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John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Winter 1981
The Water of Bethlehem
Tom Worth
Pinecrest Graduate

There is a well in Bethlehem,
The water pure and clear,
And David longed to drink from it.
Not only God and cave could hear
His wistful sigh. His men who near
To him had come from empty lives
Had three among them who took part
To please this man of God’s own heart.

Twas harvest time when they came down
To David in the hold
And overheard his heart’s desire:
A simpler time, a time of old
When coming home from keeping sheep
The well was where he would with friends
just by the gate their friendship keep
With drinks of water from the deep.

But now the time was not as then—
The maddened Saul did rave
And drive him from each vale and glen
Till now he hid within the cave.
The well and town which he so prized
Were held by the uncircumcised.
And he must go unrecognized,
Loved by a few, by most despised.

Twas no command that moved the three;
They were no “Light Brigade.”
They sought to please their uncrowned king
Their love for him was all that made
Them carry out the daring raid.
They broke through camp and garrison
Until at last the well they won
And filled their skin for Jesse’s son.

Twas harvest time when they came back
To David in the hold
And proffered him that precious drink,
The fruit of mighty deed so bold.
They with the water there renewed
The rite of friendship as of old.
The act transcended flight and feud
And David’s weary heart renewed.

He took the water skin from them
And looked up to the skies
And water poured before the Lord—
He dared not drink the sacred prize.
This was to him the blood of three
Who risked their lives in fealty.
Their friendship quenched his deeper thirst
Because they loved him from the first.

There is a well in Bethlehem,
The water deep and pure.
And thirsty souls may drink of him,
God’s Son, man’s only lasting cure.
Like water poured upon the ground
He in a human frame was found,
He died for us whom sin had bound
And rose again, etern’ly crowned.

Of lords he had been made the Lord
Yet still on earth we find
He is by many folks ignored,
Despised by those whose hearts are blind.
Like David, David’s son would be
Encouraged by another “three,”
Whose hearts aflame with friendship’s fire,
Who’d strive to meet his heart’s desire.

And when he in his kingdom comes
His mighty men will be
The ones whose lives were filled by his
And poured out just like David’s three
Those outcast s from society.
Twas naught in them to be desired
But God and David them inspired
Thus they surpassed what was required.

When David in his kingdom came
These three were doubly blest.
For while he yet was put to shame
They owned him king before the rest.
And we can be like them, I think,
If we to Jesus come and drink.
For nothing worthwhile in us lives
Until his life to us he gives.

There is a well in Bethlehem,
The water pure and free.
And those who’ve tasted say of him
“A poured out life for all is he!”
He has made his poured out life
For God and man the end of strife.
Yes, by him God the cov’nant swore
And bids us come and thirst no more.

And if we stay with him awhile
And listen to his voice,
His heart perhaps we’ll overhear
And be left with the subtle choice
To merely follow his command
Or sense his heart and with him stand.
For now’s the time to own him king
And fellowship his suffering.

There is a well in Bethlehem,
From there the water flowed
Our cup was filled with love he spilled—
Spilled at the end of cal’vry’s road.
The water yearns for men of might
Poured out upon his life left and right,
So precious in the Father’s sight;
When he shall come, his heart’s delight.

And oh, did I behold a Man
More des’late than the first?
And was he hanging on a cross?
And did I hear him say, “I thirst”?
Oh who are standing with the King,
Companions of his suffering?
Tis harvest time again, I’m told,
And David’s son is in the hold.


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