Christians called to abandon public education
Children's worldview determined by 14,000 hours in classrooms
Posted: December 28, 2008
9:15 pm Eastern

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The idea that the church is to pull out all of its children from the public schools and have them either home schooled or going to Christian schools while leaving the school bureaucracy to go to hell and take all the children of unsaved households with them is evil and perverse before the Lord.  Perverse because Christ commanded us as His disciples to be lights in our local communities, to be witnesses, to profess His name before men. Evil because all of these children are being abandoned and let to be influenced towards a seeming endless array of sin and corruption with no one walking in the way with them being a light, no one in the way saying this is wrong, no one in the way to challenge what is being said, no one in the way speaking and teaching about sin righteousness and the judgment.


In a bit of personal testimony when I came to Christ and was baptized in the Holy Ghost I was turned inside out and began to move and to speak.  I had no desire to make a name for myself, or make myself out to be anyone, I just began to function where I was. The light of Christ was shown in such a manner in that high school, looking back I can only marvel. I held a bible study, I witnessed as the Lord led, I intervened in situations, I debated in class. I handed out tracts, and lent books to some of the toughest miscreants in the school (The cross and the switchblade)  One day a group of eight kneeled in a public street and gave their hearts to Christ, the effect that occurred there I had no idea until a black kid who I had never seen spoke up in a loud voice to a group of his peers pointing to me and said “Now that is a man of God.”


Years later one of the worst people I had ever known a drug dealer, drug user, party animal, and serial fornicator came to Christ, and came to the church and fellowship I went to, and he told me that all the students were talking about me being that crazy Jesus freak.  One student, One student that had totally given his heart to Jesus Christ was rocking and entire high school of 1800 students.  And his name was on the lips of all the most evil and perverse students as being an effective and powerful witness.  So that when he came to Christ he felt compelled to talk with that student, he felt compelled to talk to the one that had been that lone light.


Were there other Christians in that school? Yes there were many.  There was a group of about dozen of Spirit-filled believers that met at the school.  But all of these caused not hardly a ripple in the school. Had there been others; 2, 4,  or 8 people that were so touched by the Lord, that so hungered and thirsted after God, that so sought out the Lord to be obedient and available to the Lord,  the school could have been taken for Christ by seemingly nothing. But as it was for a few minutes those in that school had a burning shining witness.


My oldest Son age 24 now, spoke up for Christ, questioned teachings, and was a light to a lesser degree but a light none the less in high school.  He has done so, not experiencing anything of the power of the Holy Spirit in his life. 


My second oldest now 18 has been and still is a light and a witness for Christ in high school and has had a profound affect on others, turning around more than one person’s life. He has done so without having had the baptism of the Holy Ghost.


Those that went through public school with them are the richer for it, and have seen solid witnesses that are not swayed by public opinion, they have spoken when it would have been deemed unpopular and unwise  but both have come out as victors.


How much richer, how much more light, how much more of a witness would there have been to all these children, all of these lost souls if there had been 2, 4, or 8 children that had come into Christ’s hands, that had been brought up by Godly parents or in their case a Godly parent, who was with them daily, daily discussing with them what they had been taught and heard.  My children have iron in their souls and have been strengthened standing in adversity, standing in false teaching, learning to separate that which is right and that with is corrupt. Whereas all of these sheltered Christian children that go to Christian schools and are home schooled when they are brought out into the real world they faint anyway. 


We have two large Christian schools here in Fairbanks.  One of them is in the largest Baptist church, the church bussed all these kids in, as part of their youth ministry.  They showered these children with bribes of candy, fistfuls of candy every time they showed up as their supposed incentive to come and know Christ.  (My children at one time went in their bus program to that church and I was mightily offended and vocal about what I saw.) One of my children went with their bus driver went to “The Candy Room” and excitedly told me at the time about this room filled with bags stacked one on top of another higher then they were tall all filled with their bribes.  My children were taken with this and I was appalled.


The long and short of this is that virtually none of these children were touched by Christ in that Sunday school program and they have had numbers totally well over a thousand being taken to that church’s Sunday school over the years of their doing this.  More troubling is their Christian School where the children of Christian parents were sent to protect them from the evil and perversion of the public schools as is spoken of in this article.  Where they will supposedly grow up and stay with Christ and not fall away.  In that church, I had visited their bible school program, and actually say in their high school classes.  The attitude of these kids was blatant, that they did not want to be there at all. 


Whatever spark of Christ was in their lives was dampened and crushed during their tenure at that Christian school and the fruit of this is a noticeable number of children that were on the buses with my children, that I had seen at my door promoting their bus program, and that I had seen in the classes and halls of their Christian school. Are young adults now and work here and there like as cashiers in the supermarket, as bank tellers in the local bank and what not. And have told me with their faces scrunched up they no longer attend that church or any other church that they could not wait to get out of there. 


