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John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.

Beginning in 2008 the vision and bible school that God so graciously gave Wade Taylor beginning in 1968 came to an abrupt end, falling into the ground and dying.-

We now wait for God to raise up and bring forth His seed of promise in another, that the vision fail not.

Fall 1973
The Song Within the Song
Bobbi Adkins

It’s a NEW HOUR—it’s a NEW DAY—A NEW VISITATION in a NEW WAY. The Father is being revealed. The Son is being exalted. God is changing His people and making them ONE. (I pray Father that they may be one as we are one.)

Words to songs we have been singing are today becoming not just “words,” but the LIVING WORD—real, alive, full of substance, for we are seeing before our very eyes the reality of God’s Word being established in the land today. For it is a day of NEW BEGINNINGS; A NEW ANNOINTING; A NEW WALK.

CHANGE: —Old things are passing away . . . behold ALL THINGS are becoming NEW. New creatures in Christ Jesus. When you stop to think of it, you realize these two words must be used together; for there must be change in order to have the new. OLD things MUST pass for all things to become NEW. He puts new wine into new wineskins.

New creatures in Christ Jesus—it’s no longer I that liveth, but Christ that LIVETH in me! Christ IN US the hope of Glory! Let this mind be IN YOU which was also in Christ Jesus.

May it be that many of these songs become a PRAYER with substance and heart-felt meaning in the lives of God’s people everywhere. Thou Mighty Christ come forth in us. Our wills, our ways, we yield to thee. Lord, you are our potter, we are your clay. Mold us; make us after YOUR will. For I believe a desire is coming forth in the hearts of God’s people that HE bring forth VESSELS of honor. Vessels that are clean. Vessels without obstructions. Vessels that are willing to be used as vessels by the hand of God. Vessels that are yielded without reservations to the touch of God, that He may at anytime, anywhere, stretch forth His hand and pour through them RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS! May He be able to SEND HIS WORD—pour forth HIS Word—and heal us.

Praise God. He works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure. His people shall be willing in the day of His power, for His grace IS sufficient for us. HIS WORD is becoming flesh within us and it’s mighty in our eyes. For this is the DAY OF THE LORD. And He is fast becoming LORD OF THIS DAY! For we are a people who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, a purchased people, a city set on a hill. He has both planned and purposed this before the foundations of the world. He has purposed it and it cannot be reversed! GLORY!

There has never been a day like this day. There has never been a light shining so bring—and it shall shine brighter and brighter unto that perfect day! The blind eyes shall open; the deaf ears shall hear; the prison doors shall open as the VESSELS OF THE LORD are fashioned and the LIVING WTER poured forth. He shall have a church without spot, blemish, or wrinkle, for this is the WORD OF THE LORD and it is marvelous to behold. Look UP! For your redemption draweth night. It is the DAY OF THE LORD. It is the DAY OF HIS POWER. Let us be willing to CHANGE these old garments we have fashioned for ourselves and be clothed upon with the NEW—be clothed upon with Him. May our dwelling place be in righteousness, peace, and joy IN THE HOLY GHOST in order that out of our innermost being (out from this vessel) shall flow Rivers of Living Water.


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