Pinecrest Bible Training Center

John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Winter 1998
Dear Friends,

There are many indications that this new year will be a time of special spiritual activity, in which the Lord will begin to release increased spiritual anointing and authority within those who have presented their body as a living sacrifice to Him, have been tested and approved, and who are making themselves available to Him, in a deeper and more personal way.

Therefore, it is crucial that each of us who feel this calling into a higher realm of spiritual understanding and function, find confirmation of the end-time revelation that we are hearing. This is the purpose, heart, and burden of the Banner.

In the Fall of 1959, I received a very powerful visitation in which the understanding was imparted, that Pinecrest would have a part in the last-day move of the Holy Spirit, concerning the preparation of lives for the end-time purposes of the Lord.

As a part of the outworking of this "word" that I received, the Banner is prayerfully sent to those who desire to fully submit their lives to the Lord for His purposes, and who seek to enter into all that He intends for them.

It is my prayerful desire that each article in this issue of the Banner will be a ministry to you, to help confirm and establish your desire to better know and serve our Lord.

Please be encouraged to send additional names of those who also are spiritually hungry, and are seeking more. We will add their names to the mailing list to receive the next issue of the Banner.

Also, Pinecrest struggles financially, and is dependent on funds received through those who receive the Banner. Please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor to this ministry. There is a present urgent need for an increase in the monthly support that is received.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness, and may our Lord abundantly bless you, as you read this issue of the Banner.


IN His Love,

Wade E.. Taylor