Pinecrest Bible Training Center

John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Fall 1991

The Door to God's Heart
Gabriel Hoffman
Pinecrest student

The Lord Jesus came to me. He said, "Come, Father has something special for you." Excited, I followed my Savior to the Throne room. Father God was there in all His majestic glory. He rose to greet me and smiled.

"Son," He said. "It is time for you to choose your life work and ministry." "Really?" I responded with joy and amazement. "Oh, Father! This is the day I have been preparing and praying for. Is it really time?"

"Yes, my son, it is time. But you must choose wisely for this will be your life's work." Then I remembered that I had made Him Lord of my life. "But Father, what is your will for me?" He smiled, "Son, I have prepared you to serve me in any number of ministries. The choice is yours. Truly, I give you the freedom to choose from the set of options I have prepared for you. Any of these will please me as long as you are faithful in how you carry them out. Do you understand?" "Yes, Father." I replied, still too stunned to say anything more.

So Father took me to a great golden door and led me through. It opened onto a corridor curving gently downhill and to the left, like a gallery. In this corridor stood a number of tables, each with an object on it. Beside each table was a door that exited from the hallway.

"My dear son," said Father. "We will go to each table, and I will explain the ministerial callings and gifts that are available. I will answer any questions you may have. At any point you may choose an option and exit through the appropriate door into your ministry, and my happiness."

"Yes, Father. I am ready to begin." The first table was covered in bright green velvet and held a bottle of oil. Over the doorway was inscribed "HEALING." I looked questioningly at the Father. "This is the ministry of healing. The green table represents health and life. The bottle is the healing oil of the Holy Spirit. In this ministry you will have power to touch people in spirit, soul, and body, and bring my healing to many."

"Wow!" I thought to myself. "That would be great! Oh the aching hearts and broken bodies I could touch. The glory that would be brought to Jesus by this!" Yet, something in my heart tugged at me. "Father! This would be wonderful, but."

"But?" "I feel you have something even more important for me." He smiled and led me to the next table. As I walked toward the next table, I noticed how the carpet looked worn in front of the door of Healing. I asked Father about this. "Many have chosen that door. Those who were faithful have brought great glory to the Kingdom, and pleasure to me. Those who abused the gift, have brought shame to us, and to themselves."

The next table was made of electric blue azure. On it lay a wooden staff. Over the doorway was inscribed "MIRACLES" in blazing letters. As we stopped in front of the table, Father spoke. "The blue represents my power. On the table is Elijah's staff. With it you will have tremendous power with man, and with nature. You will be able to do supernatural acts for me."

I expressed amazement. The staff of Elijah! I had long admired the power of this man, and his mighty exploits for God. And yet the longing inside my heart was not satisfied. "This would be tremendous, my Lord, but somehow, my heart yearns for something deeper, and more lasting." I thought I caught a glimmer of approval on Father's face as He said, "Very well, shall we go on?" I nodded.

We went around the curved corridor until I could no longer see the door we had entered. Next, we came to a table of black marble shot through with white. Over the doorway, "PROPHECY" was written in bold black letters on a pure white background. On the table was a worn pair of sandals. As we stopped in front of the table, Father spoke again.

"The colors represent the 'black and white' nature of prophecy. The prophet clearly sets forth the light of the Truth in a world darkened by lies. The sandals belonged to John the Baptist. In this ministry, you would be my oracle to my people, and to those of the world."

"Prophecy?!" I thought to myself. "This would be outstanding. I have always longed to speak the very words of God. There are so many lies going around the world, and even in the Church. There is a desperate need for true prophets in these last days."

Still the tugging in my heart did not cease. Rather, it grew stronger. "Father, these first three doors lead to 'power ministries.' I do not want to sound ungrateful, but are not these dangerous? I am not sure I would be able to rightly handle this power."

Father smiled again, in approval. "Son you are wise to be so thoughtful about these gifts. They are very powerful, and can be quite dangerous if pursued with a wrong heart, or motive. Many have used these gifts well and have entered into my Joy, but all too many others have destroyed themselves and those around them in their abuse of these gifts. You are free to choose these, and I will work with, and in you for their proper use."

"Thank you, Father, but I desire something deeper, and closer to your heart." "Closer to my heart, son? Very well, let us press on."

As we walked further down the corridor, I noticed two things. First, the light was growing somewhat dimmer, and second, I could hear a faint thump-thump like a distant drum. I wondered about these, but held my peace for the moment.

The next table was made of brightly polished brass. On it lay a finely made trumpet. Over the doorway was written "EVANGELISM" in letters nearly as bright as the sun. We stopped in front of the table, and I quietly waited for Father to explain this ministry to me. He began speaking. "The ministry of evangelism is very special in the Kingdom. The brass table represents my judgment against sin. The trumpet heralds the good news that my Son, Jesus bore this judgment on behalf of mankind. The brilliant lettering is a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom."

I pondered these things silently for a moment. It would be such a thrill to lead others to a new life in Jesus. There are so many suffering people who need this good news. The Lord Jesus and Father deserve to have more people gathered around the Throne in worship and adoration. Does not all of heaven rejoice each time a sinner repents? I knew that this ministry would bring great joy to Father, but the tugging on my heart grew stronger.

