Pinecrest Bible Training Center

John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Summer 1992

A Letter of Appreciation to Those Who Gave
A Word of encouragement to Those Who Didn't

Toward the end of April, you received a letter concerning the need to re-pay the loan for the printing press that was purchased to print the Banner.

At the time this letter was mailed, $130,000.00 was needed. So far, about 10 percent of those receiving the Banner have responded. This means that 90 percent have yet to respond.

I am prayerfully looking to the Lord that each of you who are among this 90 percent will yet respond. This would mean that the school could not only pay for the printing press, but become debt free.

This will lift a tremendous on-going pressure from me, and from the school.

The ten percent who responded gave about $80,000.00. This leaves $40,000.00 that is yet needed to complete the payment for the press.

Pinecrest, as a ministry, cannot support itself. It has no choice but to look to those who receive from its ministry. If you are spiritually fed and edified by the Banner, please prayerfully consider giving towards the remaining amount that is needed for the press, and towards the continuing ministry of the Banner and the Bible School.

To each of you who have given, thank you from the very depth of my heart. Your gift has helped to make it possible for this ministry to continue. It is not my desire to continually seek support. However, there is an urgent need for an added number who are willing to become a part of this ministry and give regularly in support of it.

I am looking forward to receiving your gift towards paying for the printing press, and for the support of this ministry.

Thank you, and may our Lord bless and guide you as you seek to know Him above all others and else.

I am personally OUTRAGED at this letter that Wade sent. Of his having gone out and bought the most expensive printing press availible and then dropping the bill on those who were reading The Banner.

Background I had four years of printing using AB DICK and Multilithe Printing presses that were used in high prinking envoronments, I also knew a few printshop owners that had mid range priced printing presses that were 20 - 30 years old (At that time) That were all in good shape due to regular cleaning and maintenance. When I arrived at Pinecrest in 1976 they had Davidson presses. Good mid-range priced printing presses one looked to be 10-15 years old (It was probably bought used or refurbished -- which was a good sound investment) , and they had a newer press from the same company (That was bought new -- the machine's quality was noticibly lower than the older -- this was a so so investment.) From 1972-1981 This older press was somewhat maintained and ran well. And from 1975- 1981 the new press was maintained and ran well.


When I returned to Pinecrest in the Summer 1985 the old press was broken and no longer ran, the new press was running but was so badly damaged from years of neglect that it could barely apply enough pressure to make a copy. In examining the press I could take an 18" screwdriver and raise the impression cylinder 3/4 of an inch. (Normally these are immobile) but the brass bearings due to lack of oil, cleaning and maintenace (These slid brass bearings were replaceable) I was forced to build the pressure cam up with weld and gring it to create an adjustment that the press was never designed to accomodate (You fix it before it ever gets to this place.) So they could print The Banner. During printing the cam had to be welded a second time to even add more adjustment.


There was also a refurbished Hydraulic Paper cutter we installed in 1981 -- This was broken also broken in the summer of 1985, and no longer had any cylinder pressure -- In examining this I found the Hydraulic oil tank had two full cups of sand in it -- as it had also never been cleaned or seviced


Some month later Wade proudly showed me the New Press that he had purchased it was made in germany a top of the line press sporting an automatic oiling system with hoses that led to every gear and every bearing in the press. Willard Beezley had taken over printing for the school and kept this press clean as a whistle. This press cost three to four times the amount of any good midline American made press. And yet here in 1992 just 7 years after this world class virtually indestructable press was purchased -- Here Wade suddenly goes and buys a second one (Either the first had been turned into junk like the two davidsons in less then two years after Brother Beezley ceased working in the print shop or the print shop's business had so increased they needed a second press -- in either case this was wanton and wasteful mis-spending (Horrible stewardship) and then palming the bill off on The Banners readers was a completely faithless and unconscionable act.


I was very disturbed to read this financial appeal and the continued veil threats against those who would not pony up the money Wade was seeking. I am horrified and ashamed that something like this ever occurred.


If the Lord would lead me to a property and see I want you to have this, or I will give you this -- the Lord will pay for, or provide a means for my receiving that property. I may have to wait upon the Lord, I may need to fast to do so, but when God speaks and promises with the hands of no others He does what He has spoken -- And thus the Glory goes all to the Lord when He so intervenes.


The same is if the Lord were to send one out to the mission feild, if the Lord desired you to have a car or truck, or in this case a printing press. If God speaks -- if we wait for the Lord the provision will come.


But if we run ahead of the Lord and go and do things, if we go and purchase things with our eye of lust -- we will have to pay our own way.


Jonah paid his own way to flee God, When God sent Jonah to Ninevah God paid Jonah's way.


As a way of testimony for the last three and a half years I have not been able to work. I have ad congestive heart failure and a number of other ailments that have weakned me beyond beleif -- I am typing from a hospital bed in my room. During this period I did not pray or worry about my bills or even my needs. Let me testify here that God sent me money and provided all my needs and the needs of my two children that live with me. We received checks from companies that I could not understand, checks from strangers, money from people we knew but made no request to. One woman a stranger travelled almost 1000 miles round trip to give me $500.00 that God had told her to do. Another weekend a man traveled the same distance and paid out of his own pocket to put in a double insolated chimney pipe for our woodstove. God has done so many things during this time for his complete glory, taking care of even our oil and wood for heat(Here in Alaska these things are kind of important)


Jesus told us not to fret, that God takes care of the birds and flowers -- so shall he take care of us. So I did not pray for myself or my needs but was able instead to pray for others, just wait on the Lord and fellowship with Him. And do whatever I was able on the website the Lord has entrusted me with during that time. -- The Lord provided all our needs and we have lacked nothing as He promised.


I did not lay my hand to the ark and touch the Gold nor the Glory. And by that I mean that I made no financial appeals on my website, nor have I left any means to receive anything much less have contact with those who the Lord sends to this website.


The Lord indicates now to me after this website has been up now for over three years that sometime in the future that is to change -- which makes me uncomfortable -- but in the time and in the manner the Lord so choses -- I will submit to His will -- for what purposes I have no idea at this point, but in due time the Lord will make His purposes known as well.