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John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Summer 2004
The Power of God CAN be Trusted
Wade E Taylor

He stands behind our wall – This wall is all the things that hinder, our involvements in temporal things. When we seek the lord, there is an enemy that will come and tell us all the reasons why we can’t. If I were to say to you, today, the Lord is going to move powerfully in your life, you would probably tell me six or seven reasons why He couldn’t. We all have our reasons. We know that there are things that we are involved in that are hindrances.

The wall is the conditions, the barriers, the hindrances; it can be doctrinal, or things that we were taught.

Back in 1953, while attending a full Gospel church, I began praying and seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit. A denominational minister told me about these Pentecostal people: they never took a bath, they rolled on the floors, they all lived on the other side of the tracks, and they swung on the chandeliers. He really went overboard to try to scare/keep me from receiving the baptism. He told me that all these horrible things would happen.

I am seeking the baptism and I am praying for the baptism, and all at once – up comes this wall – all the things I had been told – the terrible things that would happen. The power of God would start to move and there is a sense of loosing control.

When the presence of God touches you when you are prayed some go down. Why do people go down when they are touched?

There is a reason why you go down. Before the astronauts go up into space, they put them in a tank to practice weightlessness, so they know how to function. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above. Far above what? Far above gravity. So we are influenced by gravity.

We are able to walk and stand. Walking is actually a process of falling down.–

When you take a step, you are standing here. You lean and you start to fall down, so when You do, You put your foot out and you catch yourself. Then you bring your other foot up, then you start to fall down, and you put your foot out and catch yourself – that is walking! You walk by falling down, you lean and then you catch yourself and then you go.

When the power comes, you sense you are loosing control, and when the presence of God comes, if we are seated in heavenly places, and a heavenly environment comes on, in that heavenly environment, you are lifted above what? Gravity. So if you are lifted above gravity, what happens? You begin to float!

I once asked my daughter, Nancy, my daughter, if she ever prayed for anyone and they fell down? She said, “No.” I picked a person that I knew went down real easy and I said Nancy, “Pray.” She started to pray and the next thing I know, she is going over backwards. She is at the close to the area where there was all kinds of equipment and stuff and over she goes, right in it.

I wasn’t expecting that. That was not what was supposed to happen. Later, she asked, “Who caught me?” I said, “No one. No one caught you.” She said, “No, someone caught me. I felt a hand. Someone caught me.” There was no one there, but there was, there was an angel. She felt a hand, and in the spirit, you don’t get hurt.

It is being lifted above. We are being released. The problem is this when I begin to loose control, something within the soul, the “I,” doesn’t like that. There is something within us that wants to be in control, so when I am praying for people some go down and some, when the power of God begins to move on them, rather than yield to it, they take a step forward. When they take that step forward the anointing lifts.

I pray a polite prayer and say thank You. They take a step. They re-establish their balance, which means the “I” comes back into the control. The desire of the Lord is to take us beyond self-control into the Spirit where we trust the Lord.

Nancy experienced that trust. When she realized what happened, she knew from that day on, that she could yield and that there was a higher power in control and that she could trust that.

In yielding to the spirit, I have noticed this happen. Ten people line up – seven go down – the next one you pray for I still standing. The one left standing there says, “What is wrong with me?” Well, answer is, there is absolutely nothing wrong. The person still standing may have gotten more.

Sometimes there is such a yielding and receptivity, that we can receive and the Lord is doing something different within our lives and meeting our need uniquely with a different type of anointing or moving.

He stands behind a wall –We need to come to the place where we can trust the supernatural, the power of God. I have seen powerful manifestations of the power of God and things happen that have actually scared me out of my wits. But, I can honestly say, in looking back, and without exception, it came out right. It was scary at the time, because the Lord is dealing with the human element. but it would come out right and that person would have a clear testimony that they had met the Lord beyond anything that had happened previously.

Israel said to Moses, “We don’t want to shake, we don’t want to tremble, we don’t want this.” The Lord said, “Okay, I will give you what you want.” An outer court, where the people could gather, a holy place, where the priest came once a day and then a holy of holies, a ten by ten cubical where the Lord moved into and where the high priest would enter once a year in behalf of the nation.”

Well, the Lord wants to come out – because His original intention was not a holy of holies – a ten by ten cubical where He would abide, but in the original, He said I will come down in the sight of all the people. That was His desire then and it is still His desire today.

People are hungry for the power of God, not just the letter of the Word, but the spirit of the Word that flows out of the presence of God. The world is seeking that too, but they are seeking it all in wrong ways. They are seeking manifestations and empowering, all that without paying a price, which is the occult world. They don’t want to pay the price of a separated life so they are seeking to come into it in some other way.

I would start to pray and the power of God would start to move on me and I would freeze and I would catch myself and freeze, because I have been told see there was a wall. I had been told all these terrible things and I would freeze and then it would be gone. Now once I realize it is gone, I would say, well that is really what I really want. So I would start over again. I began to wait and it would start to build and it would get strong then I would panic, because all these things would come up. And I would freeze, well this went on for a month and every time and I would go back to that church. And I would begin to pray and the power of God would start to move and I would feel it and then, I would remember and I was afraid I would loose control and all these things would begin to happen and I would freeze and finally the Lord gave me a verse.

If we ask for (Matthew 6 or 7) bread, He will not give us a stone. If we ask for fish, He will not give us a serpent. And I started to repeat that. Lord, I am asking for bread and I am told that You will give me a stone, but You said, in Your word, that You will not do that. Lord I am asking for the moving of Your spirit, Your presence, I am asking for fish, the reality and I am told that I will get a scorpion, that I will get devoured, but You said in Your word, that I would not, so Lord, I am going to believe You. Well, after I said that about a hundred times, I started to believe it. And I came through to a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit. But I had to get through that, that wall that had been built – that barrier and we all have them in some measure and we are living now at this present time – no other generation has had the opportunity, but through all the things that have been going on there has been these little doubts and fears and we have heard horror stories – most of which is a valid explanation – because the power of God can be trusted.



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