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If you are thinking about taking a vacation, touring or relocating to:  

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaskan Dreams is your ONE STOP WEBSITE for helping you plan that vacation, tour or move by graphically showing you Fairbanks' year round wonders of nature, spectacular sights, local lodging, and specialty local services.

And since I just happen to live here, I thought I'd offer you my own unique insider's view as to what this WAY COOL City has to offer.

This photo was taken in front of Wendy's along Airport Way.  Part of America's last frontier Fairbanks is this woulderful blend of wilderness and wildlife while still having all the comforts of home -- like Wendys, MeDonalds, Pizza Hut, Safeway, Fred Meyer, etc. Making Fairbanks Alaska one of the most fabulous places one could ever visit.


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