Haitians riot over prices, attack U.N. peacekeepers


This is only the beginning as the Lord declared unto us some weeks ago this is going to be a long riot filled tumultuous summer and riots upheaval war and the overthrow of western leaning governments will continue for at least the next two years due to the artificial famine created by paying homage to the fake global warming crisis.


MIAMI (Reuters) - Protesters angry over rising living costs (Read that as skyrocketing food costs. There was a television report three months ago showing Haitians earting clay pancakes mixed with cooking oil and salt, because they could not afford rice corn or flour.) rioted in the southwestern Haitian town of Les Cayes, burning shops, shooting at peacekeepers and looting containers in a U.N. compound, (They were stealing food supplies from the UN) the United Nations said in a statement on Friday.

Les Cayes was still tense after the riots on Thursday, and the U.N. force trying to maintain the peace in the volatile Caribbean country sent 100 peacekeepers as reinforcements, the statement said.

Food prices in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, have soared in recent months, stoking anger against the government of President Rene Preval. (Here they finally state the reason for these riots. Why we ask should these people in Haiti and in nations all around the world be forced to starve to death because of Bio-Fuels diverting 20% of the crop that normally would have went to feed the poor of the world? As of this fall when the new legislation kicks in 30% or more of the total corn in the US and EU will be diverted to Bio-fuels, causing world wide the starvation of tens of thousands. For those of the green party they have declared over and over that mankind is a parasite, and that the worldwide population needs to be cut back is it any wonder then seeing this coming catastrophe of famine disease and death come to third world countries, that the greens in the US and the EU have not flinched in the diverting of corn to the anti-global warming Bio-fuel boondoggle?)

Preval's election in 2006 raised expectations that the country would finally start on the path to stability after decades of turbulence, culminating in the February 2004 ouster of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

A small group of protesters broke into the U.N. compound in Les Cayes during Thursday's protest, damaging the main gate and ignoring warning shots from peacekeepers, the statement said.

"The protesters also burned shops in Les Cayes and threw rocks and fired weapons at some of the blue helmets during the night."

Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the more prosperous Dominican Republic, has been relatively tranquil recently, although a resurgence in kidnappings and crime has alarmed the United Nations.

Just under 9,000 Brazilian-led U.N. peacekeepers and civilian police are stationed in Haiti.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this week called on the international community and Haiti's leaders to keep up their efforts to bring stability to the country. "The potential for regression remains," he said in a report.

(Reporting by Michael Christie