Pakistani Muslim: How Do I Apostatize from Islam?

A Pakistani Muslim wrote the following letter to Ali Sina:


Hello dear Sir

I belong to Pakistan. My real name is B---. I have been reading your web site regularly for the last 2 months, and it really has prompted some huge questions in my mind. I want to convert my religion, but I don't know how to do it. It is also a great matter of security. I cannot do it at least in Pakistan, because as you know I can get killed very easily. I cannot even discuss it with some body, because I fear a very horrifying death. Please help me and please reply me ASAP. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanking in advance.

Dear B.

I am glad that you saw the truth. You do not have to do anything to leave Islam. You have already left it. There is nothing else to do. There is no need to make any public announcements. There are no baptisms or initiation rituals to perform. Once you stop believing in the lies of Muhammad, you are no longer a Muslim and a slave but a free man.

Keep your thoughts to yourself and do not speak to anyone about them, including your family and your trusted friends. Unfortunately religion is a very potent drug and can make good people do horrible things with clear conscience and cheerfully. The very people you trust can turn against you.

Reduce your visits to the mosque gradually and eventually stop going. Do not make any donations to the mosque because your money is going to fund terrorism and jihad. If you canít keep your secret in your chest, join our forum, meet other ex-Muslims and share your thoughts anonymously. That is why we have the forum, for people like you and I to exchange ideas and donít feel left out and lonely. We are actually growing fast. At this moment, more people are leaving Islam than joining it. However, those who leave it do so silently and those who join it do it with clarions and drums. You can also use the Internet to let other Muslims learn the truth.

There is no need for you to put your life in danger. We have no use for you when you are dead. You are worth to us only if you remain safe and sound. Unlike the psychopath Muhammad who demanded others to sacrifice their lives for him to prove their loyalty while he himself remained clear of all dangers, we do not expect you to put your life in peril. On the contrary, we want you to be tactful and protect your life.

Good people are leaving Islam everywhere. They are not making any public announcements and there is no need for that either. If they live in the West, it is perhaps not a bad idea that they make their rejection of Islam known. However if they live in an Islamic country and this could jeopardize their lives, it is better that they keep this a secret. In this way the foundation of Islam is weakened. There will come a day, and that day is not too far that this entire edifice of lies will fall. We will see the end of Islam with our own eyes. Islamic countries, one after another, will denounce Islam, and convert their mosques into useful places such as libraries, housing projects, etc.

Now that you have left Islam, your next task is to excel in whatever you do. Go after science and true knowledge, educate yourself and build a career. Prosper, enjoy life and let others benefit from your existence.

Wish you the best

Ali Sina