Iran threatens Israel Destruction in eleven days

Ulrich W. Sahm
Sunday, 3 May 2009

This article is very pointedly speaking against the Obama Administrations policies of abandoning Israel as an ally, and allowing the Iranians to freely develop atomic weapons and to use them on Israel.  We have heard dribs and drabs of Obama abandoning Israel and we have witnessed that Obama has ended all constraint against Iran to dissuade them from building nukes – Still this News Report is somewhat shocking in that the reporter openly declares these things.


I thank the Lord that this threat will not come off as Iran intends. If they do fire a nuclear missile or multiple nuclear missiles Iran will not destroy the nation of Israel.  Israel in our estimation has now been given the green light to attack Iran.  Israel clearly has the moral obligation to defend her land and people.  And to do so Israel needs to take out Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, its military’s command and communications, as well as some power, water and sewage plants in the capital to cripple the nation.  We will wait and see what God does on behalf of His people.

Iran for the first time announced the destruction of Israel with a concrete goal denomination. The Israeli television showed an interview with the Iranian general chief of staff Attalah Salihi. He announced a “destruction of Israel within eleven days”.
The Arabia expert Oded Granot explained as it: “Ever we did not hear a so clear and open announcement Iran.” Präsiden Mahmoud Ahmadinedschad announced the destruction of Israel again and again “in large courses and as a political goal”, but never so concretely and with date, as it did Salihi. Granot could not find out, why the destruction of Israel in eleven should happen days.
Before the USA with the consideration had gotten “
better bomb straight (I believe this is a reference to the Bush administration having made a deep penetrating bomb to dig down into these Iranian nuclear sites and gave some of them to Israel) than bombarding” that one had resigned oneself in Washington under president Barack Obama to the building of an Iranian atom bomb. (The reporter says here that Barack Obama is going to allow Iran to build atomic bombs)


The high-ranking Europeans, such an exclusive report of the Israeli television, would have these estimates to the “few surprised” Israelis passed on. The Israelis came already for some time in the end the fact that the Americans did not let themselves convince today any longer so easily of intelligence data (The reporter appears to be saying that after the Obama Administration came unto power the US. Obama is blind siding Israel, by no longer providing Israel with data on Iran’s nuclear program) and that therefore also the rather diffuse information about the possible Iranian development of an atom bomb to a preventive American impact against Teheran will not lead. (America will not lead any preemptive strike against Iran to stop them from having nuclear weapons) Accordingly wish to Washington also no military impact of other countries as for instance Israel against the atomic mechanisms in Iran. (Washington sees no other military target for Iranian atomic weapons than Israel)