"Oh Father. This would be truly wonderful, but I feel that there is still something more that you have for me. Father, may we go on?" "Yes, son. The choice is yours. We shall go to the next table."

We walked further down the corridor and came to a table made of pure white alabaster. On it was placed a piece of slate and chalk. Over the doorway was written, "TEACHING." "Son, this is also a very special ministry to the Kingdom. There are so many in dire need of proper teaching of my true Word; that which is recorded in Scripture and is being poured forth day after day from the Throne. The white table represents the pure milk of the properly taught Word. The slate and chalk represent the instruments of an instructor of the things of God."

"This is it!" I thought. "This is what I came to Bible school for. I know the Lord has placed a call for teaching on my heart. And as Father said, it is desperately needed in the Body of Christ."

I was just about to tell Father that this was the one I wanted, when I felt that tugging even stronger in my heart. I looked down the corridor. It was darker down there, and it seemed like the drumbeat came from that direction. "Father, this is the one that I thought was for me, but now I'm not so sure. Can we walk a little further?" "Of course, my son."

As we walked on I noticed that the light was growing dimmer, and the drum beating was more distinct. I asked Father about it. "Son, the lights become dimmer as we descend further away from the more open and public ministries. As for the drum beating, I think it is best if you discover the source of that for yourself."

We walked further down the corridor and came to its end. Three tables were set there, one on each side, and one at the end. We stopped in front of the table on the right. It was made of pure silver and glimmered even in the dim light. On it was a small wooden cross. Across the doorway "LOVE" was written in blood red letters.

"This is a deep ministry, my son. Few come this far. The silver represents a pure reflective surface for my love to shine upon. The cross is a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus in demonstrating ultimate love to the world. The blood colored letters are a memorial to the blood shed there."

"Love?!" I whispered. "That's what this hurting world needs so incredibly. There are so few who really love with God's true love. It would be a tremendous privilege to carry His love wherever He bids." Yet the longing of my heart was still not satisfied.

We turned around to see the table on the left wall. It was made of black ebony. On it was a simple mat. Above the doorway was "INTERCESSION." On the door itself was this question, "Who will stand in the gap?" The Father spoke quietly. "The black table represents the darkness and depth of intercession. It is dark in the 'prayer closet' and an intercessor must be willing to go into the depths of sin to rescue the perishing through prayer. The prayer mat is the simple tool of the intercessor. There are very few intercessors, son. Not many will make themselves totally available to me and not despise a work that appears to be as nothing, yet moves the entire universe."

"Oh, Father! To be a true intercessor. To represent man before you, and represent you before man. I would so love to be able to stand in the gap and pray your burdens for the world. I know I would receive little earthly recognition. But I would be satisfied in knowing that I was part of your touch in this world. But what is this final ministry?"

We walked a short distance to stand at the final table and door. There was very little light, and the drumbeat was quite loud. The table was made of pure gold and seemed to shine with an inner light. On the table was a small golden altar, with incense burning. Over the doorway was written, in gold letters, "MINISTRY UNTO GOD."

Father spoke very quietly, barely audible over the drumbeat. "Son, this is a ministry that very, very, few choose. The gold represents Our divinity. The altar is the one that stands in the heavenly tabernacle, and burns a fragrant incense to me. This ministry will earn no earthly recognition. The world, and most of the Church, will think that you are wasting your time. It is the ministry of service to me, not to achieve anything, or to affect the world, but merely to be my worshiper, companion, and friend."

Father stood there looking quietly at the door. I could not see his face in the dim light. I asked him, "Father, what is your desire?" "Son, you are free to choose any, I rejoice in all faithful service."

I stood there quietly thinking. What did I really want to do with my life? There are so many needs in the world and in the Church. So few are really faithful. I knew the workers were few. And yet, I could not shake this growing desire in my heart. To serve God alone? Nothing else, just minister unto Him. How many others would be there with me? Would my family understand? What about my church?

As I pondered all this, I began thinking how worthy Father is to be worshiped and adored. This will be our heavenly activity, according to the book of Revelation, should not a few of us start now? Then I thought of all that Jesus had done for me, upon the cross. What higher thing could I do with my life, anyway?

"Father, I want to take this door."

"Are you sure, my son?"

"Yes, Father, quite sure."

"Good, son, go in." As Father turned to face me, I could see tears streaming down His face. I stopped in amazement. Before I could think about it, I reached up and wiped His tears. Then I realized what I was doing. "Father, please forgive me. I didn't mean to be so impertinent." Father reached down and hugged me. "Son, never be sorry for that. You have dried my tears and you will do that many times again in this ministry. There is so much in the world that brings me to tears of grief, only a very few move me to tears of joy!"

With that, Father opened the door for me, and motioned for me to enter. As I went in, the first thing that struck me was the drumbeat. It was quieter in here, and I realized that it was not a drumbeat, but a heartbeat; Father's heart beat! Next, I saw Jesus coming up to embrace me.

"Brother," He said warmly. "It's wonderful to see you here. So you have chosen to minister to Father, with me." "With you?" I asked bewildered. "Of course, with me. What do you think I was doing for all of eternity before there was any creation? I ministered unto Father. And now I'm so glad that you are joining us in this marvelous task."

With that he escorted me into the room. I met Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and others, who had spent their lives serving Father in worship and adoration.