ALERT on National Health Care


I was watching the Glen Beck Show on Fox and he showed a graph of the coverage by age that National Health Care (Pby Rahm Emmanuel’s brother [The us science  Csar] in an article this past january -- ) will provide and before and when a child is born ZERO health care is to be provided in this chart.


By age 15 it moves to 100% health care coverage,  until the age of  40, when health care coverage begins to drop off.


So that in this chart by age 55 on only 33% of people’s health care needs are to be covered by this new Health Care system.


I pondered this chart that I had seen for about 30 minutes and a question finally dawned on me: Why is there so much conservation of health care on this chart  eliminating (Letting die) wholly those with major or medium birth defects, as well as eliminating (Letting die) 66% of those above the age of 55 for serious to medium ailments?


Suddenly it dawned on me in a flash – this program is “The redistribution of health care”


It is taking health care from the wealthy and the middle class all across the nation and giving their health care to those in LA, Chicago, New York City and Philidelphia.  It is taking  the health care from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas and giving it to Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Michigan.


This health care program of Obama is the greatest distribution of wealth that has ever been known to man – but more so it is taking health care from you, your loved ones, and your parents and handing it over to others hundreds if not thousands of miles away.


This program is bleeding the productive segement of the Population to fund the unproductive segement of society.


This is an issue that will affect every Christian household in the nation– this bill contains abortion, and letting newborns and young children die that have medium - major birth defects. This bill mandates this, and mandates letting the elderly die doing nothing for medium or major health issues, as well as opening the doors nationally for euthanasia – the killing of the elderly to save health costs.


 You can speak up now, and oppose this body soul and spirit or you can weep later and say I should have done more.