Dear Reader, Good Morning!


Praise The Lord!


First we want to express our great wonder and awe (With our being declared and preached of in many places as being one with “No Discernable Talent”) that in the course of the recent turn of events that the Lord has some how seen fit to entrusted us for a season to watch over, wait on, and guard the Vision that God gave Wade Taylor in 1959 concerning the creation of a school of the Spirit where the Lord desired to train and prep a people for the end time call of God.


In that spirit we want to humbly welcome all the students that are enrolled in the school of the Spirit, that the Lord has seen fit to send to this chapel in the wilderness, a classroom and school without walls.  We note that this School of the Spirit is the same prestigious School of old who’s Headmaster is God Himself, who’s Academic Dean is Jesus Christ, and Who’s Teaching Department’s Head is The Holy Spirit.


Some of this school’s graduates are: Abraham, Rebekah, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Hannah, Samuel, Ruth, David, Isaiah, Daniel, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Peter, James, John, and Paul.


We have great expectations of this upcoming class that they will be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, that they will be able to hear the word that proceedeth out of the Mouth of the Father, and that they will read, treasure and store up in their hearts the words and commandments of Jesus Christ.  That they will so immerse themselves with reading God’s word that when the Holy Spirit Speaks that He shall indeed be able to bring all things to their remembrance, And that according to the words of Christ that the temple of the Holy Ghost within each and everyone of you shall indeed become “A house of prayer.”


For those in the upcoming class we would declare unto you that the Spiritual opportunity that looms before you that earnestly desire to become a part of the end-time people of God looms large before you, as a great vast undiscovered continent filled with immense forests, streams, brooks, rivers, ponds and lakes of crystal clean waters without number. It is a land of milk and honey, of vineyards that you did not plant, of farm fields that you did not plow, or herds of sheep and cattle that you did not raise, of houses, villages, and even cities that you did not build – before this upcoming class lies a great undiscovered country of Spiritual opportunities in God -- more than this people and their children and their children’s children could ever bear.


Yet when this same was offered the church in the wilderness – out of a class of millions only two students graduated – Joshua and Caleb.


We should mention that out here in the wilderness it does not matter where here is as the School is where ever the cloud by day, and the pillar of flame by night moves and chooses to stand – so that a good portion of your learning process will be determined by your being able to follow the movings and leading of the Holy Spirit, and then to be able to stand and wait in obedience when the Holy Spirit has you encamp in a certain place for a season. The School of the Spirit is also a faith school in which the faculty, staff members and students are all expected to pray in the school’s and one another’s needs. As being a faith school we need to come into a deep personal trust of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that these shall see to all of the needs of all Faculty members, Staff, and students and part of that faith and trust is rendered by our continued faithfulness even in times of great personal need.  In the school of the Spirit we charge no tuition to our students – so also when you are sent on out station ministries you are to freely give as you have freely received,   


There will be times of sifting, times of testing, times of deep soul searching and repentance, there will be times of great temptation, and distraction that would seem to pull at every fiber in your being and call out to you to abandon this course of study, and your seeking to come to know the Lord deeply personally and intimately as your Lord Master and Savior.


But he that endures to the end the same shall receive of the Lord Personal Justification and Personal Sanctification even as our former grads did, and to be able to so walk even as they so walked.



May the Lord Richly Bless You



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