September Update


It has come to our attention that several individuals have made links to this specific part of our website. We would like to welcome and greet those brothers and sisters in Christ that have come to this website via those links.


We thank the Lord for all that come and hope that the Lord would lead you to read some of the articles on this website dealing with many of the aspects of our spiritual growth and our coming into a deeper more abiding personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Feel free to look through the website, read some of The Pinecrest Banner Issues in our archive, read some of our articles and the writings of others on the website's Main Page, or look though our Christian Ancient Writings page, or some other sections that may be of interest.


This past month Wade has completed editing his first online book, in the future he plans to add two more online books, Each of these are by different authors that Wade will have reworked and edited.


Wade had his birthday this past month and now is 84, we trust that The Lord will bless him and keep him.


In our conversations this past month Wade has been feeling strong in the Lord, and greatly encouraged through phone calls letters and emails.  He has received several prophecies in recent months from strangers that do not know him personally and are not aware of any of the things that have transpired in recent months. In each of these prophecies they have confirmed time and again God will restore to Wade what the Lord in His Sovereignty promised and gave Wade.


“That the Glory of Wade’s latter house shall exceed that of His former house”  

I would go into greater detail however Wade has requested that I not go into any details, so we will abide by his request at this time.


We do not talk much about ourselves here, but we wish here to express our great gratitude to the Lord who in His great grace returned unto us one of our sons Michael who is 16 and has chosen to live here in Alaska with us.  (Us being myself and my other two sons) He has been away for some seven years and unfortunately suffered abuse at the hand of his uncle. Originally he was the most spiritual of my children and the enemy has done a lot to take that away from Him. I would covet your prayers for Michael that the Lord would manifest himself to him, and ultimately that he receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (He is not ready for that at this time – some stones and thorns need to be cleared away and his fallow ground needs to be plowed once again.


I am exceedingly joyful that my son has returned home. This was a real wonder and working of the Lord that this came about at all because all of His relatives have done everything they could to obstruct and block this from happening previously, and burdening him with grave threats if he ever tried to leave. So here by the grace of God they allowed him to come and visit here for the summer, and when he decided on his own to stay they did not argue, or threaten him. I can not tell you how happy this has made me and my other two sons.     


Praise The Lord!