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John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Fall 2003
The Word of My Power
Clo DiPilato

I created the world, and all that is therein. I created the seas and all that teems in its waters. I created the heavens of heavens with all the starry hosts and galaxies, and universes beyond your comprehension. I uphold all these things by “The Word of My Power.” I have been executing My will successfully in the order of My creation by “The Word of My Power.” All things consist by the one who is before all things, even My Son, the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is “The Word of My power,” and when you come to the revelation knowledge that “The Word of My Power” is that which upholds all that is in place in your own world, then you will enter into a new dimension of settled faith, in Me.

The shakings to disturb and unsettle you, are the Spirit’s activity to demonstrate to you that in your individual and personal world, I am the one who is before all things; and it is by My Spirit, by “The Word of My Power,” that everything in your life is holding together. Without “The Word of My Power” operating within the interior of your life, your life would be empty, dark, without form and void.

But My Spirit moved upon the face of the deep waters in your life, and I am the one who separates the morning from the evening, in your life. I am the one who brings the understandings of light and darkness, and I am the one who separates the seas from the dry lands. In your own personal world, I am the one who brings order and sensibility, just so you can navigate your way through one simple day. And, except that I had chosen to be merciful to My creation to reverse the spirit of chaos, and bring order, not one could stand in a sure place. Apart from Me, there is no foundation for the framing of your world.

Apart from “The Word of My Power,” there is no plan or law that can keep the outer world from spinning out of control, to an utter combustion of matter to be scattered to the four winds. Except I had shown the human part of My creation divine mercies at every level, each and every element of your life would be scattered and carried away with winds, until you were nothing but a hollow, empty and broken shell, totally useless and without purpose. But because of “The Word of My Power,” you are held together in the hallowed place of My mercy and My grace and redemption, and My simple plan and purpose to let the sun shine on the just and the unjust, so that your world can exist in peace and consist in the secure abode of “The Word of My Power,” while I work out My eternal plan of restoring all things to Myself.

As I wait for the day when My Son shall deliver the Kingdom, and all rule and authority, up to Me, that I might be All and in All, I am searching and seeking out a people who will be willing to be qualified, as those who will even be as “The Word of My Power” in the earth. My manifested sons are now being prepared to answer the groaning and travail of the desperate, agonizing creation, enslaved to the bondages of sin, degradation, powerless living, and the depravities of darkness.

“The Word of My Power” through My manifested sons is going to call forth translation, transition and change, intervention, restoration, jubilee, and liberty, until the foundations are deeply laid with fair colors, and the structures are fitly-framed, and the chaos and disorder of that one, broken, peeled, and scattered, sees every fragment of his life brought into alignment, cohesion, and wholeness of abundant life, through the knowledge of My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Living Word. He is “The Word of My Power.”

Through the manifestation of sonship, Christ, the hope of Glory, the Living Word working within, “The Word of My Power” shall come forth as a new dimension that will cause new levels of order, upward into Kingdom authority, that shall expedite change at every level, and all realms. It is the appointed time for change. It is the hour of transition. It is the time of Divine Intervention, but it will not be apart from the involvement and manifestation of My sons, whom I have been long time preparing for this very day and this very hour.

When I chose to bring My many sons, who follow in the footsteps of their Elder Brother (the Captain of the Lord's hosts made perfect through sufferings), into the covenant of being joint heirs with My only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I purposed never to act apart from involving these ones I have formed in My likeness, and created in My image. These shall truly, always have part in My plan of executing My divine will whether in judgment or blessing, in the earth.

When My people, walking in sonship, learn to speak forth “The Word of My Power,” the powers of darkness will wilt at your feet, and the principalities that prance menacingly and threateningly before My people, and My creation, will shrink back. They will be oppressed and harassed in the same spirit of fear and trepidation with which they have oppressively and tauntingly terrorized My creation.

