Forth Democrat Convicted and Sentenced for Child Porn (This Month)

This realization, and links provided was the work of someone in an online conservative news group. This along with Homosexuality is a great plague upon our society.  We must mention here of the strong connection between Homosexuals, child porn, and pedophilia. For such perverse and evil people to give them the right to marry and to take in foster children is inviting the wolf to guard the hen house.  In the name of homophobia (A term that is wholly made up and was made by design sounds like a mental disorder) so many men and ministries have crumbled.  Here we have sick and deranged mental patients – that not only are in denial, but now celebrate their disorder as normal. And condemn all who are not afflicted with the soul destroying plague that they have.  They have completely recaptured the sentiments of those that were in the city of Sodom when Lot met the angels and desperately sought to shelter and protect them from the sick and deranged men of the city that burned with an unquenchable lust that involves the taking of innocence and purity of others.  


This is what Child Porn is all about. This is what pedophilia is all about.  This is all about the stripping of innocence and purity of others.  Whether it is done in a voyeuristic fashion or it is done first hand, the draw of this to homosexual pedophiles is like crack cocaine and must be done over and over.   The connections here are so strong and so damning law enforcement has gone out in all out war against this sick demented behavior, in the same fashion they fight the mafia and as the drug war is conducted.


The fact that is usually left out of reporting is that the greatest majority of pedophiles and those dealing in child porn are that they are active homosexuals.


Christians fear homosexuals, Christians cower before homosexuals, and it was Christians in large part (The World Council of Churches) that empowered the homosexual movement just as they did with so many of the other “ism’s” that plague the whole of society today.


The answer, the only answer to this pox upon this nation is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The boldly declaring of sin, righteousness, and judgment and letting God do the rest. Cat calling with bull horns, protesting with placards, yelling at people that they are sinners, and going to hell for their sins is in effective other than being a show of strength and numbers. – But in reality it solves nothing as evidenced when these things are done that no homosexuals bow in the streets and cry out to God for forgiveness.


The outreach and bold speaking and preaching must be done – but done righteously.  Those who speak and preach on the street out of pride, arrogance, prejudice do great harm and make it all the more difficult for the next person.   


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Posted on Monday, May 18, 2009 5:31:35 PM by icwhatudo

Just today we get:

Ex-leader of Young Democrats sentenced in Child Porn case

North Carolina Dem activist sentenced in child porn case-involving kids as young as 6

Earlier this month we got:

John Kerry "Band of Brothers" member convicted for child Porn- was called on stage during the DNC national convention.


High-level aide to California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer convicted for receiving and distributing child pornography.

Just last month:

Child molester back at work at for Democrat in Hawaii Legislature

Earlier this year:

Democrat Wisconsin mayor charged with child-sex crimes

Last Year:

Famed left-wing radio personality Bernie Ward guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography

Lets not forget our old friend and Iraq war critic Scott Ritter:

Iraq War critic Scott Ritter confirms arrest in child sex sting