying flateries and to willing build the house of Mohammad and to have her posterity of daughters become baby making slaves, and her posterity of sons to become abusers and deceivers themselves they that also labor to build the house of Mohammad.

We came in contact with such a woman on a Christian Dating Website where over a period of weeks in bits and pieces she revealed her sorry plight and the damnable plight of her two Muslim children.

A Christian Dating Website which by night is filled with the nicest Muslim men, all from african 3rd world countries. Muslim men that all seem O so interested and curious about Jesus Christ and Christianity supposedly as part of their Muslim faith. All fishing for their trophy ignorant Christian Kufar wife. To show off in their local Moque -- pregnant -- with more Muslim children.

A DISGRACED Muslim taxi driver tried to use the holy time of Ramadan as his defence against allegations he repeatedly grabbed the breast of a disabled female passenger.

Abdul Majid Qazizada, 51, had argued that Ramadan was a time when Muslim men "don't even touch their wives". (Sexual fasting is part of the month of Ramadan)

He was yesterday found guilty of the aggravated indecent assault of a 23-year-old woman who suffers cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Magistrate Jennifer Betts said Qazizada claimed he was a devout Muslim who was fasting when the attack occurred in September last year.

" 'Men don't even touch their wives (during Ramadan)', were his words," Ms Betts said in Ryde Local Court.

The court heard how the woman got into Qazizada's taxi to go home after going out with friends at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club.

During the short ride home, she felt at first "a little scared", then later "very worried", when Qazizada repeatedly told her: "You're a lovely lady." (They shall speak lying flateries) After parking in the driveway of her home, Qazizada told the woman he would help her get out of the taxi.

As she struggled to get out of his taxi, Qazizada squeezed the woman's breasts several times.

Throughout the assault, he asked the woman: "Are you all right?". Each time she replied: "No."

Qazizada eventually left, saying: "Have a good night."...