End Time Values. The Demise of America

4/27/06 Stojgniev O’Donnell


Russian Christians now admit that the concept of human rights and liberties as advocated by America and the West (have had grave corrosive effects upon the western church and its doctrine and therefore should have limited use) has no application in contemporary Russia . That country (The US) is drowning in vices directly linked to the West’s concept of inherent rights and liberties: abortion; homosexuality; dissolution of traditional marriage; pornography; (The ending of) slavery (so as to not offend the eyes of Christian socialists), (It’s women are now a nation of) prostitutes, and (democracy now exploits and oppresses the very people that it was designed to protect by shoving down the throats of every citizen vice and evil of the few as their inalienable rights as deemed by Christian socialists and their stepford children; communists, humanists and atheists.). The Russian Orthodox now understands that such American “values” are, in fact, vices which harm every human society as a collective. Such American “rights” have not brought happiness. They represent the deviance of the cult of the individual. From my Third World perspective, I am amazed that some Americans continue to argue that America’s virtue is that it protects such “rights” (=vices).

I focus here on similarities between America and the Soviet Union, two rival systems which have collapsed. Both systems boasted some admirable ideals. There was a period of several decades in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when America offered immigrants numerous opportunities, which many citizens took advantage of. (This ended in the 1930’s with the great depression and the array of social programs by Christian socialists and the a new set of corrupt rights and liberties and inalienable rights that the Forefathers that created this great nation never envisioned)

The Soviet record is more spotted (spotted does not express almost 90 years filled with wholesale murder and purges and oppression) It took me some time to understand the Soviets’ rabid anti-religiousness. Why did the Soviets work so tirelessly to destroy traditional Russian culture, much of which is, in fact, oriented towards biblical Christian socialism? (Christian socialism is what is driving all the rot in America now and it is driving all the rot in Europe – the marriage between the church and Marxist socialism has brought about all the evil fruit we have seen last century- the writer being a socialist is blind to this.) It came, of course, from the desire of Jews, (The Jews did not invent the anti-God colossus of communism and the Godless humanism of the Jews did not come about until after the Nazi death camps – the author is a prejudice hack)  the major component of Soviet communism, to take revenge upon Christian Slavs. (Point one Christian slaves are not Russian they populated eastern European countries like any with the word slovokia in it. And they were named so by the Romans because there people were enslaved to all nations around them generation upon generation ) (Point 2 Actually the Jews were not a people or nation again until their language was revived in the 1880’s.  they has small enclaves and they were hunted down and slaughtered from the time of the rise of the church of rome, through the middle ages and all the way till the time of the Nazi death camps. Oon this website are articles from the 1830’s when the Jews sought to build a nation here in America with the purchase of Land in upstate New York –  and as we see that did not work too well. This man has no idea what he is talking about here)  A natural reaction, one might apologize, of history’s formerly powerless against the powerful. But might Soviet communism have “worked” without the Jews? Probably not, because so much of Soviet communism was based upon radical, indiscriminate violence against Christians and others, something from which no good ever comes: a lesson to any Muslim listening. (A lot of what the soviets with Stalin later adopted was from Nazi Germany, and a lot of that the radical Muslims emulate that to this day.)The Soviet Union fell apart, such that Ole Soviet King Cole Putin, despite his many talents, has been unable to put it back together again.

We are now witnessing the demise of America. For decades, America successfully marketed its “values” throughout the world accompanied often by hefty cash subsidies for corrupt, subservient regimes. (True even though I would prefer to think better of our efforts abroad.) The aims of the American ideology were no less ambitious than those of Soviet communism, and the Americans were victorious over the Soviets, for a couple of years anyway.

But after the collapse of the Soyuz, the shallowness of American values became evident throughout the world. It turns out now that American-style Brown’n’Root democracy does not, in fact, suit Iraq, a land long plagued by European colonialism and internal division. It is now clear that America never intended to export its American-style democracy to totalitarian the regimes in Israel, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia.(He is saying we want to make those countries have western style democracies – (Israel has had a European style Democracy since its founding and we have no intent on changing that)  American democracy is a sham, all double-talk, just like the Soviets’ spin on the fraternal brotherhood of nations. (I think our soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan show a much higher ideal than the soviets coming in with their tanks to crush democratic resistance In Yugoslavia or the “Chek” Republic or Poland in the 1960’s and 70’s or Afghanistan in the 1980’s.)

Democracy for several generations now has not existed in America. (true Christian socialism has replaced it.) The large corporations continue to increase their power, irregardless of the red or blue façade of the regime.(The writer is hip deep in mud here – there has been a war against the wealthy and corporations since the 1930’s and their power has been greatly diminished if the US were in fact run by corporate America – government would have been forced to cut back and reduce a long time ago – America is a enslaved to the government’s special interests and all the super-citizens it has created in the last 40 years.) The moral pedigree of a Clinton is as nasty as that of a Bush.(not true) As identified by a recent controversial study ignored by the American media, it is, indeed, a cabal of pro-Israeli groups which controls America’s purse-strings and foreign policy. ( I am going to cut short this anti-Semite’s rant)