As a second attestation when I have gone to that congregation there are almost no young married couples in attendance there.  Showing virtually none of the children bused over all those years stay there, nor of the hundreds of students that have been thought their Christian school. The third witness of this is a friend that is a member and now part of the ministry of that church that has repeated in my hearing their astonishing failure rate to converting children in their bus program and Christian school program.  If these had been successful the church size should have tripled in the last 15-20 years and it has not, it has stayed flat since the church’s membership peaked under this pastor some years ago.


Another story I will relate I my brother and sister in law staunch Christians, spirit filled bible believing, read the bible and taught it in their household. Very active in church home schooled their two children neither one goes to church now that they are or age, and have been greatly enticed by all that they have come into contact since leaving their parents fold.


A big sermon years ago was of a butterfly in its chrysalis and how it was painful and struggled to break free and then a group of animal lovers came by and decided to help them by cutting  them loose, only to find the butterfly was too weak then to fly and soar, and that the butterfly could not maintain itself and would shortly die.  So endless sermons were made on this point that struggle is good and can not be taken out of believers lives for it will ruin them – and I would say unto you that this is in fact the sin that has been done to all these children in sheltering them in Christian schools and home schooling.  They are weakened all the more.


The fault here lies on the parents, and their teaching and nurturing of their children which is the element lacking and lost in the greatest majority of these households, which can not be hid and covered over by Sunday school, by going to church with your kids, by shipping them out to Christian school or by even conducting home school, nothing covers over children’s need for loving parents, caring parents. Parents that are nurturing and teaching their children,  and a church of believers that are loving caring nurturing and teaching children, This is what is lost, this is what is missing, this is why all these have so sorely failed.


When you are not just your child’s parent but your child’s mentor and best friend as spoken of by them you have affected and achieved something of value.  This is also the elements of what has been utterly lost in witnessing and being a witness and a light. And everyone senses it, sees it and feels it children  and the unsaved and this is why the church has been in a monumental retreat for the last three –four decades.      


You've heard all about the disputes: "Silent Night" banned at the "holiday

" program, artistic references to the Bible censored and faith-inclusive children's programs facing discrimination.

Now some people are fed up with public school

treatment of Christianity and have launched a campaign calling for a rescue of kids from government education programs – a "Call to Dunkirk."

The name Dunkirk is famous for the hundreds of thousands of World War II allies saved in May 1940 when a flotilla of pleasure boats, fishing craft and others rescued the soldiers from the beaches near Dunkirk, France, where they were trapped by an advancing German army.

Author David J. Knowles, who wrote a book on the rescue that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called a miracle, said volunteers including boat owners, fishermen – ordinary people instead of trained soldiers and sailors – crossed the English Channel to effect the rescue of about 340,000 people.

Now, officials with Exodus Mandate have launched their "Call to Dunkirk" to advocate a departure from public schools.

Several officials have created a YouTube video on their plan, and it is embedded here:

Organization chief Chaplain E. Ray Moore, a retired military officer, said that at Dunkirk, "total disaster (was) averted by bold leadership and ordinary citizens answering the call."

But he said in America, three-quarters or more of the Christian children, "are trapped in the state-run public schools."

Bruce Shortt, the author of "The Harsh Truth about Public Schools," said, "culture is shaped by how we're educated."

"Why should we be surprised we're losing culturally and politically when we continue to offer up our children as living sacrifices to the Molech of government schools?" he said.

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Voddie Baucham, Jr., author of "Family Driven Faith," noted children spend about 14,000 hours in public schools.

"Whoever controls those 14,000 hours controls our children's worldview," he said, citing Charles Francis Potter, a signer of the Humanist Manifesto. He wrote, "What can theistic Sunday school meeting for an hour once a week do to stem the tide of a five day program of humanist teaching?"

"The left knows that whoever controls the children owns the future. That's why so many '60s radicals like Bill Ayers went into education. Now they effectively control the government school system and its curriculum. But worse, we give them our children," Shortt said.

Moore said his plan is simple:

"That all families, churches, pastors, major Christian ministries and organizations, concentrate for one year on extracting Christian children from the pagan, godless public schools."

"State-run public schools have become destructive to our children's Christian faith. They no longer educate but rather indoctrinate. Not only morally corrupt, public schools are unsafe because of the violence and crime that occurs in them on a regular basis," the campaign says.

WND previously reported Moore's estimate based on statistics that 70 to 80 percent of Christian children "will abandon the church and their faith in a public school career."