My Proud Departure from Islam..

by Yarkii Svet

07 June, 2007
Islam Watch

I'm not going to give details of my personal life (my original country.. family history, and so on), but suffice it to say, I come originally from a Muslim country where you'd least expect to meet an ex-Muslim. Also, I am an Arab, still haven't passed the age of 20, and I am here to share my story. I apologize in advance for my poor English.


Detailing my experiences as I know them from the vantage point of 19 years spent as a Muslim is by no means an easy task. Coming from a religious Muslim background, I was taught to believe that the Koran was inerrant, that Muhammad's words were to be respected, (The writer here is misusing the word “respect” a form of the word “revere” or “reverence” in place of the word fear. Mean teach we are to respect God, but the bible teaches we are to fear God, and that we are to walk in the fear of God. Islam itself is filled with holding the writings of the Koran as being “Allah himself” [As it taught in Talmudic Judaism]-or as “Being ‘his’ earthly representation,” and “Fearing” the words, the name, or in any way making inference concerning “The Prophet” [Muhammad]) and that any form of defiance or criticism will be met (Zealously enforced) with severe repercussions. (Torture, maiming, and / or an agonizing death as prescribed by the Koran or the decree of an Imam’s fatwa)   I was, thus, forced into Islam against my will, so to speak, and I was forced to grow up with it and stick to it and never even dare question it.

But for the longest time I've been secretly questioning my "beliefs", the beliefs that I grew up with and constituted who I was; the set of beliefs that was a great part of my identity. I remember being taught to hate (not directly so, “of course” [It appears here that the writer is employing some sarcasm here]) by instilling fear against "those evil Jews" and luring you into Jihad by promising the 72 Huur Al-Ayn. “Of course” I was never drawn into that, because I'm actually gay.

The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how numerous (Because these same severe repercussions also apply for those who would depart from Islam) we, as ex-Muslims, are (Filled with great fear) , it's still hard to communicate (Speak out even when living in non-Muslim countries) and share this experience (Because Islam’s   retribution knows no borders or bounds). It was a lonely period after my departure from Islam. I went through depression, sadness and torment and solitude. To be out of touch with the reality and way of life around you is truly an isolating feeling. (Entire sermons could be written on these words. as these are word for word the experiences of most coverts to Christianity in this day and hour. Instead of being loved as we love ourselves universally the church today offers little or nothing to Converts that are poor, infirm, fatherless, widows, [Excepting when it can sound the trumpet and baste in the resulting fanfare]  and those who are “strangers” [That is that they have converted from non-approved religions, cultural groups, or sub groups] All the while instead offering banqueting and a full array of non stop entertainment to the wealthy and well to do  has no comprehension nor has it any care to  )  Even in calling out, finally, for help, I suddenly felt as though I was shouting into the wind.  (Of a truth there is a cry from those who suffer under the soul crushing burden of Islam  -- A cy and call that those in the church fear to heed – exactly because they “Do not know” and “Do not walk” in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Apostles)

It was just so hard to believe in a religion that forbids pre-marital sex yet explains how you should have sex in more details (This “Splaining” here is not in the Koran but in religious fatwas – these are religious decrees given by Muslim Rabbi’s as they imitate the Scribes and Pharisees and Sadducees and their codification of these writings in the Mishnah and the Talmud.)  than Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Further, it was also difficult to believe in a "peaceful" religion that was more bashful (A form of the word “Unabashed” -- Read this instead as: Brazen) and racist than Ann Coulter on her monthly period. Lastly, it was hard to believe in a religion that forbids happiness, subjugates women and treats Jews and Christians like 1000th class citizens.

The more I saw the "Imams" screaming and yelling and crying and whining over our "poor conditions" and using that to justify hatred and hostility (This is exactly what John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were faced with when God sent them in on a mission to destroy the entire Rabbinical system and their doctrines and traditions of men – that these had utterly subverted the message of God in the Law and the Prophets. For the most part today Talmudic Jews are a shadow of their former selves. We have strongly advised all believers to humbly go and silently attend a meeting or two in a synagogue that you might see and learn that the church that you attend is not a church but a Christian synagogue and start to understand why these assemblies can never be New Covenant Churches – And to come to the realization that the “Bible Believing” Christianity we have grown up is not so at all but that it is Talmudic Christianity that was hijacked in 200 AD as noted in an Epistle from Origen to Africanus the subject of the epistle is the canon of scripture the doctoring of scripture and the infiltration in the church of Rabbis that were teaching the then leaders of the church Talmudic doctrine and tradition. And the greatest example of this is the most prolific of that day Tertullian his writings are filled with every Talmudic tradition conceivable, His writings became mainstream as the Church departed for all time from the teachings of Christ and the Apostles and it should not be too amazing to note here that this is the same time that the Power of God departed from the early church. And we might add that in “Bible Believing Christianity today it is filled with our own “Imams” screaming and yelling and crying and whining over the church’s “Poor conditions” and using that to justify hatred as define by Christ and hostility against any that dare call into question what they teach and by what authority they declare their religious fatwas.)  towards the west, the more I am convinced that leaving Islam would be a right choice, because no religion could (Has the right to) teach someone to be this hateful. Yes, there are hateful individuals in Christianity too, but they're so insignificant (When compared to the true hell that real Imam’s preach and teach) they're often dismissed, (Because Bible thumping “hate mongers” are a small number in comparison with the whole of denominational Christianity) and more over, they do not lead prayers in prominent and well-known mosques, (This is what he can not see but we see clearly that increasingly since the 1980’s we have been seeing the rise of the Christian “Imam’s in their television ministries their radio ministries their mega churches and mall churches) or have any religious or moral authority like these imams do.  (This rise is all about power and authority as demonstrated in the discipleship movement –so in this we discover the true meaning of the term Nicolaitanes

In the 1970’s the identity of the Nicolaitanes was perhaps one of the hottest topic taught in bible school.  Their interpretation was based solely on the meaning of the two words that were used to form the Greek word: Nicolaitane.  Nico –To Rule or Conquer, Laity – Common People


We do not disagree with the examination here or anywhere of the original Greek and Hebrew.  We do however disagree though with their ignoring the biblical context in which the word Nicolaitane was used – so that they could blindly follow and teach the “broad path” of the doctrines and traditions of others.


Revelation 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.


Revelation 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.

In the word of God there is only one group of people that Christ openly declared that he hated their doctrines and their deeds – That is the Rabbi’s of Talmudized Judaism.  

So there I was, not so long ago I gave up this set of beliefs, and I've never felt happier. I feel free, ecstatic and joyful. I am so thankful for people like Wafa Sultan, who showed me the light of a religion I blindly followed. (This is by far the saddest part of this man’s testimony.) I am an ex-Muslim now, an agnostic and probably on my way to atheism and secular humanism. (What a waste of a life) I left this evil part of my past behind, (How deep is his new-found darkness?) and it will never make a come back. Ever.

I am an ex-Muslim and I am so damn proud of it.