Catholic Mothers Fury After Breakdown Seeing Son Fostered by Homosexuals

Mail Online
By Simon Mcgee
07th June 2009

What is taking place over in the UK and EU with homosexual rights is so perverse and corrupt it is beyond words the evil that is occurring there. First the declaration that homosexual couples can adopt children, and then having social services take away the children from the poor, the sick, and the infirm and permanatly giving them over to homosexual couples is sin above all sin.


A ten-year-old Catholic boy is being placed in the care of homosexual foster parents against the wishes of his religious mother.

The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is due to arrive tomorrow at his permanent new foster home, a hotel in Brighton run by a middle-aged male couple.

In the latest row over A Catholic legal charity is representing the mother in an attempt to change the placement.

A devout Catholic, she has told friends she is worried about the environment in which her son will be placed and wants him fostered by a heterosexual couple, in line with her Church’s belief in the traditional family.

The boy was first placed in care a year ago when his mother suffered a mental breakdown, the result of an abusive marriage which has left her unable to look after him.

Described as ‘bright and lively’, he attends a faith school and is due to take his First Communion soon. He loves tennis and singing, and texts his mother some nights to let her know he has brushed his teeth and said his prayers.

The Thomas More Legal Centre, a Catholic legal charity, was instructed last week to represent the mother. Neil Addison, director of the centre, said: ‘We are advising her on her legal options and seeking to resolve the matter with the council by agreement.’

Her parish priest and her son’s headteacher are said to be deeply concerned.

The priest said: ‘This isn’t about a gay couple in a private home, (This is about a homosexual couple raising a “Christian” child and forever perverting that child) this is about a gay couple running a hotel (A homosexual hotel?) where they also live, where they cannot restrict who (Homosexuals and other perverts) the child is going to meet. That’s my anxiety’. (The law is such in the UK that this priest can not speak against homosexuals or homosexuality without being prosecuted.)

His mother would not talk directly, but a fellow parishioner who is helping her through her ordeal said: ‘Both are Catholic. She is a committed Catholic, he has been baptised a Catholic and brought up by his mother as one.

‘She knows she is unwell and cannot cope with looking after him. All she wants is for him to be raised in a regular family atmosphere, by a man and a woman.

‘She would prefer a Catholic couple, but if that is not possible, at least a heterosexual one. But social services have given her no choice. She cannot understand how he can be looked after by two men she’s never met.

‘Her belief is that they could encourage him into a lifestyle that is against her religious beliefs.

The other day he asked her, “Mummy, are you lesbian or gay?” She had to tell him she was neither.’ (The absolute horror of having a ten year old child, being put permanantly in forster care with a homosexual couple and then asking you as their real mother or father this question. Realize that this is exactly what the homosexual movement is fishing for in the U.S.  The direct access to children to raise them as homosexuals.  They are already doing that via the public school system, which needs to be stopped locally, and legislatively.  The straw dog of fairness has been dragged out for the last 40 years to give us all that goads and pricks the church today, the new feminism, empowering homosexuals, empowering schools over families, the empowerment of Muslims.  Is this not I will make thee small and cause all of the Canaanites that were not destroyed or cast out to be pricks in your eyes and pricks in your sides? And I shall multiply your ememies and they shall make war with thee.  And they shall overthrow thee and take away thy children, thy fields, thy houses . . .  Is this not what we see before our eyes? )

Last night, a leading Catholic lawyer, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I have to ask, would a local authority put a ten-year-old atheist child into a devoutly Catholic home? I think not.

‘Or would it place a ten-year-old hijab-wearing devout Muslim girl with two gay men? Again, I think not.’ (This is a war against the church and christianity, not against atheism or muslimism.  Yet in this realization the haunting words of the Old Testament ring in my ears “YET THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL WOULD NOT REPENT” “YET THE KINGDOM OF JUDAH WOULD NOT REPENT” and the kingdom of Israel continued to do evil in the sight of the Lord, and the kingdom of Judah continued to do evil in the sight of the Lord.)

(The two main churches in England are the Catholic Church, and the Church of England and the next largest would be the Methodist Church that has fallen from its once lofty perch before the Lord and has in recent decades been cast down to the lowest and basest level of men.  Of these three churches we ask has their been any movement towards repentence and the Lord?)

(No, all three churches have been heavily invested in appeasement, the Catholic Church is steeped in appeasement to the Muslims and Liberals, the Anglican has been steeped in appeasement to homosexuals and Muslims and Liberals, and Methodist Churches has been steeped in the appeasement of homosexuals and Liberals.  Look again at the judgment of God that is falling upon the UK is it not in like kind to their churches sin and corruption? Are not the lovers of these churches become her destroyers? The very words of the Old Testament, God’s judgements live and move among us, yet who in the churches of the US sighs and cries for the abominations that are committed within our churches in our nation?)

(The Lord strongly spoke several years ago and said that the church itself is the largest mission field in the world. Instead of sending out missionaries to the ends of the earth, the church needs to get its own house in order, and see to its own that they truly come to know the Lord, and are cleansed and purged from all unrighteousness.  As to the churches that no longer do this, Christ comes and removes their candlestick.)

The lawyer added: ‘This local authority is clearly not taking account of this child’s cultural and religious identity, which it is obliged to do legally.’

The council, which has one of the highest rates of gay fostering and adoption in Britain, has told the mother the men who will foster her son are experienced, fully qualified and he will be well cared for.

But it was not prepared to answer questions about why it chose to place the child with same-sex foster parents against his mother’s wishes.

A spokesman said yesterday: ‘We will not comment on any issue relating to the welfare of a child in the care of the council.’