Every throne, and every dominion, shall revere and respect “The Word of My Power,” coming forth in authority through My manifested sons, because I have ordained from the foundations of the world that My overcomers, who are seated with Me in My throne, would rule and reign with Me. This is the heritage of My servants. This is the birthright of My sons.

What is “The Word of My Power”? It is that “rhema” word, the proceeding word of resurrection life, that comes forth from the deepest place within, which you have contended for, even to the death of every other ambition and desire. It is not a great sermon, or a Scriptural understanding, or a precious revelation, but it is the true message I have placed within the soul of My servant, that consumes the being, and sets on fire the burning candle of conscience, refusing to be shut up within the prison bars of bone. It is My power being manifested, as a prophetic explosion of My heart.

When you look about you, and see the glories of My creation, from the gentlest dove to the foreboding roar of the lion, from the merest trickle of water in a desert, to the rushing white waters of a Niagara, do you really believe this was accomplished without great passion on My part? And yet, My people assume they can effect change, and bring a creative word, apart from a connection to My deep passions and longings, which I have clearly set forth as the very meat and drink of My own heart.

Study My Word, and see if you cannot find My heart, even within its pages? I am a God of reconciliation. I am a God of restoration. I am the God who brings lost sheep back to the fold, and lost sons back home to their fathers. I am the God who opens blind eyes, and unstops deaf ears. I am the God who sets the captive free, and opens the doors of the prison houses. “The Word of My Power” is the word of My passion, and apart from My passion, My power will not be revealed.

You cannot know “The Word of My Power,” apart from knowing My heart. When you seek Me for that deeper word of Life, and when you call forth that word to come up out of the depths of your being, and when you are willing to allow that word to silence every other voice and message within you, wishing to find expression, you will know the creative dimension of the Word of the Lord, “The Word of My Power.” You will know how to bring down principalities, powers, thrones, and dominions. You will know how to fill in valleys and flatten mountains. You will know true salvation, true cleansing, true sanctification, and true deliverance. You will know the song of the soul, set free from the spirit and power of darkness and chaos, to be a new world of the beauty of My holiness, where “The Power of My Word” holds all things together, all things in place to the glory of God.

Seek the Lord for the deeper word of Life. Seek the Lord that “The Word of His Power” might begin to resonate with sounds of life, within your own being. Do not settle for a sermon. Do not settle for a theme. Do not settle for some little homespun spiritual idea, misting across your brain like some waft of sweet cotton fluff candy, gooey and sweet to the religious ear, but totally void and empty of the true power of God to save, heal, deliver, cleanse, and set free. Wait on God for the deeper word. Wait on God for the word of His passion. Wait on God for His heart. Do not speak forth until you truly have working within your being, “The Word of His Power.”

Oh My beloved, change is coming through “The Word of His Power.” But, His first order will be to clear the canvas of that which has been cluttering the atmosphere, with the powerless and ineffective voices speaking forth from the courts of the human mind. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving. Get into His courts with praise, that you might get His mind. Press through into the true heavenly places before you presume to speak in His Name.

Do not be a voice of obstruction in the land, blocking the way for the true Word of the Lord. Do not be a stone that needs to be cast out so that the rough places can be made smooth, and do not be as the sticks that need to be gathered to be burned, before there is a clear pathway for the true Word of the Lord to come forth.

Have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. It is the day of “The Word of My Power.” It is the day when I shall begin to openly reveal and divide between that which is soul, and that which is Spirit. There shall be a clear delineation between the heart of man, and the heart of God. And that one, who speaks from the heart of man, shall be marked as one whose words fall to the ground. But, the one who speaks from the heart of God, shall be even as Samuel, with none of his words falling to the ground. And all that he speaks shall come to pass for edification, and the upholding of that which I do and create, in the earth.

Be willing to get into the secret place, until you know you have a true word from God, and not from your own heart. This is the admonishment, and this is the exhortation of the Spirit of God. Thus saith the Lord.



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