Bullying Mob Packs Meeting in Support of Islamic Supremacist Institution
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March 20, 2009
Jeffrey Imm

This article is especially meaningful as the events here are not occurring in some small far flung community, but in Fairfax, Virginia the county seat for Fairfax County and roughly 35 miles away from the Nations Capital. 

Imagine facing the overwhelming odds of fighting for equality in Islamic supremacist Saudi Arabia... (The writer’s POV here is extreme comparing what goes on in Saudi Arabia concerning Islam, with a meeting with the Fairfax board of Supervisors over the enlargement of a Mosque) These were the same odds faced by a handful of activists (Activists??? I strongly suspect these were people living near and around this Mosque)  in challenging the estimated 600 supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy at Northern Virginia's Fairfax County Planning Commission on the night of March 18, 2009.  (So in a show of strength the entire congregation comes out and packs the meeting with their own) Many hundreds of the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) supporters wore printed name tag badges reading "I Support ISA," including ISA's logo containing the emblem of Saudi Arabian government with its two crossed swords.... (We fully believe that these Muslims were being intimidating in this meeting, From early battles with this group when they first wanted built this Mosque there, there was reported a large public outcry against the construction of this Mosque but the people then were out maneuvered, out spent, and the loudest objectors were bullied into silence. The fact that only a handful showed up here is a testament to the effectiveness and fear the members of this Mosque/Islamic Academy have cast over the Locals.)

The meeting of the Fairfax County Government Planning Commission was to consider a special exemption to a zoning regulation to allow for the building of an expansion to the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax, Virginia. The Fairfax County government has been leasing space for the existing Saudi Academy facilities for years now. (This bit is of information is amazing, -- consider this where in the US does any government, federal, state or local, lease space from a church? This is illegal as the joining of government and religion, and yet it is and it has not been assailed by the ACLU or any other group. The existence of this belays something dirty and unclean. Possibly extortion, possibly quid pro quo, possibly key members of that local government are either Muslim, or have strong Muslim financial support for their elections. Whatever has been employed here needs to be scrutinized.) As a suburb of Washington DC, Fairfax, Virginia is slightly more than 20 miles away from our nation's capital. The Islamic Saudi Academy has been frequently criticized for its reported use of textbooks promoting hate and violence, its former students associated with jihadplots, reports of negligence on reporting female child sex abuse, and ISA's former valedictorian convicted of joining Al-Qaeda and plotting to assassinate the president.  (More to the fact this place in Fairfax is a factory designed to pump out Muslims fully indoctrinated in the Saudi Arabian brand of Islam that gave us 9/11 with almost every terrorist there being Saudi)

At the government public meeting, the Fairfax County government board auditorium was packed by Islamic Saudi Academy supporters beyond capacity with dozens standing in the aisles and corridors, as it sought to show its clout to Northern Virginia's Fairfax government. It was an event that most Fairfax residents were unaware of, but the Saudi Arabian-backed institution's supporters were well organized to demonstrate their power in Virginia. Andrea Lafferty, one of the few speakers to challenge the Islamic Saudi Academy was nearly ushered out....until she fought to have a seat in the audience.

As Islamic Saudi Academy's attorney Lynn Strobel presented their case to the Fairfax County Planning Commission, she emphasized the public support of her clients seeking the expansion of this Islamic supremacist, Wahhabist-based institution...to demonstrate their power, Lynn Strobel turned to audience and asked the supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy to rise. In the auditorium packed with individuals wearing printed badges "I Support ISA," virtually EVERY person stood up.

While the Islamic Saudi Academy's attorney and their speakers were treated courteously and with respect, those in opposition to the Islamic Saudi Academy were treated very differently. The bullying mob of Islamic Saudi Academy supporters was frequently allowed to disrupt the tiny number willing to speak against the Islamic Saudi Academy's planned expansion in Fairfax County. Several speakers challenging this expansion were loudly booed and laughed at -- until the Fairfax commission chairman Peter Murphy (as this was being captured on video) would eventually call for order.

While most of the activists challenging the Islamic Saudi Academy addressed typical zoning issues like traffic and local conservation issues, they also addressed the challenge to human rights in extending land use for an institution with a documented history of textbooks promoting hatred and intolerance, and whose leaders and students have been linked to covering up female child sex abuse and terrorism plots. One commissioner criticized such activists for addressing such human rights and human security issues as "people there who obviously had an agenda." (This commissioner would seem to have been in their pocket)

The presence of a Wahhabi School strategically located just outside of the capital beltway is no accident, and we see that it is now expanding. The question that needs to be asked here is what are all the churches in this area doing concerning the hearts and the minds of the people? Are they standing by like in so many other places and allowing Islam to grow in their area unchallenged? Every church should be going door to door in this entire community and do as Christ commanded and taught.