By Dawns Early Light 400 Launch Violent Attack on Fushan House Church

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September 15, 2009

SHANXI--At 3:00 AM the morning of Sunday, September 13, 2009, a mass of 400 deviants in police suits and red armbands broke into the"Good News Cloth Shoes Factory", on the site of Fushan Church's new building in Linfin City, Shanxi province. Two shovel loaders tore at the factory and new church building foundations, while the mob, with bricks and other blunt instruments in hand, beat Fushan church members who were sleeping at the church construction site. Within the hour, more than ten church members lay bleeding heavily; some were severely injured and sent to the emergency room. Several people lost consciousness and were subsequently hospitalized

The local emergency room was instructed by anonymous authorities to withhold treatment and prohibit blood transfusions for the injured church members. On Sunday night, two seriously injured patients had to be transferred with oxygen cylinders to a hospital in Linfin area. The power, water and telephone signals to“Good News Cloth shoes Factory” were cut off, with guards monitoring all the supply lines running to the factory.

Government officials and police were identified among the wild crowd of attackers. At the onset, Gao Xuezhong, the secretary of Zhangzhuang town, reportedly shouted, “Strike everything; we will pay for it!” The Vice County Executive Duan Yumin was also seen perpetuating the crackdown. According to witnesses, "He dashed around madly on the shovel loaders, pushed over the enclosure wall, and tore down the temporary working-houses, restrooms and the factory." The vandals smashed the windows, doors, kitchen utensils, refrigerators and motorcycles. Leaving destruction in their wake, they looted the television and other appliances, and stole church members' money, cell phones, clothes, books, and even the factory's business license. The unprecedented and unwarranted attack was devastating, with church members calling the scene "worse than the Wenchuan earthquake." 

The attack lasted for several hours, with the offenders sneaking away just before dawn. After the demolition and looting, officials deliberately disposed of the evidence, and cleaned up some of the mess to hide their involvement. At noon on September 13th, thousands of church members gathered at the site in grief; they were shocked by the state of the building and the rubble left behind. Filled with indignation, the church members prayed to God for justice for the innocent victims of the attack. They asked factory coworkers and community members to visit and pray for them.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu is grieved by the persecution and shares the outrage of his fellow believers. "We are totally shocked to hear of this bloody crackdown against innocent Christian believers by the Fushan county officials. " said Mr. Fu. "We urge the Chinese government to hold those abusive officials accountable and take concrete actions to guarantee the Fushan citizens' religious freedom. "

View the Prayer Request on Fushan Church's website.

VIDEOS: 1) Thousands rally to pray for Fushan Church the day after the September 13 attack.

            2) VOCN.TV covers breaking news on Fushan House Church (posted 9/16/2009). 


ChinaAid calls on the international community to voice their protests against the brutal treatment of Christians to the Chinese government, and to pray for justice and healing for the victims of the attack. We further pray for the souls of the participants in the crime, that they will be internally convicted of their inhumane treatment of others and disregard for basic human life.    

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