Coral Reef Global Warming Scare in Trash Heap

Thomas Lifson

May 17, 2009


In case you have missed it there is an ebb and flow in nature. There are years of bumper crops and years of lean. There is sickness and disease that strikes all segments of life, and there are times of recovery. Every so many years rabbits produce like crazy, or crickets, or mice, or even coral and then their predators rise and feed off of them cutting their numbers back, and so the cycles that God has ordained from the beginning continue. 



A few years ago, we were lectured that Australia's Great Barrier Reef was dying due to global warming. Warmer ocean waters were killing it. Oops! It didn't happen.


Turns out that a "spectacular" recovery is underway, according to the leftist UK Guardian:


Sections of coral reef in Australia's Great Barrier Reef have made a "spectacular" recovery from a devastating bleaching event three years ago, marine scientists say.


In 2006, high sea temperatures caused severe coral bleaching in the Keppell Islands, in the southern part of the reef - the largest coral reef system in the world. The damaged reefs were then covered by a single species of seaweed which threatened to suffocate the coral and cause further loss.


A "lucky combination" of rare circumstances has meant the reef has been able to make a recovery.




The Virginian website aptly comments:


Note that the environmentalists will never say that their apocalyptic warnings were wrong. The next environmental disaster is ever around the corner if mankind is not careful to leave the management of the earth to them. If disaster does not come to pass, they were not wrong, we were just lucky. Or, as the Voice of America will have it, environmentalism was the cause of the recovery. ...


... to attribute fragility to the environment, as virtually every environmentalist does, is to infantilize the issue. The earth is not fragile. It is remarkably robust. It has withstood floods and drought, earthquakes and volcanoes, fires and floods, heat and cold and the earth endures.

Undaunted, like the people who gather on mountaintops to watch the end of the world, when it does not come, they don't lose faith. They simply sacrifice a virgin, adjust their calendars and recalculate the next end of everything.


To paraphrase Love Story (which Al Gore claimed was about him):


Being a warmist means never having to say you're sorry.